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11 Best Hammer Drills On The Market of 2022 – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

best Hammer Drill on the market

Hammer drills are very similar to regular drills. However, these tools use a hammering function to drive the drill bit into the material (wood, concrete or metal). This high-velocity hammering helps the drill bit drive through the material with some ease. Standard drills might punch holes in materials, but they do not do so as efficiently or quickly as hammer drills. These drills come in different models from various manufacturers.

Therefore, it can be challenging selecting the best hammer drill. To help you, we have scoured the internet for reviews and have tested scores of these tools to compile this review of the 11 best hammer drills you can buy right now. We have also provided a buying guide that can assist you in making a correct buying choice.

Best Hammer Drill On The Market of 2022


1. Makita XPH12R Hammer Drill

Makita XPH12R Hammer Drill
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    If you are a mason or a DIY enthusiast with a knack for working with your hands, then you will likely enjoy using this tool. It is one of the best hammer drills on the market today, especially if you often drill through tough materials like concrete or stone.

    One of the reasons why it makes this list is the impressive drive. Compared to several other drills on the market, its drive is quite unmatched. It comes with a four-pole motor that can quite easily provide you with up to 530 pounds of torque. Additionally, the power from the drive gives you a stunning 2000 RPMs and 30,000 BPM. As it has speed controls, you can choose the speed you want it to go at, thus giving you more control than ever.

    The Makita XPH12R 18V LXT runs on batteries, which might somehow seem to be a disadvantage if you have to wait for it to charge. Fortunately, Makita has found a way around this by providing you with a fast-charging product. If out of juice, just charging it for 30 minutes will bring it to a full charge!

    The Makita XPH12R 18V LXT is built to last as well. Therefore in spite of the dirt, debris, and contaminants in the workplace, this tool remains durable enough to take whatever abuse it suffers.

    You should note that this drill is great for light to medium duty drilling. Heavy hammer drilling will cause it to wear out quickly.

    Overall, this durable, fast-charging, and powerful hammer drill is one of the best hammer drills you can purchase.

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    2. DEWALT 18-Volt XRP Hammer Drill

    DEWALT 18-Volt XRP Hammer Drill
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      DEWALT is a popular name in the power tool industry. Known for the high quality of its power tools, the company hits the mark once again with this product.

      First of all, the DEWALT DCD950KX 18-Volt XRP Hammer Drill features 3 different speeds. Therefore, your work is more convenient as you have a greater degree of control. These speeds assist you to finish any project. As you might be working on different types of materials, having the ability to increase or decrease the speed helps you cut through the material with greater ease. Additionally, the runtime of this product is quite impressive. It is battery operated, and the batteries grant it the ability to work for surprisingly long periods. Therefore, it is a practical option for your large projects.

      If you are working in low light conditions, you will enjoy the LED light fixture. Therefore, you can see where you are drilling which will in turn vastly improve your accuracy. Another interesting feature we discovered and loved is the self-tightening chuck. Due to this feature, you will enjoy better grip as you work; and you don’t have to pause work frequently just to tighten the chuck.

      The downside of this excellent product is the weight. We found it to be somewhat heavy.

      Other than that, the excellent runtime, versatility, solid build, and powerful performance make the DEWALT DCD950KX 18-Volt XRP Hammer Drill an excellent hammer drill.

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      3. SKIL 7.0 Amp 1/2 In. Hammer Drill

      SKIL 7.0 Amp 1/2 In. Hammer Drill
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        If you seek a powerful hammer drill that offers more than decent performance yet is quite affordable, then look no further than this impressive offering from SKIL. This hammer drill has some features and functions that make it an excellent value buy.

        The hammer drill features a standard 7-Amp motor. This motor ensures that it has sufficient power for your tasks. Whether you are drilling through wood or concrete, you can rest assured that this hammer drill has enough power to drive through. Alongside the 7-Amp motor, the SKIL 6445-04 7.0 Amp 1/2 In. Hammer Drill can reach drilling speeds of up to 3000 RPM (revolutions per minute). Now, while this speed is really impressive, you might enjoy the ability to vary the speed. If so, you will appreciate the in-built variable speed triggering system found in the tool. Because of this function, you can set and achieve the exact speed that you desire for your drilling.

