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11 Best Futons On The Market of 2022 – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

Whether you’re trying to save space in your living room with a sizeable sofa, or need a sleeper for night time, a cozy and durable futon is just what you need.

These often flexible, sofa by day, and sleeper by night furniture are the perfect go-to. Whether in your living room, office, studio apartment, or even the guest room.

While there’s the usual fear that these antique items are reminiscent of a dorm room, a carefully chosen futon can be an excellent idea for your modern-day space, all the while providing exceptional value and utility for you.

We’ve made a list of 11 best futons worth your serious consideration, and they only made this list because they ticked at all the boxes right.

Best Futon On The Market of 2022


1. DHP 8-Inch Independently Encased Coil Futon

DHP 8-Inch Independently Encased Coil Futon
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    This tufted DHP classic is another understated design that shows how less is more. It comes in microfiber or linen upholstery and weighs about 63 pounds with a dimension of 75’’ by 54’’.

    If you’re one to care about the environment or how your furniture affects your health, well, this number boasts of being eco-friendly. Here’s how!

    The foam in this mattress is made without TDCPP, PBDEs, or TCEP flame retardants, mercury, lead or other heavy metals. The foam is devoid of phthalates, low in VOC emissions and meets the Federal flammability standard.

    To give you more options, it comes in brown, charcoal, cobalt, merlot, and a bright tan. Its 8 inches mattress is definitely one of the best the market has to offer.

    Another feature of this piece you may find interesting is the independently encased coils in the mattress, which work individually to provide equal weight distribution, reduced motion transfer, and relieve pressure points along with select parts of your body.

    That being said, the cover isn’t easily removable as you would have to carefully take off the attached metal pins fastened to the mattress before unzipping it. This may prove a challenge if you need to wash it. This comes without a frame, and you may need one to balance out the bulky weight of the mattress.

    Regardless, it isn’t such a bad idea if you won’t wash often, and even if you have to, you can always get a supplement cover of about 8 inches that removes easily.

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    2. Nirvana Futons Westfield Wood Futon Frame

    Nirvana Futons Westfield Wood Futon Frame
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      This full size, sturdy futon frame comes in a timeless, exquisite structure that attracts you on sight.

      First, it is eco-friendly as only hardwood from sustainable plantation is used in producing it. Its frame can convert from a futon sofa to a lounger or a full-size sofa bed. Its finely polished wood finishes off with curved arms of about 24.75’’ as well as opposing wooden slats for additional comfort.

      This futon frame weighs about 55 pounds, and it’s just sad that all of this is for the frame only as it doesn’t come with pillows, a mattress or even a cover. Thus, if you aren’t quite ready to buy additional items or do some assembling, then this probably isn’t for you.

      More so, it requires some assembling, and doing that will take a few minutes depending on how handy you are with these things. On average, though, it shouldn’t take you beyond 30 minutes.

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      3. Mozaic Futon Mattress, Full, Black

      Mozaic Futon Mattress, Full, Black
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        This model from the original craftsmen of futon debuts on our list for its very traditional and functional appeal as bi-functional furniture.

        This Shiki futon would not require a frame as it already comes with a tatami mat, which is a huge bonus, which other products in the market are lack.

        Its outer fabric is 100% hygroscopic cotton to provide for maximum comfort, while the stuffing is made of 100% polyester. This model also boasts of a three-layer volume mattress and weighs about 18.5 pounds once assembled.

        The mattress is also about 83 inches long and is delivered compressed in a vacuum bag. Once opened, the futon mattress will gain air and revert to its original thickness.

        Another good thing about this model is the ease with which it can be folded and stored away. You should also note that its outer fabric is non-removable, so to keep your fabric newer for longer, you can purchase a removable cover at additional cost.

        However, its mattress is comparatively thinner at 3 inches, and if you are on the heavy side, this may turn out uncomfortable for you. You may need to put it out under the sun for a while for it to gain some volume.

        Perhaps the best thing about this traditional futon is its fiber stuffing, which is insect repellent and anti-bacterial. Its dimensions as a whole are 39 ×3.5 × 83 inches.

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        4. FULI Japanese Traditional Shiki Futon

        FULI Japanese Traditional Shiki Futon
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          If you have some extra space to spare and want something durable and standard to fit into your regular décor, this tufted futon may be right for you.

          It features twelve durable nylon tufts to keep your mattress components in place and is made of solid rustic hardwood. It also features an upholstery grade fabric tufted to the mattress to make your mattress aesthetically pleasing.

          The futon components are also encased in breathable cotton, which acts as a fire barrier and meets all federal standards as it has no harmful chemicals.

          Even better, the mattress utilizes thirteen-gauge Bonnell springs to give your body support when you move. This futon also makes conversion from sitting to a sleeping position comfortable with its peculiar hinge system which is structured for either position and built to keep the mattress in place while sitting.

          If you’re about more options, this futon will please you as it comes in eight different colors such as the suede olive, suede peat, suede chocolate, Peter’s cabin, Marmont thunder, etc.

          This model requires some assembling, weighs 185 pounds, and has its dimensions at 81” L × 37” W × 33” H.

