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25 Best Shark Vacuums 2022 – Shark Vacuum Comparison


Ever wondered why Shark vacuums are so popular with homeowners? These cleaners offer exactly what a modern user wants from their vacuum: a cleaning device which is as powerful as it is easy to use. Also, since they last for ages, Shark vacuums also check the box of durability.

Furthermore, whether you have carpets or bare floors in your home, you’d find that the best Shark vacuums are effective on both. Also, while these models have a higher upfront cost, their bagless design means that down the road you won’t have to pay much in maintenance costs.

With these facts in mind, let’s try and find the best Shark vacuum on the market for you.

The Best Shark Vacuum on the market of 2022

1. Shark NV501 – Best Shark Upright Vacuum


The Shark upright vacuums provide a wider cleaning path, allow easy storage and allow effortless transition between bare floors and carpets. Moreover, by not requiring you to bend your back while cleaning, these models make your cleaning experience painless.

 Weight (Lbs)WattageDust capacity (L)Length of cord (ft.)


Shark NV501 (Best)

Shark NV356E13.712002.4230


Shark Apex AZ1002

Shark ZU56113.48000.9925


The Shark NV501 is one of those rare vacuums which offer 3-in-1 functionality. While the vacuum is shipped as an upright, you can ‘Lift-Away’ its canister to easily stairs and upholstery – or you can just place the canister on a caddy when you’re about to embark on a longer vacuuming session.

Provided you intend to use it as an upright model, the swivel steering of the NV501 would allow you to effortlessly maneuver it around obstacles and low-lying furniture. Its dust capacity of 0.775 gallons, meanwhile, will allow you to vacuum more and empty the dirt bin less.

Furthermore, you can adjust the suction power of this model according to your needs. It also provides a ‘Never Loses Suction’ feature which, in turn, relies on cyclonic technology to prevent any dirt and debris from reaching and clogging the vacuum’s HEPA filter.

On top of that, the NV501 offers a great set of accessories. Its package includes three tools (crevice, upholstery, and multi-tool) three brushes (dusting, powered pet, and multi-angle) and a canister-carrying caddy.

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2. Shark NV752 TruePet – Best Shark Vacuum for Pet Hair


It doesn’t matter how many claims they might make; ordinary vacuums are simply unable to pick up pet hair. What you need, instead, is a model with above-average suction and HEPA filter. Though, as the below-mentioned models will make it clear, there are other features that come equally handy.


Weight(Lbs)TypeFilterPet-hair Specific attachment

Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology

Shark NV752 TruePet (Best)



Shark Pet-Perfect II SV780



As has become a given with most Shark vacuums on the market, the NV752 comes with ‘Lift-Away’ technology, which allows you to convert this model – which is shipped as an upright – into a canister, while also letting you use its bare floor tool while doing so.

While you can use it on almost all types of floors, the Shark TruePet reserves its best performance for carpet, bare floors and upholstery. Apart from having low-pile and high-pile settings for carpets, the main motorized tool of this model, with its soft bristles, help remove ground-in dirt.

Conversely, if you intend to remove pet hair from upholstery, the pet hair attachment of this unit will come handy. Or if your furry friend has left their signs on a bare floor surface, the Main Floor tool and Hard-floor Genie attachment of this vacuum will let you take care of them.

Lastly, if you weren’t convinced by now, the presence of HEPA filtration inside this vacuum should sway your opinion in favor of this powerhouse. With pet hair being one of the biggest causes of allergies, the HEPA system would separate allergens from dirt and dander, thereby protecting your household.

If you are bothered by pet hair, you can read our post: Best Shark Vacuum For Pet Hair On The Market

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3. Shark NV803 – Best Shark DuoClean Vacuum


Shark’s DuoClean technology offers a bristle brush to deep clean carpets and a soft brush roll to give your hard floors a polished, sleek look. If that’s something you think is worth having, then the NV803 promises to be an appetizing option.