        Power tools are often heavy, but this tool is somewhat of an exception. Although some might find the 5.5 pounds of weight to be heavy, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a lighter option that offers all the features of this tool.

        The only downside of this tool is that it is not ideal for heavy-duty projects.

        With a variable speed triggering system, a lightweight build, and the offer of more control over the drilling process, the SKIL 6445-04 7.0 Amp 1/2 In. Hammer Drill is an excellent value buy.

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        4. DEWALT DWD520K Hammer Drill

        DEWALT DWD520K Hammer Drill
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          One of the main features to consider when buying a hammer drill or any tool for that matter is the ease of use. And this is where the DEWALT DWD520K Hammer Drill excels. From our testing, and from what others have said, it is one of the most convenient hammer drills on the market.

          We love the build and design of this tool. It comes with a soft grip and an ergonomic handle that makes it firm to hold and easy to use. Due to this design, you will find yourself using the tool for prolonged periods without feeling fatigued. Additionally, it has a two-finger grip that offers you more control over the drill. Regardless of the material to be drilled, you can hold it well and get right to work.

          Aside from the design, it is a powerful tool. The DEWALT DWD520K Hammer Drill comes with a 10-Amp motor that offers enough drilling power. According to DEWALT, it offers users 50% more power than the regular drill. This motor helps the drill reach up to 3,500 RPM. This speed can be toggled as well between 0-1200 RPM and 0-3500 RPM.

          Durability is impressive as well. The entire casing of the hammer drill is metal. Thus even when it falls from heights, it won’t be damaged. . We believe it is one of the most durable drills on the market.

          The downside of this corded hammer drill is that it is relatively heavy.

          If you don’t mind the weight, though, you will surely enjoy the powerful performance of this durable tool.

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          5. Bosch 11255VSR Hammer Drill

          Bosch 11255VSR Hammer Drill
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            Bosch is a popular manufacturer of drills and general power tools. The company is renowned for its impressive array of rotary hammer drills, and the Bosch 11255VSR Hammer Drill is the best of the bunch.

            This drill comes with features that make it an awesome choice for beginners and experts alike. The SDS-Plus system makes it easy to use. The SDS system allows the user to change drill bits in a jiffy. Additionally, since this feature is automatic, it makes the whole process even more straightforward. To ensure that the drill lasts for a long time, it comes with specialized dust protection.

            Aside from the ease of use, the power generated by this tool is also worthy of consideration. The 7.5-Amp motor isn’t the most powerful we have reviewed, but it is still impressive in its own right. This motor is capable of delivering speeds of up to 5,800 RPM, which is even more powerful than some tools with higher Amps. This power generated is usually enough for all medium to light-duty projects.

            Another reason why we love the Bosch 11255VSR Hammer Drill is the convenient handle. It is D-shaped which makes it super-easy to handle and use in different directions.

            The downside of the hammer drill is that it is relatively slow. Therefore, if you are working on a large project and time is of the essence, you might want to opt for a faster drill.

            If you can wait, though, you will enjoy the reliable and powerful performance of this impressive drill.

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            6. Makita 1-1/8-Inch Rotary Hammer

            Makita 1-1/8-Inch Rotary Hammer
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              This model from Makita is the second from the manufacturer to make our list of the best hammer drills. And it deserves its spot! It comes with a 7-Amp motor, which grants you enough power to drill through various types of materials. This motor delivers with 4,500 RPM or 1,100 RPM, depending on the speed setting that you choose. The more demanding the task on hand, the higher the speed you can use.

