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11 Best Area Rugs for Kitchen On The Market of 2022

Best Area Rugs for Kitchen

Thinking of decorating your kitchen with some plush decor? Want to add a cozy vibe to your everyday environment with minimal changes?

An area rug for kitchen is one of the best additions to your home’s interiors. Simple, elegant and affordable, a kitchen area rug can add a bit of zest to a boring kitchen place any day.

Today we have brought some of the best area rugs for kitchen and compared them with respect to their features, style, colors and a lot more. Choose the best rug of your choice from the list below; also look out for our top pick and let us know about your thoughts. Let’s dive right in!

The Best Area Rug for Kitchen On The Market of 2022


1. Anti Fatigue Comfort Floor Mat By Sky Mats

Anti Fatigue Comfort Floor Mat By Sky Mats
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    Sky Solutions brings an incredibly ergonomic floor mat that compensates for area rugs for kitchen with amazing health benefits. Known for its versatility in terms of size and colors, this rug can be used in offices, garages, standup desks and other areas.

    Made for the ultimate comfort experience, this area rug for kitchen has a foam construction providing a good amount of softness to your feet. Meant for healing pain from soles and feet, the Sky solutions rug provides superb comfort in standing positions.

    This comfort floor mat, measuring 39 x 0.8 x 20 inches, is quite easy to clean and adds elegance to your kitchen area. Besides, you will feel a sense of comfort and freshness while working in the kitchen.

    Made from non-toxic material, the mats are available in numerous solid colors like burgundy, chocolate brown, dark blue, gray, etc. and patterns like blue diamond, Sedona red rocks and indigo deco.

    The construction is robust and does not peel or collect dirt or pet hair. However, the rug feels quite heavy to move around, especially for senior people.

    The rug has beveled edges and saves you from sudden slips. Overall, the rug is strong and very durable.

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    2. Maples Rugs Pelham Vintage Kitchen Rugs (Budget Pick)

    Maples Rugs Pelham Vintage Kitchen Rugs
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      The famous Maples Rugs have been adorning customers’ kitchens since 1966. It has made a credible space in the market for their quality products. Made in Alabama, USA, the Pelham Vintage Kitchen rug can be tagged as one of the finest rugs of all time.

      Laden with a vintage style, the area rug for kitchen has a traditional scroll design. It has a dual color scheme for a visible luster-like sheen. Available in colors of grey/blue, khaki, light spa, and wineberry red, you can choose the one that suits your kitchen’s style.

      With its pronounced design, the Maples Pelham Rug is made from high-quality nylon and can resist stain and discoloration. Having a total area of 2’6 x 3’10 and a pile height of 0.44”, the rug can cover a good area of your kitchen.

      The non-skid rubberized backing keeps the rug from moving and protects you from any unexpected falls. Apart from this, this rug is easy to clean and can be washed in a washing machine. This low profile rug also prevents you from tripping over while you move along its edges.

      However, the rug can slide a bit on the wooden floor and needs to be worked on despite the latex back strip. Overall, this great area rug for the kitchen can handle tough stains too.

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      3. NewLife By GelPro Anti-Fatigue Designer Comfort Kitchen Floor

      NewLife By GelPro Anti-Fatigue Designer Comfort Kitchen Floor
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        The GelPro from NewLife is an anti-fatigue area rug for kitchen spaces. Featuring an ergo-foam core, the cushion mat provides immense support and excellent health benefits. Designed to prevent pain in feet, back, and legs, the GelPro does an outstanding job while working in the kitchen.

        If there are children and pets running around, you do not need to worry about the GelPro being moved out of place. With a super slip-resistant bottom, the NewLife rug can withstand heavy indoor-traffic without any slipping accidents.

        Also, it has beveled edges to prevent curling, thus preventing you from unwanted or sudden falls. Made from high-quality foam, the GelPro rug is available in numerous colors including leather grain navy, grasscloth crimson and many more.

        Easy to clean and wash, the GelPro mat is a breeze to work with. It is not only stain-resistant but also makes it easier for you to get rid of any unwanted odor and food particles. However, the rug, weighing 1.85 pounds, feels a bit heavier due to its rigid construction as compared to other area rugs in the market.