 Weight (lbs)TypeFilterCord length (ft.)Bin capacity
Shark NV803 (Best)14.5UprightHEPA301L
Shark Rocket DuoClean HV3829.9StickWashable301L


What sets the Shark NV803 apart is its DuoClean head which has a soft brush roll to tenderly clean hard floors and also has a bristle brush to deep clean carpets. You also get a worth-having combination of a lightweight upright plus a detachable canister with a powered brush roll.

It’s suction control collar lets you decrease the suction of this model when vacuuming delicate areas, such as upholstery items. You can use its Pet Power Brush to clean smaller areas including car interiors, stairs, upholstery and under furniture.

To make sure your air remains clean while using this vacuum, its built-in HEPA filter filters out allergic particles from dirt. A swivel steering lets you easily maneuver it around obstacles whereas fingertip controls let you turn on/off the brush roll without bending down.

As for its included headlights, they let you detect minuscule dirt and dust along the way, while also helping you bypass items which you might not want to vacuum. Other than that, this model has an 11.9’’ cleaning path and its dust bin has a capacity of 0.9 dry quarts.

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4. Shark Lift-Away NV356E – Best Shark Navigator Vacuum


Shark vacuums that come with the Navigator technology are built for effortless maneuvering across both the carpets as well as hardwoods and bare floors. Consequently, these vacuums are a cinch to move around.


Weight (Lbs)brush rollDust capacity (dry quart)Length of cord (ft.)


Shark Lift-Away NV356E


Shark Navigator Deluxe NV4214.8Yes325


Shark Navigator Lift-Away Deluxe NV36013No1.225


Shark Navigator Upright NV35212.5Yes0.9925


As is the case with most Shark Vacuums on the market, the Lift-Away NV356E offers a combination of upright along with a detachable canister vacuum. Its “Never Loses Suction” technology provides this model with consistent suction power on all types of floors.

To ensure that you aren’t breathing in dirt or allergens, its Anti-Allergen Complete Seal technology, and lifetime HEPA filter capture 99.99% of pollutants inside the vacuum. Also provided are smooth-gliding wheels and a swivel steering to let you easily maneuver this vacuum.

What is more, you also get a brush roll which you can turn on/off for carpet and bare floor cleaning. As for the collar around its handle, you can turn it to control the suction power of this vacuum – an important feature to have since it lets you decrease the model’s suction power when vacuuming delicate rugs.

Furthermore, if you think that the brush roll’s performance on bare floors is below par, you can attach the bare-floor specific tool which this model provides in its package. Also included are microfiber pads for cleaning delicate items and a super-stretch hose to clean high-lying areas.

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5. Shark Navigator Freestyle SV1106 – Best Shark Cordless Vacuum


Although it hasn’t followed the lead of Dyson to abandon making corded models, Ninja Shark has introduced some cutting edge technologies in its cordless lineup, which have made its vacuums as powerful as Shark’s corded vacuums.


Weight (Lbs)TypeBattery timing (minutes)Charging time (hours)

Bin capacity (L)

Shark Navigator Freestyle SV1106 (Best)



Shark IonFlex IF2518.7Stick234


Shark Ion F80




One feature of this model which we particularly found interesting is its foot-switch, using which you can turn on the machine without having to bend down. It also contains two settings to let you choose between the bare floor and carpet modes.

Furthermore, thanks to the presence of a motorized brush, the cleaning head is great at vacuuming pet hair and deep-embedded dirt. You also get a swiveling action from this machine to maneuver it easily, whereas its rubber wheels won’t leave scratches on hardwoods.

As for its dirt capacity, the SV1106 offers a very generous dust cup which can hold up to 0.29 gallons of dirt. Removing the dirt from the cup won’t force you to get your hands dirty. Instead, all you have to do is simply press the dust-cup-release button, and empty the debris into the trash can.

Lastly, since it comes with a charger base, charging this model is very easy. It takes 4 hours to get fully charged and lasts 17 minutes on a full battery. Also, since both of its pre- and post-motor filters are washable, you won’t have to replace them anytime soon. It’s the best cordless stick shark vacuum on the market.

