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11 Best Random Orbital Sanders On The Market of 2022

Best Random Orbital Sanders On The Market

Are you looking for a random orbital sander?

It can be difficult to understand different types of sanders, their uses, and varieties on the market. The market is filled with different sanders like belt sanders, orbital sanders, random orbital sanders multi-tool sanders and a lot more.

The head of a random orbital sander not only rotates on its own axis but also moves in an elliptical pattern. This ensures that the sander does not pass over the same area twice in a given rotation.

However, a random orbital sander is different from an orbital sander or any other sanders. Though used for all types of sanding works like stripping of paints and smoothening jobs, the random orbital sander has the added advantage of moving back and forth as compared to a regular sander.

As each of these tools has its own advantages and uses, it becomes important to know the correct area of application. We have compared different brands so that you can choose the best random orbital sander of your choice.

So, let’s have a look at different random orbital sanders and pick the best one among them.

 Best Random Orbital Sander On The Market of 2022


1. BLACK+DECKER Random Orbit Sander

BLACK+DECKER Random Orbit Sander
market square

    An ultra-affordable random orbit sander, the Black+Decker 5” sander has a premium built and offers excellent performance. Equipped with a 2-amp motor, the orbital sander is quite agile with a high rate of material removal. Though it is not the most powerful motor, it does a brilliant job efficiently even at low power.

    The Black+Decker sander has a constant speed and does not have variable speed control. However, this can be compensated with sandpapers of different grits to achieve a good finish. This gives the same result as that of a variable-controlled orbital sander.

    The device has an excellent plastic-rubber grip and palm rest area at the top. Also, it has anti-skid marks to prevent any slippage while working. And, the grip absorbs vibrations and the lightweight orbit sander offers good comfort too.

    Weighing only 3.2 lbs, the Black+Decker random orbital sander has a compact dust canister for collecting debris. The downside of such a small canister is that it is not suited for heavy-duty works, and requires connecting to a vacuum source.

    Apart from this, the sander has a hook and loop system to change and remove sandpapers. Overall, this random orbital sander is one of the most compact power tools in the market and an efficient one too.

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    2. Bosch ROS20VSC Palm Sander

    Bosch ROS20VSC Palm Sander
    market square

      Sanding can be a tedious task, and can often cause pain and fatigue in arms and neck. However, the Bosch ROS20VSC Palm Sander is a relief to work with, thanks to the minimum vibration it produces while operating.

      Bosch Palm Sander is capable of running at 7,500 to 12,000 OPM and provides a great finish to sanded surfaces. It has a variable speed dial placed conveniently near the palm so that you can easily change its speed while operating.

      Also, the ergonomic handle is large enough to handle a two-handed grip for high-pressure sanding activities.

      The sander has a hook and loop disc attachment like Velcro to connect the sandpaper. This enables easy replacement of sandpapers of different grits. Equipped with a 2.5-amp motor, the sander has a pad dampening system to eliminate swirl marks.

      The sanded debris is collected via a dust collection system that uses microfiltration technologies. Particles, as small as ½ micron, are also captured through this system, which are collected easily into a compact canister.

      However, the microfiltration unit is very delicate and requires content cleaning. Apart from this, the random orbital sander is one of the most effective tools in the market.

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      3. DEWALT Random Orbit Sander

      DEWALT Random Orbit Sander
      market square

        The 5” Dewalt DWE6423K random orbital sander has a 3-amp motor and can perform polishing and finishing tasks with ease.  The motor also has an air vent for good air circulation to prevent overheating.

        The 3-amp motor is capable of producing speeds between 8,000 and 12,000 OPM. With the variable speed control, you can adapt to different finishing jobs on the fly. Such flexibility makes this machine a versatile one to sand away materials of different densities easily.

        The Dewalt DWE6423K has a very ergonomic grip for comfortable holding positions. In addition, it has low vibrations as the unit is engineered to dampen the majority of the vibrations. A thin rubber layer, included between the motor and the 5” hook-and-loop sanding pad, reduces the vibrations effectively. This, in turn, works hand-in-hand with the ergonomically-shaped grip for long working hours.

