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7 Best Robot Vacuums for Hardwood Floor 2022 – Roomba, Ecovacs, Neato and More

Robot vacuums may once have been something of a gimmick, but modern versions are now viable tools that really can help you with your housework, freeing up time for you to spend doing other things.

If you want a mechanical assistant to help take care of your hard surfaces, here are our picks for best robot vacuum for hardwood floors from the market to help you make up your mind which one to go for.

Best Robot Vacuum For Hardwood Floor On the Market of 2022

1. Best Overall: ECOVACS DEEBOT N79S Robot Vacuum

Robot Vacuum For Hardwood Floor ECOVACS
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    This robot vacuum from Ecovacs incorporates two side brushes and a main brush to ensure it picks up the maximum amount of dust and dirt as it cleans.

    It includes three cleaning modes. Auto mode is for general cleaning, and in this mode, it will set about cleaning your whole floor. Spot mode is for cleaning one particular area more intensively, while Edge mode is used for cleaning along edges.

    It also has a Max Power setting that doubles the power, allowing it to deal with especially dirty areas.

    It is suitable for multiple surfaces, easily transitioning between carpets and hard surfaces, or vice versa. It is compatible with both Google Assistant and Amazon’s Alexa, meaning you can control it from your smartphone or by voice command for ease of use.

    It also boasts good battery life and can clean for up to 110 minutes before needing to recharge. When the battery starts to run low, the unit returns to its dock automatically to recharge.ECOVACS-DEEBOT-N79S-robot-vacuum-cleaner-for-hardwood-floor

    On the downside, this unit cleans in a random pattern rather than using virtual mapping. However, this is understandable at this price point, and you have to be prepared to pay more for more advanced technology.

    Also, sometimes it can have a little trouble finding its way home. Occasionally, it can get stuck behind chairs or in another room, and you may need to help it return to the dock.

    However, despite these minor issues, this robot vac performs very well for a model in its category. If you are looking for an effective robot vacuum on the market but don’t have the budget for a top-end model, this more affordable unit could be well worth investigating.

    What We Like

    • Suitable for multiple surfaces – transitions effortlessly between surface types
    • Compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa – control via app or voice command
    • 3 cleaning modes – Auto, Spot and Edge
    • Max Power mode – for dealing with extra-dirty areas
    • Good run time – cleans for up to 110 minutes

    What We Don’t Like

    • Follows random cleaning pattern – no virtual mapping capability
    • Can get “stuck” – might need help finding its way home
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    2. Best Budget: ILife A4s Robot Vacuum For Hardwood Floor

    Robot Vacuum For Hardwood Floor ILIFE
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      If you want the convenience of a robot vacuum on the market but you don’t want to spend any more than necessary to get your hands on one, this budget-friendly option from ILIFE could be just the solution you’re looking for.

      It is suitable for just about any type of floor surface and has no problem transitioning from one type to another, adjusting automatically to the surface it is cleaning.

      It boasts smart sensors that allow it to avoid dropping off edges or falling downstairs while also helping to protect your furniture from bumps.

      One big positive is the excellent battery life – this unit can run for around 120-140 minutes without stopping. When the battery does begin to get low, it then returns to its dock automatically to recharge before setting off again.ILIFE-A4s-robot-vacuum-for-hardwood-floors-review

      If features a low-profile design – at only 2.8” in height, it can easily pass under furniture, cleaning places you might miss when using a traditional vacuum.

      We also like how quietly it runs. Even if you set it to clean while you are at home, you will hardly notice it’s there.

      On the downside, it doesn’t perform well on very dark surfaces since they can confuse the sensors. Also, it doesn’t much like rugs, so if you have rugs at home, you might be better off moving them out of the way while it cleans.

      Overall, a great option for anyone who likes the idea of owning a robot vacuum to help with the housework but who baulks at the thought of paying for one of the more advanced models. As an affordable alternative, this model comes highly recommended.