If you are interested in cordless vacuums, you can read our post: Best Cordless Vacuum On The Market

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6. Shark Rocket HV302 – Best Shark Rocket Vacuum


Famous for their ease of movement as well as lightweight construction, the best rocket vacuums for Shark let you clean everything from floor to ceiling.


Weight (Lbs)Dust capacity (dry quart)Length of cord (ft.)


Shark Rocket HV302 (Best)



Shark Rocket Deluxe Pro HV 322

Shark Rocket DuoClean HV 3229.90.9130



The Shark Rocket HV302 is a corded model whose 30’ long power cord saves you from the trouble of having to switch outlets when cleaning large spaces. It has an ergonomically designed handle which lets you control the power of its 2-speed brush roll and contains an easy-to-empty bin.

At the toe end of this vacuum lies a swivel steering to let you effortlessly maneuver it. It also has a cleaning wand which lets you increase the reach of this vacuum and clean high-lying areas. The motorized brush roll, meanwhile, is as effective on carpets as it is on hardwoods.

Furthermore, its bin can hold up to 0.118 gallons of dirt, which is enough to clean 2-3 average-sized rooms before you’d feel the need to empty it. And while not HEPA, the fact that both the filters inside the vacuum are washable means you can keep on using them for years with little maintenance.

Lastly, Shark has always been pretty generous when it comes to providing its models with accessories, and the HV302 isn’t any different. It contains crevice and pet upholstery tools, a dust-away hard floor attachment, a car detail kit, an accessory bag, and a wall-mount.

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7. Shark Pet-Perfect II SV780 – Best Shark Handheld Vacuum


In contrast to their upright or canister counterparts – both of which excel at cleaning large messes, Shark’s handheld units, like their counterparts from other brands on the market, are at their best when cleaning small spaces. Hence the reason why most users rely on these units to clean delicate items.


Weight (Lbs)Voltage (V)Type


Shark Pet-Perfect II SV780(Best)



Shark Rocket Ultra-Light HV292



Shark WANDVAC Handheld WV201



Shark Cordless Pet Perfect LV801




Equipped with a motorized brush, the Shark Pet-Perfect II belongs to that small minority of handheld vacuums with which you can vacuum pet hair off upholstery, stairs, carpeted surfaces, and both hardwoods and bare floors.

Two other attachments are also provided in its package – a brush tool to clean delicate items and a crevice tool to pick debris off hard surfaces. Shark is of the opinion that this model will last for about 15 minutes, but our review showed that with the motorized brush on, it won’t clean for more than 10 minutes.

Other than that, since it’s a bagless model, its filter has to deal with the lion’s share of dust particles – a job which it does with aplomb. Also, since it is washable, you can keep using the same filter for years provided you clean it regularly.

Lastly, while you can see videos online, emptying the filter is pretty simple. It would require you to push a release button to disentangle the dust cap from the motor. Afterward, all you’d have to do is to pull out the filter, wash it and leave it for drying.

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8. Shark Ion RV750 – Best Shark Robotic Vacuum


Affordable, powerful and programmable, Shark’s robotic vacuums free you from the floor cleaning chore by taking it upon themselves to scrub your home dirt-free.


Weight (Lbs)Dimensions (inches)Runtime (mins)Recharging time (hrs.)

Smartphone app

Shark Ion RV750 (Best)

5.5112.6 x 12.6 x 2.61003


Shark ION RV850

5.5112.8 x 12.5 x 3.4603Yes
Shark ION RV7205.5112.6 x 12.6 x 2.6703



With its black center surrounded by gold trimmings, the futuristic design of the Shark RV750 would allow it to easily blend with your home’s interior décor. Via buttons located on its body, you can order this robot vacuum to embark on spot cleaning, cover a wide area or go back to its docking station.

Conversely, if you’re done using buttons, we recommend that you install Shark’s app. Apart from letting you select between the two cleaning modes on offer, the mobile app lets you set cleaning schedules, observe the unit’s remaining runtime and control its movements while you’re away.

Find it impressive what this unit’s app has to offer? Then there’s no reason why you won’t be infatuated with the RV750’s “Self-Grooming” feature. Once you activate it, this feature orders the brush roll to remove and send into its bin tangled hair, so you won’t have to manually remove them.

