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11 Best Dual Monitor Stands On the Market of 2022

Dual Monitor Stand

Whether it is about your office work or gaming needs, you need an ergonomic posture to view your monitor. One that provides balance/stability, gives you the best graphics experience and is durable enough, right? So, what should one buy?

The dual monitor stand is an elegant solution providing flexibility in setting up monitors while standing or sitting.

There are many dual monitor stands in the market and most of them are highly ergonomic with interesting features. However, it gets confusing to choose a particular dual monitor stand suited to your needs because of its features. Here, we looked at the feasible options and came up with the best dual monitor stands to match your working needs.

 Best Dual Monitor Stand on the Market of 2022

1. VIVO Dual Monitor Free-Standing Desk Stand

VIVO Dual Monitor Free-Standing Desk Stand
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    The VIVO (STAND-V002F) dual monitor stand has a good quality aluminum and steel construction. The assembly allows you to fit two monitors of minimum 13” and a maximum of 27” as a single unit.

    You can also accommodate screens in landscape and portrait orientations as and when needed. With 1800 swivel arms, you get a 3600 rotation with a -450 to +450 tilt for fluid articulation in the VIVO dual monitor stand.

    A wide 10×12.5” stable base provides a good center of gravity, sufficient padding, and a wall-mounting option. With removable VESA plates, you can easily mount the monitors on to the plates.

    The unique feature of raising or lowering the height of each monitor by 1” avoids misalignment and the unit weighs 22 lbs.

    However, it is quite heavy as compared to other monitor stands, and moving around may get a little tedious sometimes.

    On the brighter side, VIVO dual monitor stand comes at a reasonable price and is an efficient tool to organize your workspace.

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    2. NB North Bayou Dual Monitor Desk Mount Stand

    NB North Bayou Dual Monitor Desk Mount Stand
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      If you are looking for a light-weight design with easy installation, then the NB North Bayou dual monitor is the one for you.

      Elegant and robust, the dual monitor stand comes with adjustable arms and gas spring construction. Installation is easy with the grommet method or a C-clamp option to fix the assembly onto your desk. The adjustable arms are highly responsive and can accommodate a maximum screen size of 27” with ease.

      With fluid articulation, the arms have a 3600 rotation, a tilt angle of +35° to -50°, and a swivel of 180° for easy operation. Organizing your desk space becomes easy with the NB North Bayou to stand as the integrated cable management provides a clean look.

      For easy viewing and gaming experience, this dual arm monitor has a maximum forward and height extension of 18.5”. Weighing only 14.3 lbs., the NB dual monitor stand has sliding VESA plates to hold the screens for easy screen adjustments.

      On the downside, the monitor doesn’t stay in the adjusted position for a long time. However, adjusting the tension as per the monitor’s weight using an Allan key can help in keeping your monitor in the preferred position.

      Overall, this is an amazing product for those who want to be more productive at work using two monitors and make adjustments to these cool arms as per their requirements.

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      3. Dell MDS14 Dual Monitor Stand

      Dell MDS14 Dual Monitor Stand
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        Among the compact yet versatile dual monitor stands in the market, the Dell MDS14 (5TPP7) has a U-shaped base. It has a rigid construction and consumes very little space on your desk.

        The Dell dual monitor installs itself very easily. Using VESA plates, you can install your screen almost instantly with ease. Also, you don’t require special tools for installing this amazing monitor stand.

        Unlike other monitor stands, this Dell stand does not have arms. Now, that’s something we can call ‘unique’ about this product. It has a slider mechanism to adjust two monitors in a straight line. The maximum sliding distance is 27.1” and it can easily make space for keeping other essential items used during work.

        It can still adjust height, tilt, and swivel for adjustments, and is indeed my favorite workspace model till date. Another fascinating feature of this dual monitor stand is its weight. It weighs only 14.3 pounds and can accommodate screen size of 24”.

        Focused more on professional use, gamers may feel a bit disappointed as this model does not allow vertical stacking of monitors for gaming purposes.

