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11 Best Jigsaws On The Market of 2021 – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

Best Jigsaws On The Market

While purchasing a jigsaw might seem like the right decision when delving into the woodwork, it is vital to have basic knowledge about this powerful tool. It will help you with deciding on a jigsaw that matches your exact needs and preferences.

There are little details here and there that differentiates one jigsaw from the other, and if you’re not well informed, you might make a mistake of getting one not suitable for the project at hand.

You’ll, of course, want your money’s worth when purchasing any power tool, especially one as important and crucial as the best jigsaw. Sincerely, taking a casual stroll through the market won’t just do. It may leave you more confused.

If you’ve been considering making a purchase, then you will find this article useful. The options out in the market are very much unlimited, and we wouldn’t want you to get lost in that maze. So join us as we explore these priceless products.

Bosch JS47OE Jigsaw
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Bosch JS47OE Jigsaw
  • CONVENIENT: Featuring a tool less blade change system and fast insertion with a blade ejection lever that eliminates need to touch hot saw blade
  • 4 in 1: 4 orbital action tool settings provide different blade strokes for smooth to aggressive cuts for taking on the toughest cutting tasks
  • CONTROL: Variable speed dial sets maximum speed and accelerator trigger controls operating speed; Features an ambidextrous lock on button for steadiness and user comfort

Best Jigsaw On The Market of 2021


1. Bosch JS47OE Jigsaw

Bosch JS47OE Jigsaw
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  • CONVENIENT: Featuring a tool less blade change system and fast insertion with a blade ejection lever that eliminates need to touch hot saw blade
  • 4 in 1: 4 orbital action tool settings provide different blade strokes for smooth to aggressive cuts for taking on the toughest cutting tasks
  • CONTROL: Variable speed dial sets maximum speed and accelerator trigger controls operating speed; Features an ambidextrous lock on button for steadiness and user comfort

Bosch introduces power tool with its JS47OE cordless top handle jigsaw; it’s one of the best and most popular ones in the market. The Bosch’s JS47OE jigsaw boasts of durability, precision, and quality.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve got some years’ experience up your sleeve or you’re just a newbie in the game. This Jigsaw can sure get the job done. The jigsaw features a powerful 7.0 Amp motor, making it possible to hit about 3100 strokes per minute.

Its variable speed dial gives you a convenient choice of managing and controlling its operating speed.  You can be downright sure that your jigsaw will be lasting for quite a long time as well, as it is made from die-cast aluminum and steel material.

Bosch’s jigsaw has a blade ejection lever that allows you to replace the blade easily. That alone is a crucial safety measure. More so, it also features a four orbital action setting for you to switch between smooth or aggressive cut easily.

While this might probably seem like the best bargain out there, one downside is it’s pretty expensive.  At least more than some other equally efficient jigsaws out there in the market. If budget constraint isn’t an issue, then you can be sure this is worth all the dime spent on it.

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2. Black Decker jigsaw

Black Decker jigsaw
market square
  • Curve Control technology which allows you to adjust the saw's orbit in 1 of 4 customized settings
  • 5 Amp variable-speed motor; up to 3,000 SPM of cutting power
  • Can make 45 degree bevel cuts; with adjustable shoe for stability

A more affordable option is the Black Decker jigsaw. Black Decker is well known for providing durable engineering tools for the handy-man.

This power tool right here is a good choice at an affordable price. You can still be very much confident of a straight and smooth cut. Also, due to its unique curve control technology, the saw’s orbit can easily be adjusted to any of the four customized settings available.

It features a 5 Amp variable-speed motor and has as much as 3,000 SPM cutting power. Asides that, the Black Deck Jigsaw comes fitted with a dust blower and a new and improved wire guard to enhance a more precise and accurate cut. It also features a keyless blade clamp as well to assist in a tool-free blade replacement.

Despite its strong points so far, it’s a lot noisier than most of the ones on this list. If you don’t mind the noise and how grating that might feel in the ears, then it’s an ideal budget option.

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3. Dewalt Bare-Tool Jigsaw

Dewalt Bare-Tool Jigsaw
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  • All-metal lever-action keyless blade change allows for quick and easy blade changes
  • All-metal keyless shoe bevel with detents at 0 degree, 15 degree, 30 degree and 45 degree provides versatility for easy bevel cutting
  • 4-position orbital action provides control of cut quality and speed

Unlike the other ones we’ve reviewed so far, this particular jigsaw by Dewalt comes in a cordless fashion. Now before you begin to think further, this is a plus for those who want easy maneuvering while cutting. With this jigsaw functionality, performance and convenience are perfectly combined.

