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11 Best Bathroom Exhaust Fans of 2022 – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

Bathroom Exhaust Fan on the market

The bathroom is arguably the most humid spaces in the home. A bathroom exhaust fan reduces the humidity level and buying a bathroom fan is a smart choice. However, it can be hard to find the best one. Fortunately, we have reviewed the scores of this device and can recommend 11 of the best options you can buy right now. Aside from the in-depth review of each product, we have also provided a buying guide that can further assist you in selecting the right bathroom exhaust fan.

The Best Bathroom Exhaust Fan On The Market of 2022


1. Broan-Nutone Exhaust Fan

Broan-Nutone Exhaust Fan
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    It can be annoying and a downright unpleasant experience waking up to a cold bathroom; especially in the wintertime. However, it isn’t smart or economical heating the entire home just because you want a warm bathroom. Thankfully, there is a solution. The Broan-Nutone 9093WH Exhaust Fan is a versatile bathroom exhaust fan and a popular choice on the market. This particular offering will heat up the bathroom for you till you arrive. It doesn’t need to be switched on hours before your arrival as it warms up the bathroom almost instantly.

    Aside from the quick warm time, it is a highly customizable option. For example, you can choose the temperature you want. Once selected, the unit acts to disperse the heat evenly across the bathroom.

    It isn’t just an exhaust fan but also doubles as a heater. It features a 1500-Watt heating element that can conveniently heat up spaces of around 100 square feet. During our testing, we observed that this device works just as claimed. Another feature that makes the Broan-Nutone 9093WH Exhaust Fan a top choice is the lighting feature. It has a 100-watt light and a 7-watt night-light as well. Hence, whether during the day or night, you will always have light. One particular feature we enjoyed is the automatic reset thermal protection feature.

    The downside of this product is that the instructions that come with it are somewhat unclear and hard to follow.

    Overall, it is among the best bathroom exhaust fans you can find buy right now.

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    2. Panasonic WhisperCeiling Fan

    Panasonic WhisperCeiling Fan
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      For folks that are conversant with bathroom exhaust fans, the chances are pretty high that you know of this model. It is one of the most popular options on the market: and for good reasons! Although it comes slightly more expensive than your average bathroom exhaust fan, the features and functions make it worth the price. Additionally, it comes from Panasonic, which remains one of the most popular and trusted brands in the world of electronics.

      Despite the impressive brand name, it is refreshing to see that Panasonic still put in plenty of effort into making an awesome product. No wonder then that its reviews are overwhelmingly positive. One of the features that make it an impressive product is the 110 CFM capacity. Due to this fan capacity, it is an excellent choice for different bathrooms, but especially for medium-sized bathrooms. For folks that have bathrooms that lie within the 100 square meters size range, this product is a near-perfect option.

      Exhaust fans are somewhat notorious for the high noise levels. Fortunately, this product from Panasonic offers near-silent performance. It produces less than 0.5 sones that make it one of the quietest options right now. So while you are in the bathroom, you do not have to suffer a noisy performance. Furthermore, the motor is always lubricated to offer a smooth and quiet performance.

      Aside from the impressive noise levels, it has high-quality components and a beautiful, practical design. Therefore, you can rest assured that you will use this product for a relatively long period. Additionally, it is UL and cUL certified. Installing this option is very straightforward and can be done by someone with DIY expertise.

      However, if you lack DIY skills, it can be rather hard to fix it as it doesn’t come with adequate instructions.

      Other than the slight installation problem, this is arguably the best option you can buy right now.

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      3. Air King BFQ 90 Bath Fan

      Air King BFQ 90 Bath Fan
      market square

        This offering is a budget option. Despite the relatively low price, we love the impressive performance it delivers which rivals more expensive models on the markt.