        Weighing only 2.9 lbs. the Dewalt DWE6423K falls in the medium range category. It is neither the lightest nor the heaviest, but it does an excellent finishing job. In addition, the equipment is fairly maneuverable and has an excellent weight-to-performance ratio.

        The only downside with this particular sander seems to be the dust collector system that needs adaptors for connecting to a vacuum machine. For a medium-range orbital sander, this machine proves to be an excellent one as compared to others in the market.

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        4. Bosch  Electric Orbital Sander

        Bosch  Electric Orbital Sander
        market square

          The GET75-6N from Bosch Power Tools has a 6” disc sander and is available in two different modes of operation. Equipped with an ‘aggressive turbo mode’ along with the random orbit mode, the Bosch power tool stands out as a multi-purpose sander in the market. The turbo mode removes stock at a high rate from hard surfaces with ease.

          The sander has an ergonomic slim handle for firm grip and superior comfort; the auxiliary handle has two-positions for greater control. The unit also features a removal pad guard to prevent the sanding pad from scratching unwanted surfaces.

          The Bosch GET75 6N has a powerful 7.5-amp variable speed motor and can reach up to 3300 to 7300 OPM. However, with such a system, the rate of stock removed is quite high, and the passive dust collecting system on the Bosch does a relatively poor job. The system needs to be connected to a vacuum cleaner with special hoses, which needs to be purchased separately.

          The entire package comes with a sanding disc, soft backing pad, hex pad wrench, removable front handle, vacuum hose adapters, and the GET75 6N unit. In a nutshell, the Bosch orbital sander is a powerful tool meant for professional work.

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          5. Makita Random Orbit Sander

          Makita Random Orbit Sander
          market square

            The Makita’s 5” BO5041 random orbital sander is a machine suited for both professional works as well as DIY projects. Fitted with a high-speed 3-amp motor and an ergonomic design, the random orbital sander offers good performance and comfort during sanding operations.

            The Makita BO5041 has a front handle that offers better control during sanding work. The handle can be rotated around the housing to adjust with the direction and the speed dial can also place adjacent to it. Such positioning ensures speed changes while working and also offers a lock button and trigger switch for continuous operation mode.

            Though the system has a good dust collection system, the unit needs a bigger one for the stock removed from the surface. Compared to the amount of debris removed, the dust bag seems smaller and needs an external vacuum provision to remove all stock effectively.

            In a concluding note, the Makita BO5041 sander does not disappoint. Meant for all heavy-duty works, this unit performs at an incredible pace and finishes jobs rather quickly. If you want to sand hardwood floor, this unit is a good choice.

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            6. PORTER-CABLE Random Orbit Sander

            PORTER-CABLE Random Orbit Sander
            market square

              The Porter-Cable Random Orbit Sander has a 1.9-amp motor, one of the lowest power motors in the market. However, the 382-unit is capable of delivering a stunning 12,000 OPM under no-load conditions. This helps to maintain consistency and avoids swirl marks or dents on the finished surfaces.

              Apart from the ergonomically shaped handle, the 382 has a dual plane counter and a balanced fan that works to reduce vibrations. This reduces hand fatigue and people with carpal tunnel syndrome can also use it.

              With an all-ball bearing construction, the 382-unit has a robust construction and uses standard 5” sandpaper. Though the construction is robust, the unit only weighs 3 pounds, thereby making it an easy-to-use machine. Apart from this, the switch is dust-sealed to prevent the entry of any debris or dust particles. The switch, however, seems finicky and needs to be of better quality.

              Overall, the unit stands out in the market for its robust construction and smooth finishing capabilities. Compared to other units, the sander offers lesser power consumption too.

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              7. Milwaukee Electric Tools Random Orbit Sander

              Milwaukee Electric Tools Random Orbit Sander
              market square

                The M18 Random Orbital Sander from Milwaukee Electric Tools is a variable speed sander. Designed to last long, the power tool has a robust construction with premium metal and plastic finishes and uses a 5” sander pad.