              We also like the torque limiting clutch that comes with the drill. Why is this feature vital? Well, during heavy drilling, continuous use can end up burning out the drill. However, thanks to this feature, you can work without fear of burning it out. During drilling, if the drill bit binds, this mechanism will cause the hammer drill to disengage the gears. It is a truly versatile tool that can not only drill but can also hammer. Hence, whether you are a professional or you are just a homeowner making some minor repairs in the home, you will likely enjoy using this drill. It is thus one of the most versatile drills on the market.

              Despite all these interesting features, the Makita is relatively light as it weighs around 7 pounds. Drilling causes plenty of vibration. Fortunately, this tool comes with the ability to adjust the vibration. Hence, you won’t feel the usual pain that comes from drilling.

              One downside of this hammer drill is that it requires plenty of effort to lock the torque in place.

              Made of plastic and metal, this hammer drill is easy to use and will absorb impacts easily.

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              7. Milwaukee 2704-22 M18 Hammer Drill

              Milwaukee 2704-22 M18 Hammer Drill
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                The Milwaukee 2704-22 M18 Hammer Drill comes with several features that endear it to many users, but perhaps its most notable feature is its durability. It is built with high-quality, durable materials that will last for a long time and will help the tool withstand shocks and impacts from falling debris or other things. Some of the materials of construction include aluminum, plastic, and copper. Aside from the durable materials, the tool is made in a design that allows you to hold it and use it without hassle.

                The motor is also decently powerful as it can give you up to 2000 RPM. Hence, your light-duty tasks can be done quickly and with ease.

                The manufacturer has incorporated a REDLINK PLUS INTELLIGENCE feature. This feature serves to protect both the tool and the battery from damage resulting from heat or overloading.

                It is a lightweight tool as well since it weighs just 5 pounds. Hence, you can maneuver the tool and carry it around without any trouble.

                A downside we observed is that the hammering mode of the tool will quickly reduce battery power.

                That might be a small price to pay, considering the other features that make it an awesome find.

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                8. Bosch 1-5/8 SDS-Max Combination Hammer

                Bosch 1-5/8 SDS-Max Combination Hammer
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                  The second Bosch product is an excellent tool that delivers top-notch performance. It stands out due to its superior and powerful performance. It is a highly versatile drilling tool that can drive through almost any material. So, whether you are using it for concrete drilling or are using it on ceramics, you can rest assured that it will deliver undisputable excellent performance.

                  It comes with the SDS-system found in most Bosch tools. This time, the one-handed SDS system makes it easy to hold it and change the speed as you use the drill. It helps you change drill bits in a short period.

                  This drill is also a safe option as it comes with several safety features. For example, it comes with a circuitry that normalizes your drilling speeds and ensures that it remains in a safe range. To make your work easier and more comfortable, it has vibration control features as well. Thus you can work continuously and only stop when you feel like. According to the manufacturer, this tool offers the user 20% more power when hammering.

                  The downside is the price. It is a pricey option on the market.

                  However, if you choose to buy it, you can rest assured that it offers you terrific value for money.

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                  9. Makita XPH012 18V Hammer Drill

                  Makita XPH012 18V Hammer Drill
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                    This particular model from the renowned Makita is one of the best cordless options you will find on the market right now. It is a highly portable option that can be carried from place to place with ease. Thus, if your project requires plenty of mobility, you will likely enjoy the lightweight and portable nature of this hammer drill. It weighs only 4 pounds and comes with an ergonomic handle. With this small drill, you will work for hours on end without feeling fatigued in the arms.

                    Although it is small, do not for a second think it is a weak tool. It is quite powerful and packs a punch. Under the portable hood is a 4 pole motor that grants you torque of up to 480 pounds. It also features a variable speed system; you can toggle between 440 RPM and 1500 RPM.

                    Aside from the surprising power and form factor, the drill is a versatile option that offers hammering functions too. One of our favorite features is the battery. The batteries hold a charge for a long time and can be fully charged in less than 30 minutes.

                    It should be noted that although it is powerful considering the size, it is too weak to handle heavy-duty projects.

                    Although not as powerful as corded hammer drills, it is powerful for its size, has an excellent battery life, and will offer great value for the price compared to other options on the market.