Lastly, to make sure you can take advantage of all its features on offer, the Li-ion battery of the Shark Ion RV750 lasts 100 minutes on a full charge. What’s more, once it is about to die down, the battery would direct the robot to dock itself. Oh, and you can voice control this system with Amazon Alexa, too.

If you are interested in robot vacuums, you can read our post: Best Robot Vacuum On The Market

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How To Choose A Shark Cordless Vacuum


In addition to freeing you from the trouble of wires, Shark’s cordless vacuums are as powerful as their corded counterparts. That said, not all of Shark’s cord-free units are made equal – which is why you should look for the following features when choosing a cordless model from the market.

Respectable battery life

Two features differentiate the best cordless vacuums from the riffraff. First, as the runtime of the Shark ION F80 shows us, the best Shark cordless vacuums offer more than 30 minutes of runtime. Such a battery timing is enough to clean an average-sized home in one go.

Second, these models don’t take a whole day to get recharged.

Instead, they come with rechargeable Li-ion batteries so that even when you’re recharging the first set, you can keep on vacuuming with the other, without having to wait.

Strong suction power

Gone are the days when cord-free models were notorious for their weak suction power. Nowadays, you get models like the SV1106 which rival, if not outperform, their corded counterparts in this respect.

Even if you’re looking for a handheld model on the market, you should never forego your demand for strong suction power. For, as units like the LV801 show us, handheld models do come with enough power to vacuum concentrated dirt.

Multiple cleaning modes

Provided you can afford a cordless stick vacuum from the market, you should be looking towards models like the IF251 which are incredibly versatile by offering multiple cleaning modes.

That’s right; powered by strong suction, these machines let you clean not only various types of floor but you can also use them for above-floor and under-the-furniture cleaning.

Considerable bin capacity

If there’s one area where the cordless models have always given their corded colleagues a run for their money, it is the bin capacity offered by the former. Fortunately, Shark’s cordless vacuums aren’t any different.

Provided you decide to choose between any of the SV1106, IF251 or ION F80 – all of whom boost XL bin capacity, you won’t have to take mid-vacuuming stops to empty the dirt cup.

Useful attachments

To give you a single example of what you should expect in attachments from a Shark vacuum, let’s take the Shark Cordless Pet Perfect as an example.

Despite being a handheld tool – a category of vacuums which is notorious for its lean accessory list, this unit provides a detachable motorized pet brush pick up after your furry friend.

Therefore, regardless of the type of cordless vacuum you might be after, you should never settle on a package which only offers the bang-average crevice and upholstery tools.

Shark Upright Vacuum Reviews

To see how Shark upright vacuums fare in real-life conditions, check out these reviews.

1. Shark Rotator Professional Upright NV501


During our review of the Shark Rotator Professional Upright vacuum, it emerged as a dependable model which is capable of cleaning a wide variety of surfaces without losing its suction power.

Reduced mobility is what keeps users away from most uprights. The Shark Rotator Upright overcomes this impediment by allowing you to “Lift-Away” its body away from the nozzle. You can then mount the body on the supplied caddy (which has wheels) to convert this upright into a canister.

Even if you decide to use it as an upright, the fact that this model has swivel steering means you won’t have trouble maneuvering it. The buttons which let you control this model’s operation are located on top of its body, so you won’t have to bend much to operate them.

That said, we’d have liked had instead of placing them on the body, Shark located the buttons on the handle. Considering that most other brands on the market – particularly Dyson – are already giving buttons on the handle to save you from the trouble of bending, Shark could certainly have done better in this area.

As the vacuum gets filled up after a long-cleaning session, the presence of cyclonic technology won’t allow it to reduce its performance by maintaining its suction. You also get a whole-machine HEPA filtration system which prevents the trapped allergens from escaping out.

What’s more, it also has a brush roll which you can turn on for deep cleaning carpets. A separate hard floor attachment, meanwhile, lets you connect it to the extension wand for cleaning hardwoods and bare floors. Also provided is a multi-angle dusting brush to clean nooks and crannies.