        Organizing your workspace is easy, thanks to the integrated cable management system that comes with this accessory. Besides, the smart integrated cable management will make your workspace look neat and tidy. Definitely, a win-win for the user!!

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        4. Stand Steady Dual Monitor Desk Mount Stand

        Stand Steady Dual Monitor Desk Mount Stand
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          Being one of the largest dual monitor mounts, Stand Steady brings you a highly adjustable accessory to hold 32” screens comfortably.

          The dual monitor stand has a C-clamping system and does not require additional drilling or mounting activities. It is versatile and holds almost all types of monitors in the market with the help of VESA plates and adapter.

          You can easily tilt the screens for 150, swivel 3600 and rotate 3600 for the correct viewing angles. Improve your ergonomics by adjusting the height along the center of the pole along with the right articulation movements.

          Organize the wires into a single unit with the integrated cable management system and stack them out of sight. Weighing only 8 lbs, it is one of the lightest models in today’s lot. But don’t doubt the making and quality of the stand because of its lightweight.

          Besides its strong and rigid construction, the entire kit comes with hexagonal keys and slots for assembly and takes only 15 min to set up.

          Since the spares are not easily available in the market, you may have to be careful in keeping them. Keeping this teeny-tiny advice or con aside, this stand comes at an affordable price and offers you the right work environment.

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          5. AmazonBasics Premium Dual Monitor Stand

          AmazonBasics Premium Dual Monitor Stand
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            The AmazonBasics stand, a dual monitor stand, is designed to increase productivity in a multi-display working environment. Designers and engineers can use it as it fits easily onto a desk space and therefore toggling screens is not necessary.

            Each arm can carry up to a weight of 20 pounds and has VESA plates for accommodating 27” screens. The side-by-side arms can extend 18” and rotate independently for either of the screens. The outward reach of each arm is 25”, which is a great way to adjust screens while working or gaming.

            Installing the AmazonBasics dual monitor stand onto a desk is easy via a C-clamp. Alternatively, it has a wall mount option by means of holes provided on the stand itself. One of the best versatile products in the market, this dual monitor stand is quite compatible with almost all monitors.

            Since the extension range is more for this dual monitor stand, you may require a larger space and therefore, can be used by gamers. In addition, the arms appear lightweight but are actually strong; often it can be confused as a cheaper accessory. The total weight of the stand is about 12 pounds.

            This premium dual monitor stand is user-friendly, easy to install, provides you with more workspace and comes with a warranty of 1 year.

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            6. Loctek Dual Monitor Arm Desk Monitor Mounts

            Loctek Dual Monitor Arm Desk Monitor Mounts
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              One of the futuristic looking designs and made from aircraft-grade aluminum, the Loctek D5D Dual Monitor stand looks great.

              Designed with a hovering system for screen adjustments, the dual monitor stand looks unique and has an anti-scratch finish. If you are a gamer, then you will definitely love this design as it responds quickly to slight pressure adjustments.

              The arms rotate horizontally in 3600 and have VESA plates to accommodate monitors ranging from 10” to 27”. Installation is easy via a C-clamp or grommet and does not take up much space on the desk.

              The unit has one of the best cable management systems in the market and neatly tucks away all wires. Designed for ergonomic viewing and seating positions, gamers, designers, etc., experience the least amount of discomfort while working on it.

              Weighing 13 pounds, the Loctek monitor stand comes and spring gas system with a 5 and 3-year warranty respectively. Designed to last long with good quality material, the unit has an elegant look and makes your workspace stylish.

              However, kindly take care to move the accessory with due care as quick or yanking motion can damage its operation. Overall, this premium product is completely adjustable, offers commodious cable management channels, and makes your working experience both fun and easy.

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              7. HUANUO Dual Monitor Mount Stand

              HUANUO Dual Monitor Mount Stand
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                The HUANUO dual monitor stand has a unique aluminum die-casting construction and a built-in gas spring mechanism for smooth adjustment. One of the unique designs in the market, the HUANUO dual monitor stand is stylish, durable and one of the best ones for gamers.