      What We Like

      • Adjusts to floor type – works well on hard floors as well as carpets
      • Runs for longer – battery life lasts for around 120-140 minutes
      • Smart sensors – helps it avoid dropping over edges or damaging furniture
      • Low profile – at only 2.8” in height, it cleans easily under furniture
      • Quiet operation – won’t disturb you while it works

      What We Don’t Like

      • Doesn’t perform well on very dark floors – confuses the sensors
      • Not good on rugs – better off moving rugs while it works

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      3. Best Upgrade: IRobot Roomba I7+ Robotic Vacuum

      Robot Vacuum For Hardwood Floor IROBOT
      market square

        For those who prefer to buy the very best products available, this Roomba from iRobot should be of interest.

        One of the biggest problems with almost every robot vacuum that has ever existed is that, due to their small size, they need to be manually emptied regularly, even as often as every day or two.

        However, with this model, this problem has been solved since it empties itself each time it returns to the dock, meaning you only have to worry about emptying the dock every 30 to 60 days, depending on the cleaning schedule and amount of dirt the vac picks up.

        As one of the most advanced robot vacuums available on the market, this model also boasts an intelligent mapping capability that lets it learn the layout of your home and remember where it has cleaned. This makes it far more efficient than models that follow a random cleaning pattern.iRobot-Roomba-i7-vacuum-for-hardwood-floor

        It is also suitable for any surface, automatically adapting its height to the surface it is cleaning – making it an ideal option for hardwood floors.

        It boasts a three-stage filtration system that traps dust particles and allergens inside, helping to improve air quality and reduce allergic reactions. The dust bag in the dock also features Allergen Lock technology to keep allergens locked away safely inside.

        However, for some people, the fact that this vacuum uses bags at all could be seen as a negative. Bagged vacs are more wasteful than bagless vacuums, and you will have to continue buying replacements, adding to the cost of running the Roomba in the long run.

        Speaking of cost, another issue is the price since this is one of the most expensive robot vacuums on the market. While you have to expect to pay more for quality, the high price tag might put this vacuum out of reach for some households.

        All in all, this is an exceptional unit that does a great job of keeping your floors clean – and thanks to the self-emptying feature, you hardly ever need to think about it.

        If you are willing to pay this much money, this robot vac could be a great way to reduce the time you spend doing housework.

        What We Like

        • Empties itself at the dock – doesn’t need to be emptied manually
        • 3-stage filtration – traps dust particles and allergens inside
        • Intelligent mapping – knows your home and knows where to clean
        • Works on most surfaces – detects surface and automatically adjusts height
        • Includes sensors and padding – designed to avoid drops and protect furniture

        What We Don’t Like

        • Uses disposable bags – need to buy replacements
        • Very expensive – although this is a top-end piece of equipment

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        4. Best Deep Clean: Neato Botvac D4 Robot Vacuum

        Robot Vacuum For Hardwood Floor NEATO
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          If you want a robot vacuum with mapping capability but think the Roomba above is a little out of your price range, this unit from Neato could be a possible alternative.

          It also creates a virtual map of your home and the areas it needs to clean, allowing it to work much more efficiently than robot vacuums that just follow a random pattern.

          Another useful feature with this model is the ability to designate virtual no-go lines. This allows you to set up areas where you don’t want it to go without the need to lay down unsightly magnetic strips – as you do with some less expensive versions.

          Something else you will instantly notice about this model is its unusual shape. Most robot vacuums on the market are round, but this one is D-shaped. This is to allow it to clean more effectively in corners, meaning it won’t miss a spot.Neato-D4-Robotic-Vacuum-for-hardwood-floor

          It is designed to work well on any surface, including hardwood floors, and it’s also good with pet hair, making it a good option if you share your home with animals.

          One drawback is the noise it makes since it’s not the quietest option available. That said, it’s not excessively loud either, and many people probably won’t mind.

          Another issue is that the dirt bin is on the small side, meaning it will have to be emptied more often than with other options.

          To summarize, this is a solid option for anyone who wants a robot vacuum with a virtual mapping capability but who doesn’t want to pay for one of the most expensive models available. This is a more affordable unit and performs well for something at this price point.