          The structure of this futon may require some precision with the assembling as only its arm sections come complete.

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          5. Milemont’s Futon Sofa Bed Memory Foam Couch

          Milemont's Futon Sofa Bed Memory Foam Couch
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            This convertible love seat was designed with pure elegance in mind, and it achieved that with its minimalist style. It comes in a classic black PU faux leather with 2.5’’ memory foam for the backrest and main sleeper and ends nicely in standard chrome legs.

            Its frame is made of composite board with six metal legs and its entire upholstery is split into multiple boxes which aid cleaning and maintaining.

            If you’re not quite handy with household furniture, this piece may be right for you. It is quite easy to assemble. You only need to take it out of the box and set it up in about 15 minutes without an expert’s assistance.

            Even better, it has an adjustable armrest and backrest, which is essentially what transits it from being a day sofa for sitting or lounging to a night sleeper. What better way to save space than this?

            The split headrest is amazingly flexible and allows for only half of its entire frame to be lifted and the other half reclined. Thus, you can operate its two sides independently.

            The chest board at the arm can also be raised as an armrest or flattened to suit a simpler two-dimensional style. It weighs 84 pounds, and its dimensions are 70.5’’ by 41.5’’. Its weight limit is about 600 pounds.

            The memory foam of this number no doubt offers body support as it is neither too soft nor too hard and its adjustable features mean that this can work both for you and your guests.

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            6. Kodiak Furniture Futon Mattress, Full, White

            Kodiak Furniture Futon Mattress, Full, White
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              This standard futon is built for maximum comfort, utility, and luxury, and you’ll soon see how.

              First, its frame is made of sturdy Indonesian Hardwood made for stability and endurance and features storage drawers and in-built tray. Its mattress is made of white finish polyester but also comes in other colors such as linen cocoa, linen stone, suede black, suede navy, suede red, and suede grey.

              The tray-styled arms make this perfect for lounging or hosting guests, and it can convert to a standard full-sized bed when you desire. Even better, it doesn’t require any assembly. It weighs about 211 pounds and its dimensions are 37″ x 82″ x 33″.

              The downside to this, however, would be that it is burdensome for even two adults to set the futon back after using it as a sleeper. In any case, if you won’t be converting it often, this shouldn’t be much of a problem.

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              7. Beverly Furniture Futon Convertible Sofa

              Beverly Furniture Futon Convertible Sofa
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                This two-toned futon made of polyurethane faux leather lays claim to luxurious structure and functionality at the same time

                This is a futon that can be used either as a sofa, a lounger, or a sleeper as it can transform into a twin-sized bed when the backrest is reclined. It features an extra leg for middle support and is long enough to sit up to three, four persons comfortably.

                The pure white detailing across the black leather is exquisite craftsmanship and makes for fantastic living room décor. If durability and aesthetics are what you want, you’ll find this futon useful as its bonded leather delivers on both ends.

                You will also find its sturdy legs to be of great support for almost any kind of weight. Its dimensions are 72×40×14 inches, and it weighs 77 pounds.

                If you’re not quite tools-savvy, you may find this futon uncomfortable as it requires assembling. Anyway, even that isn’t much of a deal as all you need to do is screw the legs into place, and everything you need to assemble comes in a single package.

                Another snag is that this piece comes armless. Other than that, it’s near perfect.

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                8. REALROOMS Euro Loveseat Futon

                REALROOMS Euro Loveseat Futon
                market square

                  The first thing that strikes you about this comfy loveseat futon is its earthy but distinct green color. Featuring a minimalist style, it delivers utility and comfort together.

                  While its small size doesn’t aim beyond a small space, it makes up for it with features like wide armrests that recline to a sleeping position when the need arises, foam-padded seats with button-tufted details and shiny metal legs that contrast nicely with the upholstery.

                  This sleek but sturdy number will undoubtedly be a plus to spice up the décor of your man cave or small room as it saves space for you, and also makes bold statements aesthetically. It even comes in other colors such as black, navy blue and dark grey.

                  The sofa’s dimensions are 64.5’’ L × 30.5’’ W ×31” H while it weighs 400lbs in size. This Futon may not be a great idea if you’re considerably tall as the width space between each armrest may prove discomforting for your neck and feet when sleeping.

                  Again, if you can afford more space, you may want something larger than this that can seat more persons comfortably as a sofa.

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                  9. Beverly Furniture Futon Convertible Sofa

                  Beverly Furniture Futon Convertible Sofa
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                    We selected this checkered black and white futon for its aesthetic appeal as well as its functional features.

                    It features a durable synthetic leather finish and sturdy metal columns as legs and even additional legs underneath the sofa bed for extra support.

                    Its width measurement is a massive 72 inches — one of the longest in the market — and its sofa cushioning is about 5 inches in thickness. Compared to what’s averagely available in the market, this is not bad at all.

                    Of course, it can be styled in two different positions; sofa or sleeper. Its dimensions are 70’’×40’’×14,’’ and it weighs 77 pounds.

                    Just like its fellow Beverly furniture seen above, this one needs assembling, but not one that requires so much expertise, thankfully. Also, the white boxes being quite large, need to be cautiously treated to avoid getting permanent stains on them as they don’t wipe out quite as fast as other regular leather.

