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11 Best Bass Headphones of 2022 – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

Best Bass Headphones On The Market

Music makes you happier, focus better, and become more productive. And while this might be the case, a lousy headphone is a nightmare. Before you buy a new headphone, you should consider noise cancelation, sound quality, comfort, portability, durability, and price.

With a lot of inferior tech products in the market already, you’d rarely get what these bass headphone ads promise. We’ve selected the 11 best bass headphones for 2020, so you don’t spend time or break the bank to get a new headphone.

Best Bass Headphone On The Market of 2022


1. COWIN E7 Headphones

COWIN E7 Headphones
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    COWIN E7 is an exciting headphone. Imagine being in the world of sounds without any interruption of any sort, never having to worry about external noises and interference. That’s exactly what the COWIN brand stands for.

    Its active noise cancellation feature will bring all external noise to the barest minimum. It doesn’t matter if you’re flying, traveling, working, driving or even hiking. The COWIN headphones will quell the roar from the airplane and noisy chatter from the roadside.

    With this headphone, you can say your final byes to frustrating wires and cords as this model comes totally cordless and can easily be connected to your phones through Bluetooth. With its 40mm big speaker drivers, you’ll surely have the experience of your life.

    Surprisingly, its heavyweight features don’t make it any less lightweight. The COWIN headphones are lightweight and do not weary the wearer. Its comfortable appeal is also amplified by its protein made soft ear padding

    With its inline controls, you can easily pick up calls, adjust its volume, and turn ANC on/off without having to break a sweat. This headphone can also run for 30 straight hours without having to worry about charging it.

    A downer when it comes to this product is that its ANC feature doesn’t totally block out noises as you might like. But it really doesn’t change the reality that the specs of this headphone are just “lit.”

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    2. Sony MDR-XB50AP/R Headset (Budget Pick)

    Sony Headset
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      With this absolutely powerful Sony MDR-XB50AP/R headphone, working out just got better and more interesting. Like is common with Sony products, this headphone is very durable and provides high utilitarian value.

      This Sony headphone features drivers with a high energy neodymium magnet. This allows you to enjoy every bit of your time spent listening to your favorite song or watching your favorite movie.

      It comes outfitted with a tightly sealed acoustic design that allows for sound isolation, which in turn helps in reproducing a more powerful and increased bass response. It comes with an inbuilt mic and features multi-function smartphone playback control.

      Another good thing with this headphone is its hybrid silicone earbuds. The earbuds help in filtering noise from the environment considerably. It isn’t just functional; it is also very comfortable and holds securely.

      The earbuds aren’t the one size fits all kind. However, they are flexible and can be customized to fit.

      As an icing to this cake, it comes with an inbuilt mic and playback button that help you manage your audio experience without needing to reach out for your phone constantly.

      Unfortunately, this headphone doesn’t have a wireless connection like some of the others we’ve reviewed. This downside makes it less travel-easy. But all the same,  that’s a minor thing, and it doesn’t disqualify this headphone in all its goodness.

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      3. V-MODA M-100-U-Shadow Crossfade M-100 (Upgrade Pick)

      V-MODA M-100-U-Shadow Crossfade M-100
      market square

        On our list as well, is the V-MODA M-100-U-Shadow Crossfade model. If you’re a diehard music lover, then this headphone is ideal for you. From listening to songs to watching a video or playing your favorite game, this headphone will deliver quality audio all the way.

        It comes fitted with a patented 50mm dual-diaphragm driver that helps separate and distinguish the bass from mids and highs. It’s unique, and compact design makes it sport on for carrying around without stress.

        Its lightweight design is a major appeal when it comes to this headphone. It features a lightweight, metal, noise isolating technology that helps improve the audio output while filtering out ambient noise.

        This headphone is definitely for everyone, from the professional DJ to the music lover, to techies and gamers. There’s just a general appeal with this product.

        Its headband is made of vegan leather for increased comfort and stability. It’s egrosoft foam cushions also ever so gently molds and remains snug on your ears. This feature not only improves stability but also acts as a noise inhibitor.

        One particularly great feature is that it is foldable. When on the go, you do not have to be worried about being ladened with your headphones sticking out weirdly, you can easily pack it up without stress. It also features a mic that can be easily used to take calls or assess your voice assistant.

        Furthermore, asides comfort, the V-MODA brand offers comfort and class at its finest with its uniquely shaped ear cups. The ear cups come hexagonally shaped, which contributes to giving it a modern and awesome look.