                Designed for efficiency, the HUANUO dual monitor stand can accommodate 17” to 32” screens easily both vertically and horizontally. The arms allow a full-motion tilt from – 90°to + 85°, 3600 rotation and a swivel from -900 to +900. This allows viewers to stack the screen in horizontal and vertical positions.

                The integrated cable management allows the wires to be neatly stacked within the unit for easy organization of workspace. Thanks to the built-in precision gas strut, the HUANUO monitor stand is adjustable to match the weight of the screens.

                C-clamp arrangement enables compact installations on a desk while the grommet arrangement enables easy wall installations.

                The HUANUO dual monitor stand weighs approximately 14 pounds and easy to handle. Kindly note that this assembly is not suited for glass tabletops.

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                8. FEZIBO Height Adjustable Dual Monitor Stand

                FEZIBO Height Adjustable Dual Monitor Stand
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                  Made from sturdy aircraft aluminum, the FEZIBO dual monitor stand has a futuristic design and style. It weighs about 11.5 pounds but each arm can carry up to 17.6 lbs. of weight. This makes it easy for mounting 32” gaming monitors using VESA plates with stability.

                  The dual monitor stand uses a strong gas spring mechanism that enables a smooth adjustment for all viewing angles. It can reach out to a vertical height of 16.2” and a horizontal width of 20” along with a swivel range of +900 to -900. The tilt angle is -450 to +450 and allows viewing angles that are ergonomically suitable for your needs.

                  Mounting the accessory on a wall is easy with the help of grommet installation while desk installations use a C-clamp. By using clips, the integrated cable management system manages all the cables and wires keeping the workspace free from clutter.

                  Suitable for home and office, the FEZIBO stand has a 2-year warranty, which compliments this versatile product in a huge way.

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                  9. Mount-It Stand Up Workstation

                  Mount-It Stand Up Workstation
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                    As the name suggests the Mount-It! Stand Up Workstation with Dual Monitor Mount is designed for sitting and standing working positions. The unique adjustment to convert the entire workstation for standing posture is what separates this product from the rest of our pick today.

                    Convert your workspace into a versatile working area without spending a fortune or without buying a new desk. Apart from the adjustable arms for screens, this unit comes with a keyboard tray and a gas-spring mechanism. In addition, there is a mug tray and space to keep your essentials on the stand itself.

                    Universal VESA plates allow mounting 27” screens easily and can stay in an offset position thanks to the counterbalance arm.

                    One major aspect to note is that the unit only moves horizontally to a maximum height of 19.5”. The arms do not swivel, rotate or tilt making the dual monitor stand exclusive for office work. Gamers would expect their unit to swivel, tilt and rotate to match their needs.

                    With the additional adjustment, the unit weighs 35.8 lbs. and can carry 28.6 lbs. One of the great organizers, this unit is a great way to compartmentalize your work along with your health.

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                    10. VIVO Dual LCD Monitor 2 Screen Desk Stand

                    VIVO Dual LCD Monitor 2 Screen Desk Stand
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                    The VIVO Dual LCD Monitor 2 Screen Desk Stand is simple in construction and made from premium quality material. Made exclusively for office use, the dual monitor screen has no arms but two plate attachments for monitors.

                    Each monitor mount can accommodate 27” screens of 33 lbs. each while the entire unit weighs only 10 lbs. This unique feature makes it possible for monitors to be stacked above one another with only adjustments in height. In addition, the monitors have a 300 tilt adjust, a 3600 swivel in both directions and a 3600 rotation.

                    Manufactured from good quality steel, the VIVO frame is sturdy and imparts stability to the unit with a wide V base. Such a unit enables the viewer to stand as well as sit comfortably while operating the monitors just by toggling them.

                    Though the design aims at a low-profile setup, there are no specific integrations for cable management. You may have to use tie-up to neatly secure the cables and other wires in place. However, the minimalistic design provides ample space but is not as efficient as two-armed units.

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                    11. EleTab Dual Arm Monitor Stand

                    EleTab Dual Arm Monitor Stand
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                      The EleTab Dual Monitor Stand is a great way to increase ergonomics while gaming or working. The unit has an adjustable gas spring mechanism, and each arm holds an impressive 14.3 lbs. VESA plates allow accommodation of monitors having a minimum 17” and a maximum of 32”.