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                    10. Classic Brands Classic Black 8-Inch Futon Mattress

                    Classic Brands Classic Black 8-Inch Futon Mattress
                    market square

                      This is another memory foam futon that comes with a 7’’ individually wrapped, innerspring coils which ensure balance and wear and tear resistance.

                      The coils are topped over by a sturdy microfiber polyester cover with foam layering between the cover and the coils. Despite its springy, bouncy look, it is easy to fold and doesn’t retain any crease when straightened out.

                      Its mattress is 8 inches- which is not bad for market standards and can easily fit into the average futon frame. It comes in two colors; black and brown, and either of these will prove no bother to clean as its microfiber quilt cover can easily be spot- cleaned.

                      What’s more — the packaging of this futon is impressively not bulky as the mattress is compressed and rolled over nicely in a vacuumed sealed box. This in no way affects your futon as it readily recovers from this position and returns to its original shape once removed from its packaging. As you’ll expect, this takes nothing to set up.

                      It weighs about 63lbs and has its dimensions at 54’’×75’’×8’’. While this number is great in a lot of ways, you may face some hassle with the fact that it doesn’t come with a frame.

                      As such, you have to purchase one for it. To do this effectively, the accurate measurement of this futon must be borne in mind so that you don’t encounter any problems with the fit.

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                      11. Kodiak Futons Lodge Futon

                      Kodiak Futons Lodge Futon
                      market square

                        Lastly but certainly not least, we have this mosaic futon mattress with modern aesthetics and a bouncy feel.

                        It comes in vibrant colors such as blue, burgundy, maroon red, navy, khaki, ivory, hunter green, and of course, black!

                        Its mattress is made from high quality, dual-sided memory foam, which itself is made from polyester. The mattress is also encased in a cotton twill tufted cover for that luxurious feel.

                        As you’d expect, the mattress is reversible and can be made to stand upright in a sofa position or laid flat as in a bed.

                        Perhaps, the best thing about this item is that it comes with either a pocket coil or cool gel pocket coil mattress (depending on what you want) to guarantee your maximum comfort.

                        The covers on this model are made of poly-cotton blend material, which is both soft and enduring.

                        Sadly, it doesn’t come with a frame, and so you are saddled with the task of measuring your mattress accurately to buy the perfect frame. In all, this isn’t a bad idea at all to consider.

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                        What to Consider When Buying A Futon

                        best Futon 

                        Before dashing out excitedly to make your futon purchase, there are a few things you may want to consider first as they’re imperative to whether you will be glad at your purchase months to years from now.

                        Generally, you want to look at your available space, the futon mattress, the cover, and then the frame.


                        You need to look at your space carefully vis a vis the dimensions of the futon you intend buying so as not to defeat one of the primary aims of a futon.

                        Futon sleepers often come in full, twin, and queen sizes and can be as long as 83 inches. There is also the king-sized futon, but this is rarer to find in the market. Considering their varying sizes, do consider your available space and choose your right size before placing an order.


                        This is another vital thing to consider. Most futon mattresses in the market range from three to eight inches in-depth, and you need to make a purchase, bearing in mind the weight of the user.

                        For the average adult, six inches and above is not a bad idea to look out for. Again, some mattresses have either individually encased innerspring, which are typically firmer or spring coils that are cushioned between layers of cotton and foam padding.

                        What your mattress is made of is highly relevant. While some contain only polyester or only cotton, others are a blend of cotton and polyester or really, anything else the manufacturers deem fit.


                        Some futons come with a frame alongside, while others don’t. While it’s a lot easier to purchase one that comes with a frame as some standard frameworks can be quite pricey sold separately, if you end up purchasing a mattress without a frame, you’ll need to ensure you understand what kind of frame to buy.

                        The market options available are bi-fold or tri-fold. While a bi-fold frame folds once in the middle, tri-fold frames fold twice. The finishing and material of the frame are essential.

                        You want to consider the general décor of your space as well as the durability of the material you’re opting for. While metal has a more polished, modern look, hardwood often gives a sturdier, durable, and timeless feel.

                        If you are opting for a metal frame, make sure it’s made of quality material to avoid the metal bars from causing damage to your body.


                        The cover in which your futon comes in is very important. If you’re likely to wash your cover often (depending on your usage), you may want to get something with easily removable covers so that you unzip the cover and use a washing machine when the need arises.

                        If you’re likely to get some dirt on your covers, then you should opt for darker hues or purchase extra covers. However, make sure to go for enduring fabrics like polyester, synthetic, acrylic, microfiber, or even faux leather.


                        Deciding to get a futon is a great idea, but finding the best futon that ticks all the right boxes is even better. You’ll need something that strikes a balance between comfort, durability, design, and options.

                        The DHP 8-Inch Independently Encased Coil Futon is a winner on all counts anytime as it makes a strong case for how futons can be elegant, comfy, durable and flexible all at the same time.

                        Further, it pays close attention to detail, as seen in its interior and mattress. Other than this model, any of the others listed above will be just fine and will make for a good sitting, lounging or sleeping experience.

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