                Capable of producing speeds between 7,000 and 12,000 OPM, the random orbital sander can be used to achieve an evenly polished surface. This power tool does come in handy for small to medium-sized carpentry jobs.

                Equipped with a 5Ah battery and dust box included, the M18 orbital sander weighs 4.3 pounds only. The design is vertical, compared to the corded versions in the market, and offers even weight distribution. However, it very difficult to remove the attachments and adapters and therefore, changing them can be a bit tedious.

                This power tool has a brushed motor and the battery claims to have a life of 3 hours and 35 min. However, this can be a variable factor as it depends on the type of sanding material. It also features a variable speed control for speed adjustments.

                The attached dust box does a good work of collecting debris and can accommodate a hose adapter from a regular vacuum cleaner. Overall, Milwaukee Random Orbit Sander is comfortable and has high performance with superb ergonomic features.

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                8. SKIL 5” Random Orbital Sander

                SKIL 5” Random Orbital Sander
                market square

                  The Skil 5” Sander has a powerful 2.8-amp motor capable of producing 13,000 OPM. Suitable for various sanding applications, the unit delivers ultra-smooth finishes in a very short amount of time.

                  Equipped with variable speed control, the Skil orbital sander has a controlled speed output suited for sanding different materials. Thanks to such control, the sander can be moved across tougher material for even sanding.

                  Engineered with an ergonomic soft rubber grip, the sander’s handle keeps your hand comfortable while working for long periods. Also, it offers a counterweight balance to reduce vibrations and keeps the overall working tone at the lowest fatigue levels.

                  The unit sports a dust collection system that uses high-pressure force to collect dust into an empty transparent container. However, the Skil 5” random orbital sander can only be used for light and medium scale jobs; heavy-duty jobs require a much more powerful sander.

                  However, the compact size makes this sander maneuverable and the dust-sealed switches remain protected from debris in working condition. Best for DIY projects, the Skil orbital sander can sand in tight spaces and deliver a premium finish to all surfaces.

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                  9. DEWALT 20V Max Brushless Orbital Sander

                  DEWALT 20V Max Brushless Orbital Sander
                  market square

                    Out of the handful, random orbital sanders in the market, very few can match the Dewalt DCW210B. The Dewalt is a cordless sander, weighing only 1.9 pounds, without any battery, and features a brushless motor. The power tool runs on a powerful 20V battery line and can achieve speeds between 8,000 and 12,000 OPM. You can buy a 5Ah lithium-ion battery and charger separately.

                    Equipped with a 5-inch sanding surface, the power tool features an 8-hole hook and loop replaceable sanding pad. Also, the device has a 7-speed variable control for speed adjustment to suit the material at hand.

                    The dust bag has a one-handed mechanism for secure attachment and can be replaced with regular vacuum connections for cleaning debris. However, the 1-1/4” connector is sold separately and incurs additional costs.

                    The rubber grip provides good comfort, and the low-profile design allows better precision for different surfaces. The only concern that this machine faces is the limited battery power and constant battery replacement during long working hours.

                    Other than this, the Dewalt random orbital sander is, undoubtedly, one of the best sanders in the market.

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                    10. TACKLIFE Orbital Sander

                    TACKLIFE Orbital Sander
                    market square

                      The Tacklife Random orbital sander is a precision power tool with an all-ball bearing construction. This reduces noise and vibration and makes it ideal for indoor work. However, the power tool cannot be used to sand thin walls as it blocks the dust collecting system.

                      However, the power tool is highly ergonomic, thanks to the rubberized palm grip designed for comfort and optimum performance. For easy operation, there is an ON/OFF switch at the top of the sander, which turns on naturally when pressed by the palm.

                      The impressive dust collection system is a compact box; however, the sander does an extremely good job of performing in tight spaces. The Tacklife random orbital sander comes with 12 5” discs, out of which 6 pieces come with 80 grits and the remaining ones with 180 grits. The sandpapers can be used to remove paint, sand wood, metal, and plastics.