On top of everything else, you get a 30 feet long cord and 5-year warranty on this model. Also, you don’t have to buy a separate storage bag to store all the accessories which come with this model, as its caddy provided onboard storage for all of them.


  • Comes with a caddy
  • ‘Lift-Away’ into a canister
  • Consistent and strong suction
  • HEPA filtration system


  • No buttons on its handle

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2. Shark Navigator Lift-Away NV356E


Powered with a Never Loses Suction Technology which allows this model to deliver consistent performance, the Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional emerged as one of the best upright vacuums on the market during our review.

In addition to the self-explanatory Never Loses Suction Technology, the Shark Navigator Lift-Away offers yet another incredible feature by letting you decide its suction power. You can do that by tightening the collar covering its handle to increase/decrease the power of this model.

Equally impressive is the functioning of the Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology of this vacuum. Joining its forces with the HEPA filtration system, it prevents dust and debris from escaping – thereby making sure that your air remains safe to breathe-in.

Additionally, two specific features make the Navigator Lift-Away ultra-maneuverable. It has a swivel steering to let you easily move the unit around and comes with a 30-foot long cord to make sure that you don’t have to switch outlets when cleaning a large room.

Furthermore, being a Lift-Away model, you can convert this upright into a handheld by detaching its body from the floor tool. Or if you decide to use it in its original shape, you can take full advantage of the plethora of attachments that come in its package.

Apart from the crevice tool and a brush roll, its accessory-list contains microfiber pads for cleaning carpets. You also get a Pet Power Brush to clean up after your furry friend. A hard-floor attachment, meanwhile, lets you take full advantage of this model’s suction on hardwoods.

Lastly, as you might have realized by now, the features which this model has offered do not come cheap. In fact, they make this model one of the most expensive on the market. That means that unless you have deep pockets, this vacuum might not be cost-effective for you.


  • Comes with a brush roll
  • Swivel steering and rubber gliding wheels
  • Has Never Loses Suction Technology
  • 30-foot long cord


  • Pricey

>>>Check Shark NV356E Price at Amazon<<<

3. Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away NV752


With its Anti-Allergen Complete Seal technology making sure that pollutants stay trapped, an XL capacity bin to reduce the instances of mid-cleaning stops and a fingertip control mechanism to eliminate the need for any bending, the Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away passed our review with flying colors.

The true promise of the Shark Rotator lies in its 3-in-1 design.

As an upright, it is useful for standard cleaning tasks. With its “Lift-Away’’ option – which is when you detach its canister – it comes handy for cleaning high-lying areas. Or, you can just put its canister on a caddy (not included) for longer cleaning sessions.

Also, with its 3.3-quart dust bin capacity, you can vacuum a large-size home without having to empty the bin.  The presence of fingertip controls on the handle means that you won’t have to bend to adjust this vacuum’s performance.

More helpful features include LED lights on its band to illuminate low-light areas. You also get a swivel steering to easily bypass obstacles. An anti-allergen complete seal technology, meanwhile, joins its forces with a HEPA filter to trap and capture allergens.

With its 12-inch cleaning width and a 30-foot power cord, you can use this 15.6-pound vacuum for cleaning large spaces in one go. It offers a Hard Floor Genie attachment whose microfiber pads make it a must-have for bare-floor cleaning.

Then there is the TruePet Motorized Brush which helps in pet hair pickup. The likes of dusting brush, dusting genie and pet upholstery tool, meanwhile, all come handy in cleaning delicate surfaces. And to make sure that you don’t misplace these accessories, an accessory bag accompanies this model.

Lastly, despite receiving rave remarks in other areas, this vacuum is below-par when it comes to its weight. Even when it’s down to the canister body, the heavyweight of this machine means you’d have to expend a lot of effort in carrying it up and down the stairs.


  • Lifetime HEPA filter
  • Has fingertip controls
  • TruePet Motorized brush
  • 7-year extended warranty


  • Heavy

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4. Shark Duo-Clean Powered Lift-Away NV803


Thinking whether you should purchase the Shark DuoClean Powered Lift-Away (NV803)? Worry not as our review of this vacuum would answer every question you may have had about its performance.