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        4. Audio-Technica ATH-MSR7GM Headphone

        Audio-Technica ATH-MSR7GM Headphone
        market square

          This high-performance headphone is another rave in the market. This is for obvious reasons; It comes from a brand that values professionalism and quality. Its superior audio output gives you that feeling that is associated with being live studio sessions.

          The Audio-Technica ATH-MSR7GM sonic pro headphone is an Over-ear High-resolution Audio Headphone that features amazing specifications anyone would fall in love with. The headphone is designed to reproduce Hi-Res Audio, making it possible for you to revel during your listening time.

          The headphones come fitted with a 45 mm motion driver that makes use of custom-mounted printed circuit board, lightweight voice coils and a diaphragm, which helps in reducing sound distortion while improving transient response at the same time.

          Also, its condenser microphone allows you to not only take calls but record podcasts alongside. The headphone is also made in a way that permits it to swivel easily

          This makes it less prone to breakage as it is very flexible. The Audio-Technica headphone also features a soft, memory foam made earpad, and headband. These work to deliver maximum comfort.

          One downside you might notice is a flaw in its noise cancellation, just as it is with some other products. It safe to say it doesn’t give a 100% noise cancellation. Either way, this is a great choice ideal for those who have great taste.

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          5. Betron BS10 Earphones Headphones

          Betron BS10 Earphones Headphones
          market square

            Another on the list is the Betron earphones. It offers you a wonderful combo of style, performance, and durability.

            It’s glossy, and glistening earbud finishing might be the first thing that might capture your attention. But beyond aesthetics, this powerful headphone has more to offer to its users. These earbuds are not just stylish, but they also come in a range of sizes, and so you do not have to be stuck with one.

            For a heightened audio experience, the headphone comes with an X-Bass feature that allows it to produce low frequencies such as what you might hear in a clubbing environment. It also features an inbuilt 12 mm neodymium driver, which contributes to ensuring clarity and superior output performance.

            At whatever volume setting you decide to use, you never have to worry about the sound quality being compromised because frequencies are controlled to amplify the bass and tone of your songs.

            Its other impeccable features include a pouch to help you solve mobility issues and an ergonomic ear tip for securely positioning your headphones. It also features silicone earbuds and a uniquely designed ear canal to help filter and isolate noise from the environment.

            If you’re into wireless headphones, you might have to pass this one, as this headphone does not have a wireless feature.

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            6. PeohZarr On-Ear Headphones

            PeohZarr On-Ear Headphones
            market square

              It doesn’t matter if you’re talking and walk or driving to work; the PeohZarr on-ear headphone is a great take-along companion. This headphone delivers the perfect combo of superb performance and comfort.

              It features a speaker with 40mm drivers allowing for the thrill that comes with being in your favorite live show.  Its compact protein made earpads also delivers a rich sound quality that you can’t beat. At any volume, you’ll be sure of a clear and powerful sound.

              Another benefit of its protein padding is that it gives you that noise isolation experience while you listen to your playlist. You may also like this headphone’s durability, especially because the headband can be readily adjusted without fear of getting your headphones damaged.

              It also features an inbuilt mic suitable for picking your calls and on the go. More so, its easy in-line controls give you a seamless and convenient option of switching your songs just by touching a button.

              This particular headphone is also foldable. Speak of portability at its peak. The foldable design allows you to pack it up when it’s not in use easily. With this, you can always take along your headphones with you.

              One downside, though, is the fact that unlike some of the other headphones out there in the market. This particular one doesn’t have the quick charge feature integrated into it.

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              7. Utaxo Noise Cancelling Headphones

              Utaxo Noise Cancelling Headphones
              market square

                For many reasons, the COWIN E7 Headphone is a top pick amongst many in the headphone market. This headphone provides an absolutely thrilling listening experience for music lovers.

                For one, with the Utaxo headphones, the problem of noise is almost totally eradicated. Their excellent sound output guarantees that external noise is well taken care of. It features an inbuilt CVC 6.0 microphone and a double mic noise reduction system.

                The Utaxo brand is also one that knows how to deliver comfort along with functionality. That’s why this product comes with a cushion-like feather-soft protein padding to ensure unrivaled comfort.

                With this headphone, you can easily hear everything from clean vocals to the sounds the drum makes. You’ll enjoy full frequency response, as the dual 40mm drivers provide unrivaled audio reproduction at 20Hz-20KHz.

                You can also easily control the activities that go on through a tuning control located on your headphone. You can make/receive calls with its, adjust volume, other key functions.

                With its fast-charge technology, you can enjoy a laudable 30-hour playtime with just a 1-hour charge period. Even if you got only a 5-minute high-speed charge time, you are guaranteed a 2-hours long playtime.