An 18- volt battery powers this cordless Dewalt jigsaw. It functions at a high-speed range of 0-3000 strokes per minute (SPM) and can easily cut right through building materials such as plastics, solid wood, laminated surface, and nail embedded wood.

It features a metal keyless shoe bevel which detents at 0, 15, 30, and 45 degrees, and this provides room for an easy and quick bevel cutting.  Also, it comes fitted with an inbuilt dust blower

Its keyless lever-action blade clamp allows you to replace the blades without putting yourself at risk easily. It also features a four-position orbital action that lets you match the cut quality with your desired speed.

One particularly fantastic highlight is the fact that this product comes backed up by a 3-year limited warranty, a one-year free service contract that covers the replacement of worn-out parts, and a 90-day money-back guarantee.

Unfortunately, since it comes cordless, it will need batteries to function, and this particular jigsaw brand doesn’t come with its battery or charger. Meaning you might still incur extra expenses after the initial purchase.

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4. Makita Jigsaw Orbital/Straight Cut

Makita Jigsaw Orbital/Straight Cut
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  • Power tools and accessories
  • Country of manufacture: Romania
  • Manufacturer: Makita

This jigsaw by Makita comes with highly impressive features. Made from Romania, it features an ergonomically shaped rubberized handle for a firm and comfortable grip.

More so, this power tool comes with an inbuilt dust blower to clear wood particles while cutting and increase accuracy in the process. The motor, unlike some other models, features a three orbital setting and maintains a speed range of about 800 – 2800 SPM.

Also, the motor boasts of 40-percent less tool vibration and lower noise levels than competitive models. Also, you never have to worry about irregular lines while at it, this jigsaw maintains a consistent cut.

The 4350FCT has a 1-inch length of stroke, with a wood cutting capacity of 5-5/16 inches at 90° and a steel cutting capacity of 3/8 inches at 90°. Another particularly exciting feature is the inbuilt LED light; these particular features increase illumination and accuracy while working.

Its power boost is at 6.3 Amp, a little lower than that of Bosch’s, but an equally adequate one for most jobs. Although it doesn’t come with a blade ejector, it’s tool-free blade change technique is similarly a practical option.

A little downer for this product, though, is the fact that for left-handed persons, the lock button might be a bit hard to reach. If you’re not left-handed, then this shouldn’t pose an issue for you. But overall, it’s a good option for anyone involved in the construction.

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5. Makita 4329K Jigsaw

Makita 4329K Jigsaw
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  • Power Tools and Accessories
  • Imported from: China
  • Commercial Brand: Makita

This is another one of Makita’s power tools. Its motor stands at a size of 3.9 Amps. Although this is not powerful enough for professional construction, it’s the perfect companion for anyone looking into taking woodwork as a hobby, or anyone deciding to refurbish their home.

Despite its limitation in motor size, this jigsaw comes with several impressive features. For one, it comes with a die-cast aluminum base, which adjusts up to 45° both to the left and right. It also has a variable speed control dial of about 500-3100; this delivers optimal performance while cutting.

The jigsaw also features a counterweight balancing system. This helps to reduce vibrations while working. It’s ergonomically made, the rubberized handle also helps with providing a comfortable but firm grip.

This jigsaw has a three orbital setting and straight cut technique, a large trigger switch, a lock-on button, and a through the body dust port for dust management.

Unfortunately, unlike most of the others I’ve reviewed so far, the Makita 4329k jigsaw doesn’t come fitted with a blade ejector and would require you using a hex wrench when trying to replace the blades. Without much ado, this is the right choice, especially if DIY projects are your thing.

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6. PORTER-CABLE PC600 Jigsaw

market square
  • 6.0-Amp heavy-duty motor handles tough applications
  • Variable speeds from 0-3200 SPM provide optimal cutting for various applications
  • Keyless blade change makes blade replacements fast and easy

This is the go-to heavy-duty tool. Its place on the list does not in any way undermine its durability. This porter cable jigsaw, irrespective of its budget-friendly appeal, still speaks of top quality.