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        4. nuLOOM Moroccan Blythe Accent Rug

        nuLOOM Moroccan Blythe Accent Rug
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          Crafted from synthetic fibers, the nuLOOM Moroccan Blythe Accent Rug is simply beautiful.  nuLOOM is known for being the modern brand for bringing tasteful traditional designs to your indoor décor.

          Portraying a signature Moroccan blend of patterns and colors, the traditionally styled rug enhances the overall aesthetic appeal of your kitchen. However, the rug, weighing 2.6 pounds, may seem to be quite heavy.

          Made in Turkey, the mat comprises polypropylene but has a soft texture to feel. Meant for easy cleaning, the rug replaces handwashing with machine washing, thereby adding more to your comfort and convenience.

          The rugs are manufactured by power-looms and the quality checks ensure the product’s durability. Designed for easy maintenance, the rug has a high resistance to stains and pet hair. Ideal for places of high indoor traffic, the mat stays intact without any slippage.

          Spanning an area of 2’ x 3’, this area rug for a kitchen is ideal for all kitchen spaces. Also, complementing its appearance is the sleek profile that does not get stuck in doorways.

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          5. GORILLA GRIP Original Premium Anti Fatigue Comfort Mat

          GORILLA GRIP Original Premium Anti Fatigue Comfort Mat
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            Featuring a solid grip on the ground, the Gorilla Grip mats are known for their durability and quirky styles in the market. Engineered from high-quality foam, this mat is strong, durable and free from non-toxic materials.

            The Gorilla Grip mats offer relief from leg, knee and back pains often caused due to long-standing on hard surfaces. And the quality area rug for the kitchen does not compress or breakdown with use. These rugs have a wide range of use in offices, garages and other work areas.

            Choose from a variety of colors and designs with the Gorilla Grip mats. Spanning over an area of 24” x 17”, the mat offers ample coverage for your kitchen space.  Cleaning this mat is extremely easy as it is stain-resistant and suitable for high indoor-traffic areas.

            With a textured surface, this mat is easy to clean with a vacuum cleaner or occasionally with a damp cloth. Moreover, the beveled edges also protect you from tripping over the kitchen floor.

            The only disadvantage this product has is the creases that develop if folded or rolled. Thus, you should store this mat either horizontally or vertically so as to prevent any related damages.

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            6. Ottomanson Modern Area Rug

            Ottomanson Modern Area Rug
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              Capable of covering an area of 3’3” x 5’, the chocolate brown area rug for kitchen is an elegant creation from Ottomanson. The brand is known for its traditional designs and functional rugs in the market and is appreciated for its delectable touches on a utility product.

              Equipped with an anti-slip rubber backing, the kitchen rug does not move or slip while you walk on them. Made from premium quality nylon, the rug features durability followed by soft texture. Due to its eye-catching designs, the rug can be used within a kitchen, office, hallways and other living areas to enhance the overall appeal of your favorite section.

              Though the rug is resistant to stain, it is not suitable for machine wash. This makes the cleaning process a bit tedious as the mat is quite heavy, and would require professional washing services once in a while. However, it is worth investing in this rug as the aesthetic appeal is splendid and the rug does bring a cozy feel to the interiors.

              Overall, this traditional area rug for kitchen from Ottomanson does not disappoint and proves to be one of the most durable ones available in the market.

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              7. Maples Rugs Reggie Floral Kitchen Rug

              Maples Rugs Reggie Floral Kitchen Rug
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                Bring a sense of freshness with the new Maples Floral Kitchen Rug. Printed with attractive floral design, the area rug for kitchen has a superb finish and dynamic color combination. Made from vibrant colors, the bold flower pattern provides a good contrast to your sober kitchen area.

                Spanning over an area of 2’6 x 3’10, the Maples rug has a robust nylon construction. Thanks to the durable materials, the rug has a high resistance to wear and tear and is suitable for areas with high indoor-traffic.

                Also, the rug has a non-slip latex backing that prevents it from sliding over the place. Though the colors are bold, the rug tends to lose some of its vibrancy after a wash or two. However, after that, the rug stays the same in color; it seems that some amount of color washes away in the first two washes.

