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11 Best Impact Wrenches of 2022 – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

Best Impact Wrench

The impact wrench is an absolutely useful tool in any workshop. Often, you might have encountered rusty bolts or nuts that just refuse to come out or be replaced. This tool is a highly effective tool that can help you remove these nuts and bolts without stress and quickly. There are several models from several manufacturers on the market, and it can be a challenge to select the best impact wrench for you.

We have reviewed several of the best options on the market and have come up with these 11 products that deliver excellent performance. Come along as we review their features. We have also provided a buying guide that can further assist you in making an educated choice.

Best Impact Wrenches On The Market of 2022


1. DeWALT DCF899HB Impact Wrench

DeWALT DCF899HB Impact Wrench
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    We kick off this post about the best impact wrench with the DeWALT DCF899HB Impact Wrench. This impact wrench makes an excellent case of being the best cordless impact wrench on the market, and it is arguably the best impact wrench that you can buy right now. It comes with several interesting features and functions that make it a top option.

    For instance, it comes with a 20-Volt brushless motor. In the buying guide, we will see why this is especially awesome, but for now, we are very happy to find it in this wrench. Aside from the impressive motor, it also comes with a powerful anvil that ensures that the impact wrench can give you the power of up to 700lb/ft and speed up to 1900 RPM.

    It also comes with a variable speed adjuster that ensures that you have more control over the whole process. If you work in low light conditions, you will definitely appreciate the LED work light feature that comes with the tool.

    All these lovely features come in a durable, well-constructed tool that can last for a long time. The DeWalt is designed to survive falls of up to six feet.

    The only noticeable downside of this tool is the noise produced as you tighten bolts.

    Aside from the noise, you will be hard-pressed to find a better cordless impact wrench than the DeWALT DCF899HB Impact Wrench.

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    2. Milwaukee M18 Impact Wrench

    Milwaukee M18 Impact Wrench
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      The next tool in this roundup comes from Milwaukee. The company is rather popular in the automotive care and general tool industry. It is known for high-quality tools that serve excellently and last for a long time. The Milwaukee 2767-20 M18 comes in a bright red color and a compact size. It looks sleek and a tad feminine. However, do not be fooled by the sweet exterior; it is one of the most durable and efficient impact wrenches that you can buy. The chic appearance is protected by a rubberized over-mold. Thus, impacts will not damage the wrench. Furthermore, this rubber outer body is rust-resistant.

      It comes with a brushless motor that delivers decent power of up to 1000lbft. This power is likely going to be enough to loosen or tighten any bolt or nut that you encounter. Furthermore, it features speed control that helps you to monitor closely the power that is delivered to your work.

      The Milwaukee is one of the safest options as well since it comes with an anti-burnout feature and anti-overload technology.

      The downside of this otherwise impressive tool is the price. It is one of the most expensive options on this list.

      Aside from the price, you just can’t go wrong with this impact wrench.

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      3. Makita XWT11Z Impact Wrench

      Makita XWT11Z Impact Wrench
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        Just as Milwaukee and DeWalt, Makita is also one of the household names when it comes to power tools on the market. This company has, over the years, gained a reputation for the durable, high-quality power tools that it adds to the market. The Makita XWT11Z continues this tradition and deservedly ranks so high on this list of the best impact wrenches.

        The Makita XWT11Z stands out for several reasons, but the most noticeable difference between it and the other options is the size. It is barely 5” in length; one of the tiniest impact wrenches on the market. It is, therefore, not surprising that it is a lightweight option as well. It weighs less than three pounds, which makes it super-portable and convenient to carry about. If you are looking for an impact wrench that can be used in tight spaces, then you will likely love using this model. It isn’t just small, but with its 3X speed power controls, you can determine the amount of power that the brushless motor will give you.

        The downside of this model is that because of its small size; it is a tad underpowered. Thus, you might find it inadequate for medium and heavy-duty tasks.

        If you need just a little power in a small space, then you should consider buying this tool.

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        4. PORTER-CABLE 20V MAX Impact Wrench

        PORTER-CABLE 20V MAX Impact Wrench
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          If you work with cars, then you will likely fall in love with the next product on this list: the PORTER-CABLE 20V MAX Impact Wrench. Folks that work with cars will thoroughly enjoy the sturdy casing and robust overall construction of this tool.

          Due to its construction, you can use it for a long period, enduring drops and impacts without fretting about damaging the tool. Aside from the impact resistance, it is also excellent because it firmly resists other damaging things like corrosion and the chemicals present in cars.

          Unlike the models we have reviewed so far, this model does not have a brushless motor. Nevertheless, the motor under the hood is just powerful enough for your requirements. If you require power up to 300lb/ft, then you will find this model to be an excellent companion. Along with 1650 RPM, you have in your hands a tool that is ready to take on your serious tasks.

          While the absence of a brushless motor is a bummer, the main downside of this tool is the weight and size. It is one of the largest in this roundup.

          Overall, this model balances price and features quite well to be one of the best value products on this list.