        First, it features a 90 CFM rating; therefore, if you have a bathroom that lies within the 90 square meters range, then you will likely enjoy using the Air King BFQ 90 Bath Fan. If you have a bigger bathroom, it is nice to know that there are bigger options from the manufacturer, namely the 100 and 120 CFM models. These offer similarly decent performance although they are slightly more expensive.

        It is super easy to install. Even without plenty of DIY expertise, we found that users install it with impressive ease. This is likely because of the snap-in mounting system that fits to the ceiling. Additionally, you do not need to source for nuts and connectors since these are already found in the package.

        Aside from the ease of installation, this product is compliant with several safety regulations and production standards. You can run it for as long as you desire without fretting about high energy consumption values. To protect the fan from drafts, it features a back-draft damper.

        The downside of this product is the build. It comes in a plastic casing instead of a more durable body. Since it is a budget option, this isn’t too surprising.

        A low-cost option made of high-impact plastic; this product will fit into your bathroom. Additionally, it gives you decent performance.

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        4. Broan 688 Ceiling and Wall Mount Fan

        Broan 688 Ceiling and Wall Mount Fan
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          The Broam 688 Fan is arguably the cheapest, yet decent-performance options you can find on the market. It is very cheap, which is one of its main attractions.

          It has a 50 CFM capacity; hence it will be a good choice for only the smallest bathrooms that measure about 50 square meters. If you have a bigger bathroom, you might be better served looking at options with larger CPMs.

          It is made of plastic, which might not seem like much, but to our immense delight, the plastic material is decently durable. Additionally, due to its small size, it can fit almost anywhere in the bathroom.

          One of the main downsides of this product is the loud noise it produces. Its noise level is rated at 4 sones which is relatively noisy and rather causes a racket.

          Overall, at this price point, you will be hard pressed to find a better bathroom exhaust fan on the market.

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          5. Delta Breeze Exhaust Fan

          Delta Breeze Exhaust Fan
          market square

            The Delta Breeze fan is an excellent option that you do well to consider closely. It features nice features that will make your bathroom experience better.

            For instance, one of the selling points of this fan is the low noise levels. It gives just 2.0 sones. Therefore, even during operation, it might be hard for you to hear it making a sound except you listen very closely. To help you to know when the fan is working, it features an indicator light that comes on only when the fan is on. This noiseless performance is largely because of the brushless motor.

            Aside from the low noise levels, another interesting reason why it is so highly-rated is the build. Unlike other mid-tier options, it isn’t made of plastic but of galvanized steel housing. This material stops any moisture from causing corrosion on the fan.

            It has a 70 CFM capacity, which is a bit on the small size. Thus, it will do well in small bathrooms but will likely struggle in bigger bathrooms. As long as the bathroom is of the right size, it will efficiently remove any excess humidity in the air.

            Installation is versatile as you can decide whether to install the fan in the bathroom ceiling or wall. Either way, the fittings you might require are contained in the box along with the main fan.

            If there is a downside, it has to be the relatively low CFM capacity.

            Aside from that, it is a top-notch choice in the market today.

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            6. Panasonic FV-08VQ5

            Panasonic FV-08VQ5
            market square

              The FV-08VQ5 model from Panasonic is a powerful fan that is excellent for your light-duty industrial applications or bathroom. Panasonic is a trusted maker of high-quality products, and this fan is no exception. It has several interesting features that mark it as one of the best options to buy.

              For instance, there is impressive backflow protection. There is a damper that helps to stop any backflow from outside. Aside from protecting the device, this feature also serves to maximize the functioning of the fan. It ensures that as the fan gets rid of the humidity, germs, bacteria, and toxins do not draft inside.

              Panasonic’s fans are known for their highly-rated ventilation performance, and this product is no exception from their impressive lineup on the market. It has a CFM capacity of 80 which will circulate the air, clean it, and generally improve your bathroom experience.

              With fans such as these, one concern is the ability to run for long periods. Thankfully, this fan is made with some of the best technology in the industry. Thus it will comfortably run for long periods without stopping. Because of the long runtime, overheating is a legitimate concern. Fortunately, this product has a low operating temperature.