          What We Like

          • Innovative D-shaped design – more effective at cleaning in corners
          • Intelligent mapping – cleans more efficiently than robots cleaning randomly
          • Suitable for multiple surfaces – including hardwood floors and more
          • Good for pet hair – effective solution for keeping your home fur-free
          • Virtual no-go lines – can tell the vac where not to go

          What We Don’t Like

          • Noisy operation – not the quietest option available
          • Small dirt bin – needs to be emptied often

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          5. Best Quiet: Amarey Robot Vacuum

          Robot Vacuum For Hardwood Floor AMAREY
          market square

            This unit from Amarey is another robot vacuum at the more affordable end of the price range. It boasts respectable battery life and can run for around 100 minutes on a single charge. When the battery gets low, it returns “home” automatically to recharge.

            It delivers powerful suction and is more than a match for most dirt, dust, and animal hair that it meets. Despite this, it still runs relatively quietly, with noise levels remaining below around 58dB, making it a good choice if you are sensitive to excessive noise.

            It is a versatile unit, boasting four different operation modes. For general cleaning, you can set it to Auto, and it will clean everywhere. However, you also have the option of setting it to Spot, Edge or Max modes for more specific vacuuming tasks.

            Another thing we like about this unit is its very low profile. At only 2.7” in height, it can easily clean underneath furniture such as couches and beds, places you might not think to clean with a traditional vacuum cleaner.

            One downside is that this vacuum is not compatible with Google Assistant or Amazon’s Alexa. It can only be controlled by remote. If you prefer to control your devices from your smartphone or by voice command, this is probably not the best pick.

            Robot Vacuum For Hardwood Floor AMAREY

            Also, the level of programming is limited. You can only tell it what time of day to start, but you can’t tell it which days to vacuum, for example.

            However, if you are happy to control your vacuum using the remote instead of your phone, then this is a reliable machine that also represents great value for money. A recommended no-frills option for hardwood floors or other surfaces.

            What We Like

            • Long battery life – runs for around 100 minutes on one charge
            • Powerful suction – enough to pick up any dirt, dust and animal hair
            • Quiet operation – under 58dB
            • 4 operation modes – Auto, Edge, Spot and Max
            • Very low profile – only 2.7” in height

            What We Don’t Like

            • Not compatible with Alexa or Google – controlled by remote only
            • Limited programming capability – time of day only

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            6. Best High-End: Shark – ION 750 App-Controlled Robot Vacuum

            Robot Vacuum For Hardwood Floor SHARK
            market square

              Shark is a well-known brand in the world of traditional manual vacuum cleaners on the market, and the company has now turned its experience and know-how to developing robot vacuums too.

              It features dual spinning side brushes that sweep up everything in its path, ensuring all dirt and dust is collected. It also incorporates a self-cleaning brush roll, meaning you will have to spend less time untangling hair yourself.

              It cleans in a random pattern, but it features smart sensors that help it avoid obstacles and navigate around your home with ease.

              It is also easy to empty – when it gets full, you simply pull out the dirt tray, tip away from the waste, slip it back in and the vac is ready to go again.

              Robot Vacuum For Hardwood Floor SHARK

              On the downside, at only around an hour, the battery life is a little shorter than some other models. However, since it recharges automatically, this is not such a big deal.

              One thing that some people might not like is the fact that you mark off no-go areas with magnetic strips. These might be considered ugly and unwelcome in some homes.

              In sum, a solid unit from a well-known brand and one that sells for a very reasonable price. If you are looking for an affordable robot vacuum, this is another that should be on your list of possibilities.

              What We Like

              • Self-cleaning brush roll – requires much less detangling
              • Smart sensors – helps it navigate and avoid obstacles
              • Compatible with Alexa – can be controlled by voice command
              • Easy to empty – simply pull out the tray and tip away waste
              • Dual spinning side brushes – ensures more dirt and dust are sucked upon each pass

              What We Don’t Like

              • Relatively short battery life – only about 1 hour per charge
              • Uses magnetic strips to mark off areas – some people may find these ugly

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              7. Best Dirt Detective: IRobot Roomba 880 Robot Vacuum

              Robot Vacuum For Hardwood Floor Roomba
              market square

                Roombas were one of the original robot vacuums and many people still consider them the best. If you want to own a Roomba but don’t want the all-singing, all-dancing top-end model we looked at above, this could be another option.