                      Built from the point of view of multi-tasking, the dual monitor stand has an extensive range of 16.1” and is quite sturdy. Manufactured from premium aluminum, the stand can withstand the weight of both monitors quite easily. The stand has a tilt angle of +900 and -450, swivel range of +900 to -900 and rotation of +1800 to -1800.

                      The gas spring mechanism allows easy movement while the installation is easy with C-clamp mounting. Alternatively, if you choose to mount the unit on a wall, then the grommet method helps with easy installation.

                      The integrated cable management system with clips allows tucking of wires and cables away neatly in the recess of the stand. Organizing your workspace was never so easy with the EleTab Dual Arm Monitor Stand.

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                      What to Look for When Buying a Dual Monitor Stand?

                       Best Dual Monitor Stand on the Market

                      While choosing a good quality dual monitor stand from the market, consider the following aspects to get the best deal:

                      Height adjustments

                      Many cheap or low-priced dual monitor stands do not offer height adjustment. Stacking the monitor one above the other instead of adjacent position can come in handy while working. Look out for such adjustment while selecting your dual stand.

                      Rotation and Angle adjustments

                      Although dual monitor stands have angle/rotation adjustments in common, choose the one that comes with the maximum angle adjustments. Stands with pivot mechanisms allow ergonomic rotation and angle adjustments; such add-ons make viewing easy.


                      Dual monitor stands must consume the least space when they are not in use. As efficiency is one of the core features when in use, compactness is another equally important feature when not in use. Additionally, reconfiguration is another desirable property in a dual monitor stand. However, arms of the accessory are rarely reconfigurable as very few brands have such a modular feature. Though this is a desirable feature, it is will increase the budget of your accessory. So, choose as per your requirements.

                      Type Selection

                      Dual monitor stands come in two major types – free standing and attached stands. Free-standing stands have a V or U shape, and stand independently along with the screens without drilling or clamping. Attached stands require drilling or clamping to a desk or a wall. Selecting the type of dual monitor stand must be as per the workspace and installation process.


                      One of the main features, a dual monitor stand must be able to adjust the screens according to your requirements. The dual monitor stand must offer easy tilting, swiveling, rotating and other options. However, such articulation must be in line with your needs of ergonomics and must solve visual and seating problems, if any.


                      While opting for a dual stand monitor, look how efficient that particular product would be in solving space issues. Organized cable lay, minimum space consumption, stability, etc. must be in the central idea while selecting the dual monitor stand.


                      Dual monitor stand, used in offices or at home, does not require expensive investment. It must fulfill your utility. For example, avoid buying a high-end gaming dual monitor arm if you are using it for work. Many of the features may go unused for the major part and therefore, is not a wise investment.

                      Stability and ease in use

                      Dual monitor stands must be easy to adjust without using excessive force. Therefore, choose a dual stand with fingertip pressure movements to adjust even while working or playing. Senior people must also be able to operate the accessory without using much force.


                      Dual monitor stands ranges anywhere from $25 to $500 and more depending on their features and brand in the market. The idea is to find the best integration of utility that solves your needs along with an affordable price bracket. Expensive product doesn’t always yield the best value for money; therefore, shop around a bit before making the buying decision.

                      Apart from these points, the accessory must not incur any extra charges in the installation process. There is a plethora of dual monitor stands in the market, but you’ve got to choose the one that is durable and reasonably priced.

                      Our Pick

                      Dual monitor stand provides better viewing angles, ergonomics and reduces health problems. In addition, it keeps our workspace organized. Today, we looked at some of the best dual monitor stands in the market and understood various features about it. The buying guide highlights the desired properties that a dual monitor stand must have and will help you to make an informed decision.

                      Today we pick the VIVO Dual Monitor Free-Standing Desk Stand for its versatility as the clear winner. Compared to other products, this unit has light-weight design, good value for money and ergonomics. Moreover, they are suited for both gamers and office work. We hope that this information will help you in picking the monitor stand of your choice.

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