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          5. Ryobi P1833 Impact Wrench

          Ryobi P1833 Impact Wrench
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            If you are conversant with power tools manufacturers, you might very well have been wondering when the Ryobi brand would appear on this list. Well, here it is. The Ryobi P1833 is arguably the best product from this manufacturer as the ratings and numbers show. We love the small and compact size and the surprising punch that it packs. It comes with a decent 18V motor that can deliver up to 300 pounds per feet of torque. Additionally, this motor gives you 3200 IPM. All of these show that it is a small but mighty tool.

            One reason why many folks love buying Ryobi products is the fact that the batteries of their tools are interchangeable. This product is no different, as well. As it is a cordless option, you need all the juice you can get, and this product doesn’t disappoint. It comes at a reasonable price as well.

            The only downside is that it isn’t meant for heavy-duty applications.

            Overall, it is an excellent tool for your medium and light-duty projects and comes at a reasonable mid-range price.

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            6. DEWALT DC820B Impact Wrench

            DEWALT DC820B Impact Wrench
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              DeWalt is a popular manufacturer, and it is no surprise to find yet another model from the manufacturer on this list. Unlike the top-rated choice, though, this model is more modest, both in power and size. It comes with a length of just 5.75” and weighs 2.3 pounds. We believe it to be the best impact wrench from the production line of small impact wrenches from DeWalt. It can be carried about and is an impressive tool for those tight spaces that you can’t use big wrenches in.

              It comes with solid construction that allows it to survive impacts and falls. Additionally, it comes with a really comfortable and nicely-designed handle. Additionally, the handle comes with a textured anti-slip grip.

              The downside of this tool is the same as with most small-sized cordless options. It simply lacks the power required for serious application. It delivers just about 145 ft/lb of torque.

              Nevertheless, it is one of the fastest impact wrenches with its 2400 RPM and 2700 IPM. Hence, if your small project needs to be completed in a jiffy, you will find it to be an excellent working tool.

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              7. Bosch IDH182-02 Impact Wrench

              Bosch IDH182-02 Impact Wrench
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                The Bosch IDH182-02 is an excellent tool from a fairly popular manufacturer. It comes with nice features and can be obtained for quite a bargain considering these features. It comes with a pair of battery packs with each pack 2.0ah. Thus, you will enjoy working with this tool for an extended period. You can also charge one as you use the other.

                Aside from the nice battery runtime, it comes with the signature build and overall quality synonymous with Bosch products. It comes with a brushless motor, controls that ensure accurate operation, and a couple of safety features. You can use it for as long as you want as there is overload protection.

                The only drawback is that it doesn’t have sufficient power, at least for heavy-duty tasks. It can generate 137.5 ft/lb, which is alright for a regular impact wrench but not as much as we’d have loved to enjoy, especially from a Bosch.

                Nevertheless, it is still a good product that comes with a robust build at an excellent price.

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                8. Ingersoll Rand mpact Wrench

                Ingersoll Rand mpact Wrench
                market square

                  You might not have heard of the Ingersoll brand, even if you have had plenty of experience with power tools on the market. However, do not let the relative obscurity of the manufacturer cloud your decision; it is a really good brand. The Ingersoll Rand W7150-K2 is an excellent impact wrench that comes close to the performance of the best models from more popular brands. It comes with a powerful motor that delivers 1,100 lb/ft of torque. Hence, it is powerful enough to loosen the toughest balancers and bolts from your machines.

                  Thus, it is one of the most powerful that we tested while compiling this roundup.

                  It comes with an aluminum casing that keeps it relatively lightweight. At 7 pounds, it isn’t exactly lightweight, but it is portable enough to be carried around. Aside from using it in vehicles and the workshop, this model can also be used for more serious activities luke railway, ship, and heavy equipment repairs.

                  The downside of this model is that it is all brawn and no finesse. It doesn’t come with any extra features like an LED light or speed changing.

                  Nevertheless, the portable design, powerful reverse torque, and friendly price make this model a top option for any worker.

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                  9. BLACK+DECKER Impact Wrench

                  BLACK+DECKER Impact Wrench
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                    The next impact wrench on our list is from Black & Decker. The manufacturer has proudly made a good name with users down the years and retains a good standing due to their tools. This model, the BLACK+DECKER BDCI20C, is a highly versatile wrench and is also very affordable. It is one of the best cheapest impact wrenches on the market today.

                    We love the fact that it not only serves as an impact wrench, but it also doubles as an impact driver. Hence, you can fix screwdriver bits and wrench-style sockets to the chuck. Due to this dual design, you can use it for bolts and screws without plenty of fuss.

                    On the downside, the low price means that you will not enjoy all the extra features that come in more expensive models. For instance, it does not come with a brushless motor, variable speed control, safety features and more.

                    If you are looking for an impact wrench with a low price tag, then it is a good choice.

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                    10. Craftsman C3 Impact Wrench

                    Craftsman C3 Impact Wrench
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                      For users that desire plenty of power in an impact wrench, the Craftsman C3 is the perfect impact wrench. It comes with plenty of power that makes it a heavy-duty tool.