                      Equipped with a 3-amp motor, the Tacklife random orbital sander can reach a top speed of 13,000 OPM. Available with 6-speed variable control, you can choose the right amount of speed for each operation quite effectively.

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                      11. PORTER-CABLE 20V MAX Random Orbital Sander

                      PORTER-CABLE 20V MAX Random Orbital Sander
                      market square

                        Presenting an efficient random orbital sander from Porter-Cable, the power tool comes with a good rubber grip for comfortable sanding.

                        The orbital sander also features a low profile for smooth and even sanding. This ensures a smooth finish and a shiny exterior post sanding. In addition to this, the power tool is cordless and works with a portable lithium-ion battery of 20V. However, you have to purchase batteries separately.

                        The power tool can accommodate a 5” sanding pad to sand large surfaces evenly. Apart from this, the random orbital sander has a detachable dust collection bag for easy collection of debris. It also has a 1-1/4” vacuum port for attaching a standard vacuum cleaners’ hose for dust suction.

                        One of the compact random orbital sanders in the market, this power tool can be your companion for professional uses for a long time. However, purchasing the batteries seems to be the only disadvantage as it incurs extra cost.

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                        How To Choose A Random Orbital Sander: A Buyer’s Guide

                        Random Orbital Sander

                        Choosing a random orbital sander needs a lot of research. It must cater to all your needs and at the same time, save energy and money. To pick out a good random orbital sander, we have laid out some of the features and criteria essential for making the prospective power tool your long-term companion.

                        A good random orbital sander must have the following characteristics:

                        Variable Speed

                        Choose an orbital sander with a variable speed adjustment. This ensures that the sanding speed can be adjusted to various jobs that come across as a challenge with different materials. For example, a veneered surface requires low speeds compared to a hard surface and having a variable speed control would be beneficial in such scenarios.

                        Moreover, a smooth finish is attributed to the controlled speeds; though it may add to some additional cost, it is still a worthwhile investment in the long run.

                        Quick changes

                        When the complexity of work increases, the need for quick tool changes comes in handy. In this case, changing sandpapers for different finishes must be quick.

                        Choosing a random orbital sander with a hook-and-loop arrangement makes it easy to change sandpapers while working. You can simply peel off a sanding paper and apply the next. Such an arrangement also allows reusing old sandpapers if not worn out completely.

                        Comfortable grip

                        Choose a random orbital sander with a comfortable grip. Finishing jobs are time-consuming, and often require good hand strength and grip size. Ensuring a proper grip would mean a good finish; also, users can choose according to their orientation, i.e. left-handed or right-handed grip. During long-standing sessions, such an arrangement helps to reduce vibration and fatigue in your hands.

                        Long cord and safety

                        A long cord often gives mobility to an orbital sander. This allows movement within a workplace and provides an accessible power source option. Apart from this, a sander needs to be tested for safety. Safety certification from the manufacturer often reinforces the brand’s commitment to safety and service quality.


                        Warranty is another important aspect just like safety. Power tools face numerous operational and technical problems in the long run. Having a warranty can reduce the cost involved in the wear and tear of the machines. Look for an orbital sander that has a good warranty period so as to make things easy in the future.

                        Easy cleanup

                        Sanding operations produce dust and debris. Having a clean-up option or setup on the machine can reduce the spreading of dust within the workplace.

                        Having a dust bag can help to deal with dust produced by the sander. Apart from this, the sander with vacuum hose connectors proves to be much more efficient in collecting dust. Choose an orbital sander with vacuum nozzles for easy clean up; a standard vacuum nozzle adapter allows you to attach your regular vacuum cleaner without extra expenditure.

                        Our pick of the day

                        We pick the BLACK+DECKER BDERO100 Random Orbit Sander as the best random orbital sander due to its efficiency. Moreover, it is quite affordable compared to other sanders in the market. Though compact and featuring a low ampere motor, the product proves to be very efficient for long-term use.

                        Stay tuned for our future reviews on new products. Do let us know in the comments, which random orbital sander you chose. We hope to have addressed all your doubts here with the buying guide and look forward to knowing your choice of sander.

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