              Because of the 80 CFM rating, this fan is best used in a small-sized bathroom.

              Overall, it is a high-quality bathroom exhaust fan which improves your bathroom experience and reduces the presence of germs.

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              7. Panasonic WhisperCeiling Ventilation Fan

              Panasonic WhisperCeiling Ventilation Fan
              market square

                This product has the distinction of being one of the most powerful options that we reviewed and that can be found on the market. While others have a rating between 50 – 100 CFM, this model comes with a whopping 290 CFM capacity. Hence, it is excellent for medium to large-sized bathrooms and can be used for commercial and industrial applications. Due to the high power, it helps to prevent any dangerous toxins from posing a hazard to your health.

                Despite the large CFM capacity, it is quite easy to install. This model from Panasonic comes with a well-detailed instruction manual. Furthermore, it can be placed almost anywhere in the bathroom due to Panasonic’s double-hangar bar system. The ventilation is similarly impressive.

                In spite of the powerful ventilation and large capacity, it is quite surprising to find out it is a quiet product. It is so quiet that it will not interrupt your relaxation in the bathroom. If you opt to use it elsewhere in the home, you will also find the near-soundless performance a nice feature.

                Despite the power, it is only for light-duty industrial use. If you desire a heavy-application product, then you need to look elsewhere.

                In summary, this bathroom exhaust fan ticks many important boxes that make it a top option for folks that require a bathroom exhaust fan.

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                8. Hunter Bathroom Exhaust Fan

                Hunter Bathroom Exhaust Fan
                market square

                  The Hunter 83002 from Hunter Home Comfort is not widely known as several other brands and models, but it is increasingly becoming more popular on the market. It is an excellent exhaust fan that does its work, but perhaps the main attraction is its beautiful design. It is arguably the best looking model we reviewed.

                  It is a decorative exhaust fan which at first glance looks like a fancy light fixture but is indeed a fan. It has a relatively powerful motor that has the ability to push up to 110 CFM of air. For folks with a flair for aesthetics and a bathroom with character, it is an excellent piece. It is not only functional, but it is beautiful.

                  Aside from the ventilation duties, it also features a pair of 60-Watt light bulbs to give lighting. You also have the option of installing a 7-Watt bulb. It should be noted, though, that you shouldn’t rely solely on the light as the only source of illumination.

                  One disadvantage of this product is that it produces 3.0 of noise. Hence, it is slightly louder than some of the other options.

                  Aside from that, it is a versatile and near-perfect exhaust fan for the bathroom.

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                  9. Broan-Nutone Ultra-Silent Ventilation Exhaust Fan

                  Broan-Nutone Ultra-Silent Ventilation Exhaust Fan
                  market square

                    If you seek a mid-range exhaust bathroom fan, then you will likely love this product. It is of low cost, delivers decent performance, and remains one of the quietest options on the market.

                    With a rating of 0.7 sones, this fan is nearly inaudible. In fact, you might have trouble knowing if it is due to its low noise levels. A fresh, healthy bathroom might be the only proof you have to its operation, and listening really hard. As you do your business in the bathroom, you will definitely not be disturbed by the sounds.

                    Aside from the quiet performance, it is a long-lasting option. This model has a 6” ducting system that serves to ensure you enjoy the highest quality of air. Installation doesn’t require plenty of space as it comes in a small, compact design. Despite the compact design, it has a 110 CFM capacity, which makes it an excellent choice for those with medium-sized bathrooms. It has HIV and UL certification as well.

                    We were let down by the plastic parts that are susceptible to breakages.

                    With a compact build and fairly powerful motor, this model gets the job done without taking up much space or causing a ruckus.

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                    10. Broan Sensonic Speaker Fan

                    Broan Sensonic Speaker Fan
                    market square

                      If you desire a break from the regular exhaust fans and want something special, then you might be delighted with this offering. It is unique in that it can serve, not only as an exhaust fan but also serves as an entertainment system!