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                    10. Ryobi P214 One Hammer Drill

                    Ryobi P214 One Hammer Drill
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                      The Ryobi P214 One Hammer Drill is a drill for the expert or DIY enthusiast without a perchance for bells and whistles. It is a minimally designed tool that simply gets the job done. Ryobi might not be as popular as the other brands on the market. However, the company has produced some impressive products since its inception.

                      This model comes at a low price which is clearly evident in the appearance. However, despite the simplicity and price, it still comes with the basic features running efficiently. For instance, it comes with a 2-speed range that allows you to switch things up or slow them down depending on what you want.

                      Additionally, the minimal design has quite a comfortable handle that will let you work for hours on end. There is also the dual-finger trigger which is super-comfortable.

                      The fantastic battery life is yet another reason to consider this model closely.

                      On the other hand, the LED light it comes with isn’t as bright as we’d have liked.

                      If you want a simple tool without any fuss, bells and whistles, this affordable tool is a good option.

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                      11. BLACK+DECKER DR670 Hammer Drill

                      BLACK+DECKER DR670 Hammer Drill
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                        Looking for versatility and good design? Then you will likely enjoy using this hammer drill. It is an elegant, durable drill that will deliver the power needed for your drilling requirements. Using this drill will leave you with quite a comfortable experience.

                        It features, among other things, aside handle that will assist users in keeping a balanced stance and improves the ease of use. If you seek more control of the drilling tool, then the BLACK+DECKER DR670 Hammer Drill will make for an excellent tool.

                        As a corded hammer drill, it is more powerful than most cordless options. It can reach speeds of 2,800 RPM and a whopping 48,000 BPM, which is truly impressive and enough power to drill through whatever material that you plan to use. Since it is corded, there is nothing like ‘running out of batteries’. You can use it until you are ready to stop work.

                        One gripe we have with this tool is that the depth stop locking mechanism is somewhat difficult.

                        That gripe aside, it is a durable, powerful tool that will last you for a long time.

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                        Buying Guide

                        Best Hammer Drill On The Market

                        If you are planning to buy a hammer drill, the following are the features that you must consider:

                        Source of Power

                        Power source is vital as it will affect the power generated and the length of time that you can use the hammer drill. The hammer drill can either be corded or cordless. Each of these sources has advantages and disadvantages.

                        A corded hammer drill offers the user more power. Hence, if you have a job that needs to be completed in a jiffy, a corded hammer drill is your best bet. However, since it is corded, you cannot move around as much as you’d like. Furthermore, if you end up somewhere without electricity, the drill is rendered useless.

                        A cordless hammer drill either runs on batteries or a charge. It grants you mobility as you can take it anywhere you go. They are excellent for light to medium duty projects. However, they lack the sheer power of corded options.

                        Speed and Power

                        A large motor will deliver more power and allow you to work on heavy-duty projects efficiently. Another useful feature is variable speed. This feature allows the user to choose the speed he/she wants; therefore, it grants more control, leading to more accurate and precise drilling.


                        A hammer drill is a dangerous tool, especially when not used correctly. This is why it is wise to buy a drill that comes with safety features. Some of these features include a dual handle. The dual handle will offer more stability. Other factors include a comfortable grip and shock absorption.


                        When choosing a hammer drill, choosing a product from a known brand is usually a smart decision. A renowned brand will often have a wider catalogue of products, and will often have a higher quality of products than an obscure brand. Furthermore, known brands often offer lengthier warranty periods.


                        So there you have it: the 11 best hammer drills you can buy today. From our research and testing, the Makita XPH12R Hammer Drill is our top pick. It is excellent for whatever material you want to drill, has a great design, and offers a short charge time.

                        It is also one of the safest and most durable options on the market. This powerful hammer drill is an excellent buy and the winner of our roundup. Nevertheless, if you do not fancy it, you can choose from the other options we have reviewed; you will surely find one that will meet your needs.

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