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7 Best Robot Mops On the Market of 2022 – Mopping Robot Reviews


Ever imagined what it would be like to have a mechanical friend clean your floors? Wonder no more! Here we take a look at seven of the best robot mops available right here, right now.

And if reading our reviews leaves you uncertain which is the one for you, check out our buying guide. We’ll give you the low down on what you need to know to pick the best robot mop on the market for you.

The Best Robot Mop on the Market of 2022

1. Best Robot Mop and Vacuum Combo: Coredy R750

The competitively priced Robot R750 from Coredy has plenty to recommend it. It’s not just a robot vacuum, but also a mop.

It’s a stylish looking thing. Imagine an oversized ice hockey puck made from glass and you won’t go far wrong. And at just 2.77 inches tall, it will slip neatly under low standing furniture, seeking out dust and dirt.

It has a three-point cleaning system and dual-edge brushes. It works within boundary strips, the sensors detect the presence of the strips to keep the mop where you want it.

It will clean either hardwood floors or carpets. And it’s able to manage the transition between the two without breaking a sweat.

R750 uses the latest mopping technology to automatically control the water level, it’s good to keep the floor tidy.

Navigation is all-important with robot mops, and the R750 has learned from the experience of earlier models.

The sensors have been improved to avoid collisions, and there’s a pressure-sensitive soft bumper. This helps the mop respond when it encounters obstacles, without you needing to give it a helping hand. The sensors also cleverly avoid it falling downstairs.Best Robot Mop and Vacuum Combo

It may, however, struggle if you have large rooms. Without the boundary strips nearby to keep it on track, the mop can get confused. That can mean it misses cleaning parts of the floor.

When it’s finished cleaning, it will automatically return to its port and recharge, ready for the next use. When fully charged, the lithium-ion battery can keep going for an impressive two hours.

The package comes with a one-year warranty and 24-7 technical support at the end of the phone. And besides the mop, you’ll get four side brushes and two 6.6ft magnetic boundary strips and one main brush, an efficient filter and a cleaning brush. There’s also a remote control complete with batteries, a charging dock and an adapter.

R750 has many smart features as with more expensive robot mops on the market. You can control it to start cleaning at a particular time with Voice & App. It’s not as powerful as some of its rivals either – but on the plus side, it runs nice and quietly.

What We Like

  • Great at cleaning in tight spaces
  • Long-lasting battery delivers up to two hours of continuous cleaning
  • Moves smoothly over both hard floors and carpets

What We Don’t Like

  • Can struggle to navigate effectively in bigger rooms
  • Not as powerful as some other options

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2. Best Budget Robot Mop and Vacuum: ILIFE V5s Pro

Best Budget Robot Mop and Vacuum
market square

    If you’re looking for a robot mop from the market that doesn’t cost a fortune, consider the V5s Pro from ILIFE.

    Another neat, disc-shaped model, this is designed to work on hard floors only. While it won’t be an option if you have fitted carpets, there are compensations. The main one is that this will mop up wet spills as well as sweeping up dust and dirt.

    Your floor doesn’t need to be completely flat. It will roll smoothly over barriers up to 10mm high, and take slopes up to 15 degrees in its stride.

    There are sensors at the front to avoid bumps, and in case of unexpected obstacles, a bumper avoids mutual damage. There is also a whole suite of cliff sensors to prevent your beloved robot-mop taking a tumble downstairs.

    The low profile design will clean effectively under beds and chairs. And you’ll have a choice of no fewer than four different cleaning modes. Choose from auto clean, spot deep cleaning for problem areas and edge cleaning for walls. And you can schedule cleaning to get started at a pre-set time.Best Budget Robot Mop and Vacuum

    There are some restrictions to the features you can use while in mopping mode. You’ll be able to set the time to start sweeping, for example, but not to mop. And you’ll need to take the water tank out while the mop is charging.

    If you’ve got a palatial abode, you’ll be pleased by the generous battery time. On a full charge, the V5s Pro can keep running for 140 minutes non-stop.

    This doesn’t have the bells and whistles of more expensive models. It won’t connect to Wifi, and you won’t get reports on where and when it’s cleaned. Navigation isn’t as slick as with some of the other mops on this list either.