                Apart from this, the rug has a very small profile and a pile height of 0.44” only. To sum it up, this area rug for kitchen does a brilliant work of bringing out a modern and decorative look for your everyday workplace.

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                8. Maples Rugs Rebecca Contemporary Kitchen Rug

                Maples Rugs Rebecca Contemporary Kitchen Rug
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                  Presenting another high-quality tuft rug from Maples Rugs, this contemporary area rug for kitchen belongs to the ‘Rebecca’ collection.

                  Made from premium olefin, this kitchen rug covers an area of 2’6 x 3’10. Suitable for a solid-colored floor, the abstract geometric patterns do add an essence of modern style to the décor. Also, durable olefin construction prevents stains and offers spillage resistance. Food items and other liquids can be removed easily from this rug.

                  Having a low pile height of only 0.44”, the rug blends to the floor quite easily. The latex backing on the rug also provides good slip resistance. However, the olefin construction feels a bit rough and lacks smoothness compared to other rugs in the market.

                  Cleaning is easy, thanks to its machine-washable feature. It reduces your load for cleaning this area rug for kitchen in an effective manner.

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                  9. Ottomanson Ottohome Collection Contemporary Checkered Design Area Rug

                  Ottomanson Ottohome Collection Contemporary Checkered Design Area Rug
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                    Presenting the new checkered-design from Ottomanson, the contemporary Ottohome collection is famous in the market for its design and durability. Extending a total area of 2’ x 5’, the oval Ottomanson rug is a durable and modern utility-rug.

                    Made from 100% polypropylene, the Ottomanson oval area rug is available in multicolored checks with eye-catching hues. However, the limited rubber lining along the edges moves occasionally, thereby, adding more chances of falls and slips.

                    The rug is highly functional and has good stain-resistance and a low profile surface pile. With its non-slip rubber back and fade-resistant properties, the rug imparts a chic look to the kitchen area. Thanks to its versatile look, this rug can also be used in offices, living rooms and other areas that have a high indoor-traffic.

                    The premium quality nylon is manufactured from power-looms that ensure durability in the long run. Available with a hassle-free refund offer, you can return this rug if it doesn’t meet your expectations.

                    In general, adding this rug to your kitchen makes it look vibrant and a bit modern too.

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                    10. nuLOOM Tammara Hand Braided Area Rug

                    nuLOOM Tammara Hand Braided Area Rug
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                      From the handicraft artisans of India comes the nuLOOM Tammara area rug for kitchen. With premium quality fibers, the rug is handmade using 100% cotton.

                      Having a span of 3’ x 5’, the area rug for the kitchen is designed for maximum coverage. Adding a bit of zing to the kitchen area, the nuLOOM rug comes in exciting colors of blue, ivory and other multi-colored options.

                      Besides the kitchen, this rug can also be used in hallways, living rooms, office settings, and other areas. The braided weave also lends an ethnic look as well as a good feel to the feet. In addition, it has a non-slip rug pad on the bottom to prevent any slippage.

                      However, compared to a latex back strip, the non-slip pad is not that efficient which tends to be the only drawback of this rug.

                      However, it is one of the few ethnic-styled rugs in the market that does not disappoint. Meant for long-term use, the Tammara rug from nuLOOM is distinctive and without a doubt, an eye candy for your kitchen.

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                      11. Ottomanson Glamour Collection Contemporary Moroccan Trellis Design Area Rug

                      Ottomanson Glamour Collection Contemporary Moroccan Trellis Design Area Rug
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                        A practical area rug, the Ottomanson Moroccan Trellis rug offers a contemporary look to your kitchen. Made from high-quality nylon, this rug is manufactured in Turkey.

                        Being stain-resistant, it tends to be a perfect inclusion to your kitchen ensemble. Available in a variety of colors such as blue, grey, ivory, orange, yellow, green, etc., you can choose the color of your choice.

                        This kitchen rug has a non-slip rubber backing that prevents from sliding on the ground. Also, the tug has a low profile and soft texture that prevent stumbling over its edges. The overall finish is smooth and gives a very comfortable feel to your feet. However, washing it in hot water can ruin the rubber backing and therefore seems to be a problem if used in a washing machine.