Although it is similar to the Rotator Powered Lift-Away (NV752) as both allow you to use their main cleaning heads in the canister mode, what this model provides extra is its DuoClean feature – which means that you get two separate motorized brushes for carpet and hardwoods cleaning.

You also get a much-needed safety feature in this machine which wasn’t there in older units. Once you have taken off its cover, the vacuum won’t turn on. Equally convenient is how you can clean its two beater bars – as this unit comes with a dedicated tool to let you cut hair tangled around the brush.

Furthermore, its dustbin can hold up to 0.9 dry quarts of dirt and is incredibly easy to remove. All you have to do to detach it from the body is to press the latch positioning on this unit’s handle. It has a bottom door which would then open up to make the whole operation less messy.

However, once you compare it with the older NV752, you can see that the bin of this model can hold less amount of dirt. That shouldn’t trouble you as long as you’re cleaning a large space – in which case you might have to empty the bin at least once during the vacuuming.

Underneath the dustbin, you can find three filters both of whom are washable. As for the post-motor filter, it is HEPA to capture and prevent allergens from going out. Shark says that you have to wash this filter only once every 9 months.

Lastly, whether you’re using it in a canister or upright mode, you can easily maneuver this unit thanks to its swivel steering. You also get a pair of LED headlights on the nozzle to track down minuscule dirt particles. And apart from the usual accessories, this model offers a Pet Power brush in its package.


  • HEPA filtration
  • Effortlessly vacuums large debris
  • Cleans stairs, carpets, and hardwoods


  • Relatively small bin capacity

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5. Shark Apex AZ1002


What differentiates this model from a long line of Shark’s upright vacuums is its Zero-M Anti-Har Wrap Technology which solves the problem of hair wrapping around the brush roll. Therefore, if you want a model which can self-clean, the Shark Apex AZ1002 is worth a try.

What differentiates this model from a long line of Shark’s upright vacuums is its Zero-M Anti-Har Wrap Technology which solves the problem of hair wrapping around the brush roll. As a result, with no hair blocking the brush roll, you won’t have to manually cut and remove any trapped hair.

Apart from being highly effective at cleaning hardwoods and carpets, the DuoClean Technology of this model can also pick up messes small and big. Or, if you decide to ‘Lift-Away’ this unit, the powered DuoClean brush roll will enable the resulting canister to come handy on stairs.

While you’re doing all that, the Anti-Allergen Complete Seal technology of this model would make sure that you don’t breathe in the same dirt which you’re vacuuming. Supplemented by a lifetime HEPA filter, it traps 99.99% of all pollutants and prevents them from ever going out again.

On top of everything else, you get a 12’’ crevice tool and a 5-year warranty on this model. Its built-in headlights illuminate dark areas while cleaning whereas the brush roll fingertip controls save you from the trouble of bending.

Still, if its review gives you the impression that nothing is wrong with the Shark Apex AZ1002, you’re mistaken. This model disappointed us with its weight as weighing at around 15lbs, it is one of the bulkiest vacuums in this review.


  • Gives powerful suction
  • Fully sealed system
  • The lift-away feature works brilliantly


  • Heavy

>>>Check Shark Apex AZ1002 Price at Amazon<<<

6. Shark Navigator Upright NV352


While its versatility means that you can clean the nooks and crannies of your home with the Shark Navigator Lift-Away Upright, the huge suction power of this machine makes it equally effective at cleaning both bare floors and carpets.

As has been the case with most Shark upright vacuums on the market, the NV352 upright offers a ‘Lift-Away’ technology to let you convert it into a canister. Provided you do that, its wand will help you in cleaning stairs, curtains and other high-lying areas.

Since this model relies on bagless cyclonic technology, you can see from outside the remaining empty space of its 3.0 dry quart dirt cup. Once it is full, just pull the latch located right next to the handle and the dirt bin will detach from the canister – waiting for you to empty its contents into the trash can.