It offers optimal performance as it comes fitted with a 4-position orbital lever, as well as a 7-position speed dial, meaning you can easily adjust its switch to suit your required tempo.

As you may know, professional projects require at least a 5 Amp motor to function, while DIY projects require only about three to four Amp motor. The Porter-Cable jigsaw features a 6.0 Amp motor making it an ideal choice for professionals as well as hobbyists.

It’s four orbital settings provides optimal performance while cutting. It features a lock-on button for better control during extended use. Also, it runs at a high variable speed range of 0-3200 strokes per minute (SPM). The porter cable jigsaw also boasts of a tool-free blade ejector and bevel adjustment setting.

A downer when it comes to this product is its release mechanism, which tends to break easily. This is because it is made of rubberized plastic, as opposed to rubber or metal, which are more conventional options in the market.

For those searching through the market for a cost-effective yet functional jigsaw, Frankly, you have an answer in this one.

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7. DEWALT DW331K Jigsaw

DEWALT DW331K Jigsaw
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  • The product is 6A Top Handle Jig Saw
  • Easy to use
  • The product is manufactured in China

This particular jigsaw by Dewalt offers you optimal performance while working. It is powered by a 6.5 Amp motor making it able to cut into a variety of material types without strain. It features a keyless, blade ejector setting, and this helps you to replace the blades when the need arises.

It has a 4-position orbital setting. This feature allows you to manage both the cut quality as well as speed easily. It also comes fitted with a large rubber handle, which dampens vibration while cutting.

Its non-marring plastic shoe cover acts as a covering and shields its shiny cost against scratches from the shoe. Also, it’s counter-balance mechanism further reduces vibration, which can cause fatigue over time.

It delivers at a variable speed of 500 – 3,100 strokes per minute (SPM). It boasts of an all-metal gear case, which ensures its prolonged use. The bevel detents at angles 0°, 15°, 30°, and 45° with a dust blowing system; this alone maintains visibility of Pencil marks and cut lines.

Unfortunately, it might be a bit pricey, especially for those looking for budget-saving jigsaws

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8. Ryobi P523 jigsaw

Ryobi P523 jigsaw
market square
  • 4 ORBITAL SETTINGS: The higher the setting, the faster you can cut into wood. These higher settings are ideal for making straight cuts into lumber, with lower settings for making curves or cutting into metal
  • BUILT-IN DUST BLOWER: This feature on the tool will help you clear debris away as you work, giving you clear vision
  • LED LIGHTING gives you improved line-of-sight in poorly lit conditions

The Ryobi P523 jigsaw is one that boasts of the necessary features needed to carry out even the most complicated of operations. The Ryobi jigsaw is one powerful tool capable of cutting anything from wood to metal.

This is probably Ryobi’s 18V most powerful cordless saw. It can run up to 3000 SPM without much hassle.  Another exciting feature in this jigsaw is the lock system. With the Ryobi jigsaw, you can easily maintain a consistent cut without having to focus on pressing the trigger.

It also comes with a graphic indicating feature which helps you identify the four-speed setting and adjust them accordingly according to the project on the ground. The lower speed levels are for cutting curves, while the higher speed levels are for achieving straight cuts. Although this jigsaw is not compatible with U-shaped blades, you can easily use most t-shaped blades with it.

Also, since it is one of the Ryobi one + lineup, getting a Ryobi 18V battery will be a good idea. Part of the Ryobi 18V batteries include the P100 to P105 cells, as well as the P107 and P108 batteries. These are NiCad and lithium-ion.

As with most cordless models, batteries tend to increase the overall weight of the drill, making it heavier than corded models. Nevertheless, it doesn’t change the fact that this jigsaw works just correctly as it should. Getting the Ryobi jigsaw will provide you with durability coupled with efficiency.

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9. Milwaukee 2645-20Jigsaw

Milwaukee 2645-20Jigsaw
market square
  • The product is easy to use
  • The product is durable
  • The product is manufactured in China

The Milwaukee 2645-20 18 Volt M18 Jigsaw is one that works precisely for the purpose it was made. This cordless pick here offers you the opportunity to maneuver all you want while working.

This jigsaw is Milwaukee’s debut jigsaw. It is powered by a lithium-ion battery, an excellent choice for those interested in cordless saws.

It has a 5-Position orbital setting; this is more versatility than what most cordless saws can offer. It also allows the user to manage the cut type as well as speed.