    But if you’re looking for a reliable option that mops as well as sweeps, this is well worth a look.

    What We Like

    • Will suck up liquid spills as well as sweeping up dust
    • Handles bumpy surfaces very effectively
    • Choice of four different cleaning modes

    What We Don’t Like

    • Navigation isn’t as slick as with some more expensive mops
    • Doesn’t connect to Wifi or produce cleaning reports

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    3. Best Budget Robot Mop: IiRobot Braava jet 240

    Best Budget Robot Mop
    market square

      The iRobot Braava Jet 240 bucks the design trend for robot mops by being a square rather than a round gadget. It looks a bit like an oversized smoke alarm.

      Get over the unusual appearance, though, and you’ll find a wide range of functions. As well as wet mopping, it will damp mop and sweep dry floors. It mops equally well on tiles, stone or hardwood surfaces, and it’s a great choice for bathrooms.

      If you’re looking for a versatile option, it’s definitely one to consider from the market.

      There are different cleaning pads depending on whether you’re wet or damp mopping or sweeping a dry floor. Just place your chosen pad on the bottom of the machine, and it will automatically select the right function.

      It doesn’t just pass over the floor either. In wet or damp mopping mode, the cleaning pad vibrates gently as it goes, scrubbing away dirt and stains.

      Although unusual, the square shape does have its advantages. It can get right into the corners of rooms, cleaning crevices other robot mops can struggle to reach.

      Another clever feature is the “virtual wall” mode built into the mop. This allows you to set boundaries between rooms without doors, keeping it within your desired area. And there’s a pad eject button, so you never have to touch a dirty cleaning pad.Best Budget Robot Mop

      So are there any issues to watch out for?

      Well, although we like Braava’s floor cleaning solution, there’s no option to use an alternative. The mop pads come pre-treated with the product. The pads are also prone to bunching up during use, which can affect the cleaning edge.

      The navigation isn’t as sophisticated as some machines either. But this is a well-priced mop for the range of features it offers.

      If you want a robot especially for hardwood floors cleaning, you can read your post: Best Robot Vacuum For Hardwood Floors

      What We Like

      • Good at cleaning edges and corners
      • Offers wet and damp mopping as well as dry sweeping
      • “Virtual wall” function stops it venturing into areas where it isn’t wanted

      What We Don’t Like

      • No option to use your own choice of floor cleaning solution
      • Navigation will struggle with complicated room layouts

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      4. Best Robot Mop: iRobot Braava Jet M6

      Best Robot Mop
      market square

        The second robot mop from Braava to make our list, the Jet M6 has several similarities to the Jet 240.

        They’re both squares instead of round, making them good at getting into corners. And they’re both designed to give the best results on hard floors.

        With the Jet M6, you’ll have to select either the “mop” or “sweep” function. The Jet 240, you’ll recall, identifies your chosen mode from your choice of cleaning pad.

        On the plus side, the simpler design of the Jet M6 means you’re not confined to Braava’s pads. You can use a variety of microfiber or other cloths, and choose your own cleaning solution too. A reusable dry sweeping and damp mopping cloth is included with the package.

        Unlike some other mops on the market, this one moves in sensible straight lines backward and forwards. This varies slightly when it’s in damp mop mode, with angular strokes to help lift dirt and stains.

        The movement is governed by a system called iAdapt 3.0. This uses navigation cubes to keep track of where the mop has been and where it needs to go next. If you want to extend the system to more rooms or larger spaces, just buy more cubes.Best Robot Mop

        The battery has a reasonable run time of between an hour and a half and two hours. The Jet M6 also comes with a smart charge system that will fully charge it in just a couple of hours.

        In other respects, though, the Jet 240 – the cheaper model – may just have the edge. The Jet M6 doesn’t spray as much water when it mops – it’s really a damp mop only model. But if that’s what you need, the faster charging time may make it the winner for you.

        What We Like

        • Smart home connection
        • Systematic back and forward cleaning pattern cleans every part of your floor
        • Can be used with a wide range of microfiber and cleaning cloths and solutions

        What We Don’t Like

        • Only offers damp, rather than wet mopping
        • No smart features

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        5. Best Smart Robot Mop and Vacuum Combo: Roborock S6 MaxV

        Best Smart Robot Mop and Vacuum Combo
        market square

          If you’re looking for broader functionality, check out the S6 MaxV from Roborock.