As for its filtration, this model comes with two washable filters – a pre-motor non-HEPA and a post-motor HEPA filter. You also get a 25 feet cord which, when you compare it with the cord length of some of the other models in this review, is on the shorter side.

On top of everything else, you get 4 attachments which help you vacuum different areas. Notable among them is the 5’’ crevice tool which comes handy on nooks and crannies, whereas the 24’’ crevice tool helps clean ceilings by increasing the reach of extension wand by almost 2 feet.

That said, with no controls on its handle and no LED headlight on its floor tool, this model isn’t as easy to operate as some other Shark vacuums in this review.


  • Relatively quiet
  • Has lift-away functionality
  • Offers a long 5-year warranty


  • No fingertip controls

>>>Check Shark Navigator NV352 Price at Amazon<<<

Shark Handheld Vacuum Reviews

Here is how the best Shark handheld vacuums perform when cleaning small messes.

1. Shark Pet-Perfect II SV780


Designed specifically to vacuum pet hair from carpet and upholstery, the Shark Pet Perfect II is a handheld vacuum that offers a decent level of suction for its size.

The Shark Pet-Perfect II is one of the few handheld vacuums which offer a motorized brush on the market, which in essence means that you can use this vacuum for cleaning pet hair off upholstery, hard floors, stairs, and both high & low pile carpeted surfaces.

You also get two more attachments –a crevice tool which reaches nooks and crannies and a brush tool which does the same on hard surfaces. And to make sure that none of the hair captured by this vacuum could trouble its motor, its washable filter plays its part pretty well.

Additionally, it would take you up to 16 hours to get this model’s Ni-cad batteries back from dead. Once fully charged, these batteries provide this model with a maximum runtime of 15 minutes. However, if you have the motorized brush on, the number will come down to almost 10 minutes.

No matter how you slice it, its runtime in peak power mode is disappointing. With only 10 minutes of maximum performance – and 16 hours of charge time, you’d have to be quick while vacuuming with this handheld vacuum.

Other than that, you get a wall-mountable charging stand with this model. Shark also claims that it would give the users of this model a 1-year warranty against defects. However, based on the reviews of this vacuum, we don’t think you’d be needing to activate its warranty claim anytime soon.


  • Comes with a motorized brush
  • Ni-cad batteries are replaceable
  • Provides crevice and brush tools


  • Runtime is disappointing

>>>Check Shark SV780 Price at Amazon<<<

2. Shark Rocket Ultra-Light HV292


It’s an open secret that most handheld vacuums on the market suffer from the problem of small battery timing. Shark overcame it by equipping the Rocket Ultra-Light with a cord. Given the fact that it is 15-foot long, the cord makes this model worth-having if you intend to clean big spaces with a handheld.

Despite the fact that it comes with the cord – and even after attaching its floor nozzle and the extension tube – we found the Shark Rocket to be a lightweight model. That’s because, with its bin, power cord and primary model included, this unit weighs only 4.2 pounds.

You get two cleaning modes with a rocket and a button to switch between them. Mode 1 is designed for hardwoods and bare floors. Mode II activates the brush roll of its floor nozzle and provides deep cleaning on carpets.

Some of you might take its cord as an inconvenience but it’s anything but. With its 15 feet length, it gives you plenty of lead to vacuum a smaller room. Also, since this vacuum reclines almost completely, you can easily clean under the furniture.

To provide better cleaning, Shark has equipped this model with a TruePet motorized brush. It helps to clean the inner areas of not only your carpets but also upholstery and furniture. So you can count on this tool to easily pick up messes like pet hair, dirt, dander, and debris.

One area where we think this vacuum hasn’t done justice to its brand name is the positioning of its handle. Located at the end of the machine, it would take some time for you to get used to the peculiar location of the handle.


  • 15-feet long cord
  • Has a washable filter
  • Expended reach stretch hose
  • TruePet Motorized brush


  • Strange positioning of the handle

>>>Check Shark Rocket HV292 Price at Amazon<<<

3. Shark Cordless Pet Perfect LV801


Although the fame of this model has come down a bit ever since the launch of its predecessor, the Pet Perfect II, the Shark LV801 is still a formidable machine when it comes to vacuuming pet hair.