For ease of change, the jigsaw features a tool-free shoe angle that allows you to accurately and easily adjust its shoe. The quick-lock blade clamp helps you to replace the blade easily.

Its downside is, this product does not come with a case, a battery, or a charger. If you don’t mind making all of these extra purchases yourself, then you’ve set yourself up for an excellent woodworking experience.

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10. Tacklife PJS02A jigsaw

Tacklife PJS02A jigsaw
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  • 【LED + Laser & Dust Extraction】Built-in laser guides your cutting line and LED light illuminates front area, ensuring increased visibility and precise cutting even in dim light; Clear sawdust by using the dust blower or connecting the dust port to a vacuum cleaner for clear sight of cutting line and neat working environment
  • 【3000 SPM Power& 6 Speed Settings】6.7 Amp pure copper motor generates up to 3000 SPM cutting power, delivering more powerful and efficient cutting performance; 6-position variable speed allows you to control the speed and accuracy of cuts and to tackle a variety of applications and materials with greater finesse
  • 【4-Position Orbital Action】0 to 3 customized orbital settings allows you to adapt the cutting motion to fit different type of cuts and materials; higher orbital setting for softer materials and faster cutting; lower orbital setting for harder materials and more precise cuts

This jigsaw can easily be described as a functional power tool. Due to its multifunctional nature, it is well suited for cutting right through a variety of materials. It can be used on materials such as plywood, PVC, solid hardwoods, metal sheets, etc.

It is appropriate for handling a variety of tasks such as plunge, straight, curved, and bevel cuts.  One advantage the cordless type jigsaw has over corded models is the ease of movement. With the 10 feet / 3 M long cord of this jigsaw, the limited mobility doesn’t have to be a problem anymore.

The Tacklife jigsaw can make cuts up to 45° both to the left and right side while maintaining a straight and consistent movement. It comes along with six blades on purchase. And so, you shouldn’t be scared of having to buy new blades until you’ve exhausted the useful life of the 6.

By the way, 2 out of the blades are suited for cutting metal and aluminum, while the other four are for cutting wood and plastic. The Tacklife jigsaw is powered by a 6.7 Amp motor and delivers up to 3000 SPM, making it ideal for both home and professional use. It also comes with an inbuilt LED lightning system for increased visibility while cutting.

This jigsaw, unfortunately, doesn’t come with an extended warranty period, and so you might be stuck with a spoilt saw if a mishap happens after the warranty period. Nevertheless, it matches up quite well with other excellent jigsaws out there.

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11. SKIL 6.0 Amp Orbital Action Laser Jigsaw

SKIL 6.0 Amp Orbital Action Laser Jigsaw
market square
  • Powerful 6.0 Amp motor
  • Built-in laser guide for accurate straight cuts
  • 4-position orbital cut control for fast or smooth cuts

Last on our list is the SKIL 4495-02 6.0 Amp Orbital Action Laser Jigsaw. This jigsaw boasts of optimal performance and accuracy.

It has a 4 – orbital setting, which allows you to adjust the saw to produce your desired cut. With this feature, you can easily change between fast and smooth cuts. It features an inbuilt laser light to guide you while you cut, ensuring that your lines are as precise and accurate as possible.

It also offers a stable foot design to provide you with more control so that there are no slips or errors. It is powered by a 6.0 Amp motor making it suitable for a wide range of projects.

Its variable speed trigger allows you to easily manage the speed while you work, ensuring that you get only your desired results. Its custom-molded tool rest design helps to prevent the blade from destroying the material when cutting. It comes along with two blades, one suited for cutting wood, and the other suited for cutting through metal.

Unfortunately, though, the inbuilt laser feature isn’t as active as the LED light function. But overall, it’s the right choice, and If excellent work tools are your thing, then you might find this a worthy option.

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Buying Guide- Things to Look Out for When Deciding on Your Ideal Jigsaw

best Jigsaw

While your options about the exact jigsaw to purchase narrows to our eleven best picks, it is still essential to know the features you will have to consider before deciding on an option.

Beyond knowing that there are cord and cordless type jigsaws in the market, or knowing that there’s something called a dust blower, you’ll need to pay mind to the following details:

1. Blade Type

It’s important to note what type of blade you’ll be working with. There are two main types of blade. There’s the T-shank and the U-shank. The more popular one is the T-shank. It allows you a quick and easy change, as opposed to the U-shank, which requires an extra tool to replace.