                      This model features a speaker that you can use to cover up the annoying sounds of operation. Play your favorite music as you do your business in the bathroom. All you require after installation is a Bluetooth-enabled device that is compatible with the fan. Since it is a Bluetooth device, you will not need special cables and do not even need to take your device with you to the bathroom.

                      Music playing aside, it is a decent exhaust fan in its own right. It has a 110 CFM capacity that makes it good for small bathrooms and will get rid of the humidity. It is also a safety device as it is Energy Star certified. Installation is straightforward, especially for folks with some DIY expertise.

                      It doesn’t have a compact size; hence you might need a bigger space for installation.

                      If you desire something slightly different, then you will likely be drawn to this product on the market.

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                      11. RadonAway RP145 Fan

                      RadonAway RP145 Fan
                      market square

                        Whether for commercial or for residential use, this offering from RadonAway will deliver excellent results.

                        This energy-efficient product has a 166 CFM capacity.

                        It is thermally protected and can be used in a wide variety of places without any fear of damage to the device. As it is listed by ETL, you can even install it as an outdoor fan. It uses special technology to ensure that your bathroom air is left fresh and free from any contaminants and toxins. It works by using a radon fan that draws out any radon gas and filters it.

                        Furthermore, the noise levels are low and will make for a comfortable, quiet bathroom meditation.

                        The downside has to do with the construction. It is susceptible to breakage.

                        With an easy installation process, quiet performance, and relatively powerful performance, the RadonAway 23030-1 RP145 Fan is an excellent choice.

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                        Buying Guide

                        Best Bathroom Exhaust Fan On The Market

                        Bathroom exhaust fans might not seem very important, but these small appliances can make your bathroom experience more comfortable and even enjoyable. Buying the right one can be hard, that is why, along with the reviews above, we have provided this section. Here, we will see some of the factors to consider before choosing a bathroom exhaust fan.


                        Before buying the fan, measure your bathroom. If the bathroom is too large, it will not work efficiently. In measuring the bathroom, ensure you double-check the width, length, and height. Check out the CFM value. The higher it is, the more powerful the fan will be.

                        Noise Level

                        Some folks cannot use the bathroom comfortably if there is noise. If you are one such person, you should check out the sound rating of the fan. For bathroom exhaust fans, the noise level is measured in sones. Choosing a noisy fan might keep you up all night. Hence, it is smart to choose “whisper” models.

                        You should buy an exhaust fan that comes with an indicator light since the fan might be so silent you might not be sure if it’s operating. This way, you’d know if it’s on or off and not waste energy by leaving it on.

                        Energy rating

                        As an exhaust fan uses energy, it is vital that you consider the energy rating. It will assist you to keep your energy consumption low and is better for the environment. Check out the energy rating and do not simply assume that the bigger the fan, the bigger its rating will be. Due to technological advancements, some large fans use very little energy.

                        Ease of installation

                        If you will be installing the fan by yourself, it would be smart to buy a product that can be easily installed. It ought to come with fittings, screws, and other accessories that will make your installation even easier.

                        Extra Features

                        Although the primary function of this kind of fan is to filter the air and regulate humidity, more fans now come with even more functions. For example, some have in-built light sockets, have heaters, or even come with Bluetooth speakers.

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                        While it might be a challenge choosing the best bathroom exhaust fan, we hope this post will be of assistance. We highly recommend the Broan-Nutone 9093WH Exhaust Fan as it has a powerful yet silent performance, and generally offers excellent value for money. It also doubles as a heater and even has light sockets.

                        While the others in the roundup all offer excellent performance, none strikes a balance between versatility, power, and value as the Broan-Nutone 9093WH Exhaust Fan. Anyway, whichever option you choose from the roundup above, rest assured that it will serve you efficiently.

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