                        However, the kitchen rug does look chic and has a strong resistance to stains. Stuff like gravy and other greasy food items can be scooped off easily; also, the rug is easy for spot cleaning with mild soap. Vacuuming is a breeze as dust and other debris just fly off quickly into the dust collector without any hassle.

                        Ottomanson is a trusted name in the market and offers a contemporary feel to the kitchen with this trellis-patterned rug. Overall, the rug seems to be a good inclusion to a kitchen and areas that experience a lot of indoor-traffic.

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                        How To Choose A Area Rug for Kitchen: A Buyer’s Guide

                        Best Area Rug for Kitchen

                        Kitchen rugs make a great decorative item and further give a unique look to your kitchen area. However, rugs can be used for different purposes. Here is a selection guide for you to zero in on your best area rug for the kitchen of your choice.

                        Choose a kitchen rug that compliments the decor

                        A kitchen is an organized place for cooking activities. However, such a place doesn’t have to represent sweat and toil. Kitchen rugs can add a bit of cozy feeling to the place if they complement the workspace. For example, choosing a neutral colored rug can increase the vibrancy of a kitchen with bright cabinets or décor.

                        However, a solid-colored, bright rug can be used to increase the feel within a kitchen. It can compensate for lack-luster countertops and sober cutlery. In essence, the kitchen can up the ante of a kitchen without doing much. Therefore, choose a rug that makes your kitchen look aesthetically pleasing.


                        Look for a rug that can easily fit into your kitchen. Small rugs can easily be displaced; however, a big rug provides ample coverage to the kitchen floor. In case, your kitchen is small in size, then choosing a runner rug would be the best option. It could cover narrow gaps between the counters and islands without much effort.


                        Kitchen rugs have a lot of uses to offer that we generally tend to ignore. A kitchen rug often prevents the breaking of dishes when it falls on the floor. It also prevents wooden floors from getting damaged from wet or sharp objects. Be it some of the gravy boiling over or ice falling from a fridge, kitchen rugs tend to save your interior from a lot of damage.

                        Therefore, choosing a good quality kitchen rug is important. The material must be able to withstand rough use, must repel water and remain soft in touch for long periods.

                        Weave and grip

                        Though kitchen rugs protect your cutlery and floor, it must not become the cause behind any accidents within a workspace. For example, laying a woolen kitchen rug on a highly smooth kitchen floor will cause slippage while walking over it. Therefore, choosing a rug with a proper grip underneath is highly important.

                        A nicely weaved kitchen rug can prevent such mishaps. For example, flatweave rugs, made from cotton, are beautiful yet durable. Replacing such rugs is easy even after spilling gravy or wine. If you have tile floors, a kitchen rug with big loops is great for ample coverage. This will further add warmth to the floor and provide good padding options while walking.

                        Easy to clean

                        Cleaning rugs can be expensive in terms of time and money. You cannot throw them into the washing machine and expect them to be sparkly cleaned like your clothes. Therefore, choose a kitchen rug that can be cleaned easily.

                        Flatweave cotton rugs can be washed in machines while rugs made from jute, sisal, and bamboo can be hand washed. Polyester or polypropylene rugs can be handy if you have a kitchen-backdoor leading to the backyard, and if stains from foot traffic are expected. They are extremely easy to clean and are highly durable.

                        However, such kitchen rugs are flammable and therefore, should be used only at the door area, and far from cooking areas.

                        Simply put, look for an area rug that suits all your kitchen needs comprehensively. However, following the above points can help you choose the best area rug for a kitchen from the market without much hassle.


                        The Anti Fatigue Comfort Floor Mat By Sky Mats is our winner for today. We have picked this rug as the best area rug for the kitchen due to its versatile styling and ergonomics. It not only covers maximum space in your kitchen but also adds a unique aesthetic appeal to this area.

                        The low profile and rubber backing provide ample support preventing slippages, and the rug is relatively easy to clean too. This makes it a good choice for kitchen use.

                        With the buying guide provided, we hope that you will be able to pick your choice of area rug for the kitchen quite easily. Also, we hope to have addressed all your doubts in a very comprehensive manner in this review.

                        Stay tuned and watch out for our future reviews on different products. Until then, goodbye and happy shopping.

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