2. Purpose

Also, if your jigsaw has some key features, it should be able to cut more than wood. Jigsaws can cut through a wide variety of materials, including metals, mild steel, aluminum, nail embedded woods, non-iron pipes, etc.

In case you want to use your jigsaw for such purpose, all you need to do is change its blade to one suited for such purpose. Again remember, certain features must have been integrated into your jigsaw for you to be able to do this.

3. Motor Size / Power

Now, this is a major deciding factor, and it will determine if your jigsaw is suitable for standard professional construction or if it’s more suited for your DIY hobby attraction.

As you might already know, your jigsaw can either be a corded model or a cordless type. Cordless models are powered with batteries. This accounts for the different measurements of power for the corded and cordless type jigsaw.

Power for the corded jigsaw is measured in Amps, while that of the cordless models are in volts. The motor power of a regular jigsaw should range from 18-20 volts if it’s a cordless model or 4-7 Amps for the corded type.

4. Stroke Length

Another pretty important detail you’ll want to consider is the stroke length. This term refers to the extent the blade goes when a stroke is made. It’s different from most jigsaws, but increased length is preferable. For the average user, ⅝ inches should be just fine.

5. Speed

Different jigsaws in the market have their highlights and strong points. But one universal thing you’ll need to look out for when thinking of making a purchase is speed range. Your jigsaw will have a variation of speed levels, which you should be able to control. Getting a jigsaw with an increased speed range should assist in completing your project faster.

6. Tool-free change /Blade Ejector

For ease of change and replacement, you should get a jigsaw that features a blade ejector or one which uses a tool-less technique. This will prevent you from going through the rigor of manually trying to do so.

7. Vibration

You’ll want to look out for this. A jigsaw with a high vibration propensity will produce shabby cuts. To improve precision and accuracy in your cuts, a low vibration jigsaw will be a proper choice. While deciding on any option, make sure you can get one with a firm and comfortable grip and one that offers reduced vibration while you saw.

8. Versatility

This is quite as important as the others. Normally your jigsaw should be able to cut in both a curved and straight fashion. If your saw is poorly made, you might have problems making accurately and neat curved cuts.

9. Battery

This is an especially useful thing to note if you somehow decide to get a cordless model. Most times, cordless jigsaws come as “bare models.” What this means is, on the purchase, they do not come along with a battery. If they do, they come with standard cells that do not last as long as lithium batteries.

So, when taking that jigsaw off the shelf, ensure you pick a lithium battery along. Getting a battery, whether lithium or not, requires extra cost which your budget might not be prepared for.  If you have to spend a fortune getting a cordless model, ensure it’s what you need exactly.

10. Headlight / Guide Lights

Some jigsaws come fitted with an inbuilt lighting system. This feature/function improves illumination and helps you see what you’re working on as clearly as possible. By extension, it leads to a cleaner and neater cut. When deciding on a purchase, be on the lookout for affordable yet functional jigsaws.

11. Dust Port / Dust Collector

There’s usually a lot of dust while working. At times it is sawdust, other times it is wood shavings or particles. This can be a little frustrating, especially at those times when your pencil markings become non-existent.

A dust port or collector, as the name implies, will collect dust or wood particles while you work. Thereby removing excess dust from your work table, while at the same time keeping your working environment relatively clean. One thing this will achieve is greater accuracy and precision in results.


Now, you know the best jigsaws in the market, as well as basic things about this woodworking tool.

It might very well surprise you to know that the jigsaw isn’t such a complicated tool to operate. If you’ve just recently picked woodwork as a hobby, you should be able to find your way around without much stress. All you have to do is master the basics.

Mastering the foundation, such as changing the blades, selecting the appropriate blade type, plunge cutting, etc. should set you on a good path.

All of the jigsaws we’ve reviewed so far are some of the best in the market, but to streamline our pick to one, the Bosch JS47OE Jigsaw is a good choice.

This jigsaw has just about everything you’ll need in this power tool. Its features are premium and topnotch, and its results are excellent and clean. It truly is an unprecedented and unrivaled model which, when placed side by side, its competitors, will easily outdo them.

Irrespective of my choice, the other jigsaws on the list are a great pick. Depending on what you’re aiming for, they may prove to be better-suited options.

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