                Just a small reminder, to avoid battery drainage, remember not to leave the ANC on when taking off your headset. One con with this headphone is the fact that wireless mode tends to drain the battery faster than the other

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                8. Philips SHP6000 Headphone

                Philips SHP6000 Headphone
                market square

                  For anyone with an experienced ear in music, sound quality is an important thing to look out for. Phillips SHP600 provides you with one of the best sounds you can get out there.

                  The headphone comes with amazingly powerful bass speakers as well as floating cushions, which can be customized to fit your needs. These beautiful features make for superior performance in terms of effectiveness and comfort.

                  The headphone easily reproduces original studio master recordings, even more than 16bit/44.1kHz CD formats. This unique feature alone makes it suitable for anyone looking forward to enjoying music without stress. The headphones boast of bagging the Hi-Res Audio stamp of quality.

                  The product’s dimensions are 11.9 x 11.6 x 4.3 inches. It also features a 3m optical cable that you can use at will. Also, with this headphone, tangling might never have to be a worry because it comes in a single-sided cable design.

                  This headphone also features a 3.5-6.3mm Adaptor as part of the purchase package. Among its many other incredible features, it has a speaker with a 40mm diameter with a sensitivity of 103dB. It also has a frequency response of 8 – 40 000 Hz and an impedance of 32ohm.

                  unfortunately, this headphone doesn’t come fitted with controls on it and so you might be forced to manage your listening experience from your laptop or smartphone. If you don’t mind much, then this is just right in other ways.

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                  9. Sony WH-XB900N Headphones

                  Sony WH-XB900N Headphones
                  market square

                    This wireless noise-canceling headphone provides you with optimum satisfaction in your listening experience. With this magical musical band from Sony, you don’t only get to listen; you also get to feel the sounds.

                    The Sony WH-XB900N headphone features an active noise cancellation function that allows you to almost totally filter out background noise, leaving you with only the sound from your headphone. With this feature, you get to hear every sound, word, and so on with near perfection.

                    Its extra bass feature enhances low-end frequencies and ensures you get optimal output performance while listening

                    Its actual performance is dependent on usage, settings, and some other minor details. But generally, all things being equal, you’re sure of at least 30hours of battery time if properly charged.

                    The XB900N’s quick charge feature also gives you about 60 minutes of listening time after about just ten minutes of charging time.

                    It boasts of superior quality wireless audio with Bluetooth and NFC. Contained in the box is a USB cable, a carrying Pouch, a card, an AUX cable (Headphone cable (approx. 1.2m in length, stereo mini-plug), a reference guide, and an operation manual.

                    One particular highlight of this headphone is its touch sensor controls. With only a simple touch, you get to play, pause, adjust volumes, and activate either Alexa, Google, or voice assistant, without stress.

                    Because the touch sensor functions for Alexa and Google Assistant, you may experience some conflict getting along with it during your initial use. But with time, you should get used to it.

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                    10. Skullcandy Crusher Wireless Over-Ear Headphone

                    Skullcandy Crusher Wireless Over-Ear Headphone
                    market square

                      How do I know this is an absolute breath taker? Well, its name says it all. This is the definite ear candy if there has ever been one.

                      It comes outfitted with a dual bass driver and two powerful full-range 40mm audio drivers. With these features, you can immerse yourself in your own world. This over-ear wireless headphone offers you that unique experience of being alone in your room with awesome sounds and songs.

                      Its wireless technology relieves you of having to deal with wires and cords, while at the same time providing richness in sound quality. You can use it to pick up calls easily and adjust the volume of the audio output using its fitted controls.

                      This headphone can last up to 40hours if fully charged. Its frequency response is between 20Hz-20KHz. Other features include a  rapid charge design. A 10 minutes charge can power the device for about 3 hours.

                      It also features an adjustable sensory bass. This product has dimensions of 7 x 6.9 x 3.5 inches

                      Unfortunately, the trade-off for its longer battery life is the noise cancellation function. It doesn’t filter out external noise as much as the others we’ve reviewed so far. But nonetheless, it’s still a worthwhile option.

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                      11. Audio Technica Solid Bass Headphones

                      Audio Technica Solid Bass Headphones
                      market square

                        As with many most Audio Technica’s products in the market, this one boasts of durability and functionality all in one piece. Added in the box is a carrying-pouch so that you can easily take it along with you as you go.

                        This breathtaking headphone features a powerfully large 53mm deep motion Hi-Res Audio driver and an ultra-powerful magnetic circuit. These two features combine beautifully to make this product nothing short of a banger.