                It features multi-room navigation and can clean up to three rooms. Its AeroForce technology also delivers up to five times more suction than some other robot vacuums on the market.

                If includes a tangle-free extractor to reduce blockages caused by hair, and it also incorporates a high-efficiency filter to help remove allergens from the environment.

                On the downside, it isn’t compatible with Google Assistant or Alexa, so it can’t be controlled by app or via voice command.

                Robot Vacuum For Hardwood Floor IROBOT

                Also, it’s a bit noisier than you might hope – but you can always program it to clean while you’re not at home.

                In sum, a simpler option from leading brand iRobot that is ideal for hardwood floors as well as homes with mixed surfaces. If you want a Roomba but are happy with a simpler version, this model could be worth investigating further.

                What We Like

                • Extra-powerful suction – up to 5x more power than some other models
                • Multi-room navigation – can clean up to 3 rooms
                • Tangle-free extractors – reduces blockages due to hair
                • High-efficiency filter – helps trap dust and allergens inside
                • Ideal for mixed surfaces – cleans hardwood floors as well as carpets and more

                What We Don’t Like

                • Noisy machine – not the quietest option available
                • Not compatible with Google Assistant or Alexa – no app or voice control

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                Best Robot Vacuum For Hardwood Floor Buying Guide

                Best Robot Vacuum For Hardwood Floor


                If you want to buy a hardwood floor for hardwood floors, you will probably be wondering about what to look for when choosing. Let’s think about the most important points now.

                Suitability for hardwood floors and other surfaces

                Most robot vacuums on the market are suitable for use on multiple surfaces, including hardwood floors. If you only have hardwood floors in your home, there are few models that won’t do the job.

                However, if you have a combination of hardwood floors and other surfaces, you need to check how well a robot vac can transition between different types of surface.

                Also, if you have hardwood floors with rugs, some robot vacuums will have trouble moving between these surfaces, so this is something to consider too.

                Finally, many robot vacuums have trouble operating on very dark surfaces since it confuses their sensors. If you have dark hardwood floors, you should choose a robot vacuum that will still be able to function.

                If you want to mop your hardwood floors, you can read our post: Best Robot Mops On The Market

                Cleaning ability

                You should also pay attention to how well a robot vacuum can clean because not all perform to the same levels.

                Look at how strong the suction power is but also check to see if there are side brushes that guide dirt and dust into the center to be picked up more effectively.

                Virtual mappingbest roomba for hardwood floor

                With robot vacuums, one thing that marks out the top-end models from the less expensive options is virtual mapping.

                More affordable robot vacs clean by following a random pattern, simply traveling in a straight line until they hit something and then changing direction before setting off again. Given enough time, they will cover the whole of your floor, but they don’t follow a set plan.

                However, when you step up to the more advanced models, you find technology that allows the robot to create a virtual map of the room. This way, it knows where it has been and where it needs to go to finish cleaning.

                This is a far more efficient system – but this kind of tech also costs a lot more.

                Smartphone control and Alexa compatibility

                Most robot vacuums on the market can now be controlled via a smartphone app and are compatible with Google Assistant. Many also work with Amazon’s Alexa, allowing you to control them by voice command.

                Some of the more advanced versions will give you cleaning reports that you can access from your phone, and you may be able to start a vacuuming cycle through your phone, even if you are not at home.

                However, some of the more basic models are simply operated by a dedicated remote control. If you think you would prefer to able to control your vac via app or voice control, make sure it has this ability.

                Battery life

                Battery life is important. Most robot vacuums on the market nowadays will work for around 100 minutes on a single charge. After that, they automatically return to their dock to recharge.

                If a vacuum can work for longer off a single charge, it will do a more thorough job of cleaning, so this is preferable.


                A good filtration system traps dust, microparticles and allergens inside, improving the quality of the air. If you have pets or otherwise suffer from dust allergies, this could be an important point to note.

                Many great options to choose from

                As you can see, there are many great options to choose from, each of them a viable tool to help keep your robot vacuums looking spotless.

                If you have decided to invest in a robot vacuum but don’t know which one to go for, any of our top picks would be a great place to start your search.

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