                      The motor can deliver up to 3000 RPM and 3000 IPM, which is almost unbeatable among the contenders in the roundup. Since it delivers such power, it is only logical to have it built like a tank. It is built with high-quality parts that ensure durability. As it is a powerful impact wrench, it needs to have plenty of battery power. Fortunately, the tool doesn’t disappoint in this regard. It comes with a Lithium-ion battery that is rated 4ah. Thus, you can work for extended periods without running out of power.

                      Although robust, it comes with a design that makes it comfortable to hold. It also has LED lights that can help you, especially in low light conditions.

                      Considering all this power, it is no surprise that the drawback of this model is the price.

                      However, if you seek power, and do not mind shelling out close to two hundred dollars, then you might find this just the right tool for your needs.

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                      11. AIRCAT 1150 Impact Wrench

                      AIRCAT 1150 Impact Wrench
                      market square

                        The Aircat 1150 is one of the best-selling impact wrenches on Amazon, which isn’t surprising considering how impressive the features are. It is an air impact wrench that delivers plenty of power. It offers 1300 lb/ft of torque, which is powerful enough to loosen the toughest bolts and 1400 IPM. Impressively, this high power is produced by a fairly quiet machine. During our testing, we observed that it only produces about 80 decibels, which is truly impressive.

                        It comes in a nice design as well, with an ergonomic handle that lets you hold it without squabbles or feeling fatigued in the arms. Air impact wrenches usually suffer from back pressure which in turn leads to loss of power. Thankfully, this model comes with an exhaust muffler technology that serves to let air through without the dreaded back pressure developing.

                        The downside of an otherwise perfect tool is that it cannot be used with a hose longer than 25 feet.

                        A powerful option, it takes a deserved spot on this list.

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                        Buying Guide

                        Best Impact Wrenches On The Market

                        There are so many options available on the market; therefore, you need a guide that can help you to select the best option. This section is the definitive guide you need.

                        What is an impact wrench?

                        Well, in simple terms, the impact wrench is a tool that is used to loosen or tighten screws or nuts. If you are not familiar with the tool, it is mostly found in automotive workshops. Fans of car racing will easily identify the impact wrench. Due to its high power, high-speed nature, it is used by the drivers’ team to near-instantly change the car tires.

                        Why buy an impact wrench?

                        There are several reasons to buy an impact wrench. It might be similar to electric drills, but for one, it does a more efficient job of loosening and tightening fasteners; even those with rust. Furthermore, they offer the user a higher degree of torque, are very portable, and less expensive than alternative power tools on the market. These are but some of the reasons why these tools are beloved all over the globe.

                        Features to consider when buying an impact wrench

                              1. Type

                        Impact wrenches come in three main categories. There are air-powered impact wrenches, electric impact wrenches, and battery-powered options.

                        Air-powered impact wrenches are powered by compressed air. Electric impact wrenches or corded impact wrenches are powered by electricity. The battery-powered options or cordless impact wrenches run on batteries.

                        The air-powered wrenches can be used for as long as possible since they do not require electricity to function. They come in small, compact sizes, but are very powerful. The drawback of this type of impact wrench is that it lacks adjustment mechanisms. Hence, they do not offer a great amount of control.

                        In most workshops and for most home mechanics, the cordless impact wrenches are very common. They are easy to carry around and use in the tightest of working spaces.

                              2. Grip

                        Impact wrenches are versatile tools that come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. However, the best impact wrenches, those that allow you flexibility and versatility comes with firm, ergonomic grips. Because of their shape, they are easy to hold and use. After using them, even for a long period, they do not cause fatigue in the hand or lead to aches.

                              3. Engine and Power

                        This is arguably the most important feature to consider. The motor or engine of the impact wrench must come with the correct amount of power that will help you do your work. To know how powerful the motor is, check out the RPM ( Revolution per minute) and IPM (Impact per minute) values. If the wrench has high values for both metrics, then rest assured that it will handle your task.

                        A brushless motor is mostly found in high-end models since they do not have any moving parts. However, you might find them even in mid-range models such as some of the models that we reviewed above.

                               4. Brand

                        A reputable brand is likely to offer you a product that meets your standards. These brands, since they have been around for a long time, can provide you with different designs and always update their products.

                        Although new brands are coming up, most of them still cannot compete in terms of quality, with what the older brands offer. Thus, if you want to be on the safe side, it might be smarter for you to choose a product that comes from a reputable brand.

                        Some of these reputable companies include Milwaukee, Dewalt, and Makita.

                              5. Weight and Size

                        You should choose an impact wrench that will meet your application needs and comfort level at the same time. The lighter the model is, the better, especially if you are at your work for some time. These lightweight options are easier to use and do not strain the wrists as much as heavier models on the market.


                        We realize that it can be hard to select the best impact wrench. We hope that you will use this review and buying guide to choose the best option. From our research, we select the DeWALT DCF899HB Impact Wrench Impact Wrench as the best impact wrench on the market. This cordless impact wrench comes with adjustable power, features like LED lighting, a compact design, and satisfactory power. It offers excellent value and will last for a long time.

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