          It’s compatible with Android and Alexa, and it comes with its own app, Mi Home. This allows cleaning times to be scheduled, as well as storing maps of your home. It will allow different cleaning modes to be set in different zones, and you can even set 10 no-go areas and 10 no-mop areas.

          Choose from mopping or sweeping, with different modes for carpet, turbo, balanced and maximum suction. There’s even a quiet mode if you want the mop to do its stuff without disturbing your downtime.

          Navigation here is extremely effective. The technology can plan cleaning routes and schedules, and you can monitor progress and make adjustments in real-time.

          It will recharge itself when it’s finished cleaning, avoid falling downstairs and maneuver around any tricky barriers. We really love the systematic cleaning pattern, which gives confidence that the whole floor has been covered effectively.

          And as well as traveling smoothly over hard floors and carpets, the S6 MaxV will overcome obstacles up to 2cm high. The only limitation is a deep pile carpet, where it will struggle with the tall fibers.Best Smart Robot Mop and Vacuum Combo

          On lower pile, though, it works well. There’s a specialized mode for carpet that allows the mop to identify the construction and switch to the maximum suction to clean it. Once it leaves the carpet, it will revert to the previous setting.

          The 2500Pa suction is among the most powerful out there. Happily, though, there’s no compromise on battery life. This will run for a full two and a half hours on a full charge.

          This is an excellent robot mop on the market, but there are a couple of minor flaws.

          One is with the software, which occasionally returns an error message stating that the main brush is clogged. It’s not a big deal. The brush invariably isn’t clogged, and clicking on “resume cleaning” from the app will get it started again.

          The second is that it won’t get corners as clean as a crevice tool and a conventional vac would. But that feels like a small price to pay for the hours of your life you’ll get back.

          What We Like

          • Powerful 2500Pa suction
          • Excellent navigation and systematic cleaning pattern make sure every inch of your floor is cleaned
          • Its bags of smart features are compatible with both Android and Alexa

          What We Don’t Like

          • Not great at cleaning corners
          • The software occasionally returns an inaccurate error message

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          6. Best Robot Mop and Vacuum Combo for Pet Hair: ILIFE V8s

          Best Robot Mop and Vacuum for Large Space
          market square

            Another robot mop focused on hard floors, the V8s from ILIFE is particularly good at handling pet hair. If you share your home with a pampered puss or pooch, this one should make your shortlist.

            It will vacuum, sweep and damp mop, and you can choose from no fewer than six different modes. Choose from a random cleaning pattern or a more systematic pathway. There are three different speeds to drop water when mopping too.

            The V8s doesn’t have a mapping system. Instead, it simply divides the floor into a series of squares. Choose the “path” function and it will go back and forth, methodically cleaning them one by one.

            This does have its limitations. If you’ve got a complex floor layout, it will struggle. And you’ll need to clear the floor of cables or other obstacles before you get started, or they’ll stop it in its tracks.Best Robot Mop ilife

            There’s no wifi or fancy apps here. There is, though, a clear display on the mop that helps you through its features. It can be operated by either button on the unit or by remote control. And you can set it to clean at a specified time.

            It will return to its docking station and empty itself when it’s finished cleaning. And the waste bin is pretty generous. The three-quarters of a liter capacity will mean you don’t have to empty it every five minutes. The water tank is a good size too.

            As robot mops go, this is a simple design and it works well. The lightweight unit does, though, mean there’s not a lot of force behind the mopping. You may find stubborn stains get left behind.

            What We Like

            • Very effective at cleaning up pet hair
            • Three different speeds to dispense water makes for efficient mopping
            • The waste bin is big enough not to need to be emptied after every clean

            What We Don’t Like

            • Won’t cope with even small obstacles
            • The navigation won’t handle more complex floor plans

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            7. Best Robot Mop and Vacuum Combo for Large Space: bObsweep Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

            Best Robot Mop and Vacuum Combo
            market square

              The cheerful bObsweep mop comes in a shiny red finish, so you won’t miss it as it’s going about its work. It combines vacuuming and mopping functions and has some clever features.