                        This headphone delivers clarity in its output and depth in its bass frequency. The integrated bass venting system allows for excellence in bass reproduction.

                        It comes with extra vents to ensure optimal air damping. It has an aluminum centerpiece and aluminum stabilizer ring that also works hand in hand to reduce the possibility of unwanted vibrations — thereby leading to improve MD sound quality.

                        It also features a dual-layer earpad to filter out unwanted background sound while at the same time providing absolute comfort for the wearer.

                        It boasts of a detachable 1.2 m (3.9′) cable, an inbuilt mic as well as controls for taking calls and managing your media playback options on your smartphone. You can also record podcasts with ease.

                        A downer with this product is that it is not a wireless model, and so if you’re into that kind of thing, this headphone might not be for you. Other than that little hitch, this is actually worth considering.

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                        Buyers Guide: Things To Consider Before Buying A Bass Headphone

                        Best Bass Headphone

                        When you are on a hunt for a pair of headphones for specific purposes, it is best to figure out what your specifications and needs are exactly. It helps you stick to features that are most important to you.

                        All headphones bear different unique functions, some are outstanding, while others are peculiar in their built. This guide will hold you by the hand when next you visit the market.


                        We have different types of headphones, as you may already know. The three major types are the in-ears, on-ears, and over-the ears headphones. Your choice should be dependent on what you prefer and what you’re aiming for.

                        The in-ear headphone is probably the most popular. They are usually placed directly into the ear, and most of them have very good sound quality. Irrespective of its obvious benefits, wearing them for extended periods and at a very high volume might hurt your ears.

                        The on-ear headphones are also called supra-aural headphones. Though they are bigger than the in-ear headphones, they do not properly isolate sound, and this might pose a nuisance problem for others. They also become uncomfortable if used for long hours

                        Finally, we have the over the ears headphones. Most of what we’ve reviewed so far fall into this category. This headphone is easily the most comfortable out of the three. They also deliver awesome sound quality when used. One major con, though, is the fact that they are not travel-friendly as they are bigger than the others.


                        If you’re thinking of getting a headphone, which I guess you are, then you should do well to carefully think this through, because you’ll have to deal with the Pros and Cons of whatever you decide on.

                        Wireless headphones are more portable and convenient, as they do not come with the extra load of long cords and wires. Make your purchase based on your choice of wireless technology. This could either be Bluetooth or radiofrequency.

                        Though, one downside when it comes to Bluetooth connection is that it has a 30m range and may not function effectively at a farther distance.

                        If you decide to go for the wired type, which some people do since they generally deliver better audio output, you should be careful not to get the rubber-coated ones. These ones tangle more and eventually get damaged faster.

                        Volume and Playback Controls

                        If you want to prevent constant visits to your phone or laptop, then you should watch out for this. This feature helps you to attend to calls, adjust the volume level easily, and change the song without stress.

                        These controls are most times fitted on the side or into the line of the headphones. At times, they also come fitted as a touchdown on the sides of more modern headphones. You should make your choice based on whatever you deem convenient.


                        This is another key feature most people look out for. If you live a sedentary life, this might not pose an issue for you. But if you’re always on the move or if you travel a lot, you might want to get a portable and lightweight headphone.

                        Over-ear headphones are bulkier and may not be very portable. Unlike the on-ear headphones, which are mainly foldable due to their collapsible ear cups, over-ear headphones are not easily foldable. If portability equals convenience for you, then the in-ear headphones are most likely the best-suited options.


                        This might not seem like an overly important feature as no one intends dunking their headphones into water. Although you might want to get a headphone with this feature as it makes room for unplanned contingencies. Somehow, you never have to worry about your headphones getting spoilt because of rain or sweat. Waterproof headphones are always easier to clean.


                        You should be completely comfortable when using your headphones. You should get a headphone that best suits your daily routine.

                        Over-ear headphones are preferable if you don’t move around much, as their size might make them uncomfortable for you when used for long periods. Smaller headphones might fit better if you’re mostly involved in rigorous physical activities.

                        My point is, before making a purchase, consider what will be the most ideal for your daily routine, consider the length of time you’ll be using your headphones for, as different headphones are suited for different scenarios.


                        As long as your goal is to get the best bass headphone in the market, any of these reviewed products will be your best shot. However, the best among them is the COWIN E7 Headphones. It’s frankly in a league of its own, and a useful tool for comfort.

                        So what are you waiting for now that you’re armed with knowledge? Go through the list again and settle for the one that best suits one, or you can opt for our number one choice.

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