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5 Steps to Clean Your Dyson Animal Vacuum Cyclone Component Like Pro

how to clean your dyson animal vacuum cyclone component

Whether you want to clean carpeted or uncarpeted homes, the Dyson Animal is the best vacuum on the market. It’s designed for pet owners who want something that could pick up after their furry friend, but its innumerable features make this cleaner a must-have for all types of vacuuming.

However, with time and usage, some users have experienced their Dyson Animal losing suction. In case you’re experiencing a similar problem with your vacuum, it’s time you clean its cyclone component.

That is the part which is responsible for maintaining the suction of the Dyson Animal, which means that cleaning it will increase the shelf-life of your Dyson Animal.

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Why clean your Dyson Animal Vacuum Cyclone component?

Following are the reasons why you should rinse this component every now and then:

  • Maintain suction power: As stated earlier, the cyclone component of a Dyson vacuum is responsible for its suction power. So, if you could keep it clean, your vacuum would perform better.
  • Get rid of odor: Whether you have got a canister vacuum or a vacuum for pet hair, it will start to smell the moment its cyclone component needs rinsing, thereby giving you an indicator that it’s time to clean it.
  • Longer shelf life: Experts recommend that if we want our vacuum to last longer, we should clean its main components every now and then. And as you might already know by now, no component of a Dyson Animal is as important as its cyclone.

How to clean your Dyson Animal Vacuum Cyclone component?

Follow the following steps to clean the cyclone component of your Dyson Animal vacuum:

Step 1

how to clean a dyson animal
detach the dust bin

In the first step, detach the clear bin as well as the cyclone component from the vacuum’s body. To do that, follow the same procedure as if you were emptying your vacuum’s dirt bin.

Step 2

dyson cyclone cleaning
detach the bin from the upper cyclone component

Before following the instructions given in this step, make sure that the canister bin of your handheld vacuum is empty. Afterward, once you have made sure of it, detach the bin from the upper cyclone component.

 Step 3

how to clean dyson cyclone
rinse cyclone component

Place the main cyclone component in a large sink, and run lukewarm water over it. Spin the unit to make sure that every section of the holes is completely rinsed and continue to do that until the water leaving the sink is crystal clear.

Step 4

In this step, pull one end of the unit containing the main hole towards you, and spray water into it. After a few seconds, pour the water out and continue repeating the same procedure with all holes until the leaving water is crystal clear.

Step 5

how to clean dyson dc65 cyclone
keep on adding water until the whole cyclone is filled with water

Being the final step, it is a bit longer as you’re going to make sure that the cyclone component is completely clean. To kick things off, pour water inside the main hole and keep on adding water until the whole cyclone is filled with water.

At the same time, cover the larger hole with one hand, to make sure that no water leaves the unit. Then, gently shake the cyclone to ensure that water cleans every remaining patch of dust and debris.

After a few minutes, pour the dirty water out and add more clean water. Continue repeating the procedure mentioned – clean water in, shaking, dirty water out – until the water leaving the unit isn’t fully clear.


how to clean dyson animal

Most of us don’t realize it but cleaning the cyclone component of a Dyson Animal Vacuum is imperative if you want it to maintain its suction power for long. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve got a traditional canister vacuum or a post-modern cordless stick vacuum, you don’t have many choices but to embark on the cleaning process. Provided you can get yourself to do that, the results – in the shape of the benefits mentioned above – would be encouraging.

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