              First up is the ability to schedule cleaning times. You can set different start times on a seven-day cycle. It’s easy to do with the buttons on the mop or by using the remote control.

              You can choose between sweeping and mopping, but sweeping is by far the more effective function. The mop doesn’t apply downward pressure, so it won’t clean trickier stains. And we’ve heard of some issues with the wheels slipping when the floor gets wet.

              You can use it on wooden floors, tiles or carpets (though of course, you can’t mop a carpet!). Watch out for rugs with fringes though. The brushes will get caught in them and interfere with cleaning.BObsweep-Robotic-Vacuum-Cleaner-With-Mop

              If you’re OCD about your cleaning pattern, this isn’t the mop for you. It doesn’t map the room and will wander around in a seemingly random pattern. It will keep going, though, until your floor is nice and clean. And if it’s missed a spot, you can direct it back there easily with the remote control.

              The battery will give you over an hour of runtime. When finished, the mop will take itself back to its base unit to recharge. Just watch out that it doesn’t get stuck under furniture. It will beep for help when that happens, and you’ll have to go and rescue it.

              A real bonus is the 1100 milliliter dust bag, which is one of the biggest we’ve found from the market. And this is a really quiet cleaner too. If you want to keep it running whilst watching TV or reading a book, it won’t disturb your peaceful moments.

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              What We Like

              • Good at picking up pet hair on hard floors
              • Large 1100 milliliter dust bag
              • Quiet operation

              What We Don’t Like

              • The mopping function isn’t the best
              • Prone to getting stuck under furniture

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              Best Robot Mop Buying Guide

              Feeling bemused by the different features? Not sure which is the right mop for you? Read on for our guide to making the best choice for your circumstances.

              Mopping or sweeping?


              Robot mops are clever gadgets, but their approach to cleaning modes differs widely. Some offer a straightforward choice of mopping or sweeping. Others offer damp and wet mops.

              In many cases, one or other of the functions perform best. It’s usually the sweeping that’s more reliable. Mopping issues range from wheels skidding on wet floors (bObsweep) to mops that spray measly amounts of water (Braava Jet M6).

              If you’re looking for a robot primarily to vacuum, most models will do a reasonable job. But if you’re looking for regular mopping, you’ll need to be more choosy in the market. The Braava 240 Jet is a good, basic option, while the Roborock S6 MaxV offers a range of suction options.

              How smart do you need your robot mop to be?

              Simple robot mops respond to programs selected by button or remote control. They don’t map the area they’re working in, and they don’t learn about obstacles in their surroundings.

              That’s fine if you want a gadget that can be cleaning the floor while you’re doing other things at home. You can respond to its cries for help, disentangle it from cables and free it from beneath furniture. But if you want to go out and about and return to a clean house, you’ll need something more sophisticated.

              That goes double if you have a complicated floorplan. Look for options that map out the space to keep your mop working effectively with minimal human intervention.

              What are the physical features of the space you want to clean?

              Do you have hard floors and carpets? Are there ridges between them that you’ll need your mop to traverse? What about trailing cables or other small obstacles? Are there any steps for an unwary robot mop to tumble down?

              The most basic thing to check is the surface your mop is designed to work on. Some will cope with both hard floors and carpets. Others are designed only for hard floors.

              They also vary in how effectively they can handle obstacles. Some have larger wheels and self-righting mechanisms that keep them trundling over barriers up to a couple of centimeters high. Others will stop dead if they’re not on a flat surface.

              And if you have any stairs, look out for models with sensors to stop them plunging off the edge. You don’t want to invest in an expensive robot mop to find it in pieces after its first outing.

              YouTube video


              Time to mop!

              That brings us to the end of our guide to some of the best robot mops on the market out there. We hope it’s given you a clearer idea of the features to look for when you go shopping.

              Our top pick is the Coredy R750 Robot Vacuum Cleaner. It handles hard floors and carpets with ease, fits neatly into tight corners, and has great battery life.

              If you’re on a budget, the iRobot Braava jet 240 offers excellent cleaning with four different modes. And if you’re looking for a top-of-the-range option, the Roborock S6 MaxV has amazing suction and a host of clever features.

              Whichever option you choose, we hope your new robot pal is soon working hard to give you perfectly clean floors!

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