The Shark Cordless Pet Perfect relies on Twister Suction technology to vacuum pet hair. This technology creates a whirlwind of air whose flowrate is enough to suck in both small and large dirt particles from all types of surfaces.

However, while the technology gives the backing, it is the detachable motorized pet brush of this vacuum that performs on the ground. With its agitating brushes, it removes ground-in dirt from carpets, upholstery, and even car accessories.

Despite all its usefulness, there will always be some hard-to-reach areas where the pet brush won’t come handy. In all such areas, it is the crevice tool with its self-contoured nozzle and a thin channel for airflow that would come to your rescue.

Lastly, as far as its battery timing is concerned, that’s the one area where this model disappoints. Despite taking up to 5 hours for recharging, it consumes all its power in 10 minutes of action. That means that you’d have no choice but to be quick while using it.


  • Lightweight and portable
  • Detachable motorized pet brush
  • Considerable bin capacity


  • Small battery timing

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Shark Robotic Vacuum Reviews

Would you like to have a cleaner which would do all the work while you sit on your couch and watch tv? If your answer to this question is in the affirmative, you should check out the reviews of Shark’s robotic vacuums.

1. Shark Ion RV750


With its self-recharging option, a ‘’Self-Grooming’’ feature which automatically cleans its brush roll and a Li-ion battery which equips the Shark Ion RV750 with 100 minutes of runtime, there aren’t many faults which you can find in this model.

The Shark RV750 has a black center with gold boundaries to make sure it easily blends with your home’s interior décor. Its body contains three buttons using which you can order this model to either do spot cleaning, vacuum a wide area or return to the dock.

However, if you install Shark’s app on your smartphone, you won’t have to press buttons anymore. The app lets you select between the cleaning modes and shows the remaining runtime. It also gives you the option of scheduling the Shark’s cleaning sessions even when you’re away.

If you want more freedom, you can use this vacuum’s Wi-Fi compatibility to connect it with your Amazon Alexa. Doing it will allow you to voice control all of its operations. Equally useful is the ‘Self Grooming’ feature of this device with which it automatically removes any tangled hair from its brush roll.

And to make sure you can take advantage of all its features on offer, the Li-ion battery of the Shark Ion RV750 lasts 100 minutes on a full charge. What’s more, once it is about to die down, the battery would direct the robot to dock itself.

Unfortunately, all the features which you have just seen this model offer come at a price, and a pretty steep one at that as well. So you’d have to have deep pockets to afford this model and any replacements which it will need down the line.


  • Voice control via Alexa
  • Controllable by a smartphone app
  • Operates quietly


  • Pricey

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2. Shark ION RV850



  • Variable suction power
  • Alexa and Google Assistant compatible
  • Self-cleaning brush roll
  • Large bin capacity


  • Struggles on carpets

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3. Shark Ion RV720


Although it doesn’t offer compatibility with the Shark’s smartphone app – with a remote control coming to its rescue – the ION RV720 has all the other bells-and-whistles which you have come to expect from Shark’s robotic vacuums.

Despite the fact that it comes without a Wi-Fi, you can still program the RV720, with the only difference that instead of relying on Shark’s smartphone app, you now have a remote control to program this robot vacuum, schedule its cleaning sessions and check the remaining runtime.

Also, with its 6.6inches of height, this model can easily get under the lowest of furniture. It has a 13-inch cleaning radius to clean a wide area in one full sweep and weighs only 5.5 pounds to let you easily carry it using the built-in handle.

This model has a built-in Li-ion battery and lasts 70 minutes on a full charge. When the battery is running low or it is done with cleaning for the day, the RV720 will dock itself. And with it taking only three hours to get fully recharged, you can start reusing the vacuum in no time.

As for its performance, this model is comfortable on concrete flooring, tile, laminate, and hardwood floors. It also does a fine job on low-pile carpets and area rugs. One thing which you may want to keep in mind is that its battery will drop below the stated 70-minute mark when it’s vacuuming carpets.

Lastly, given the fact that it isn’t uber-expensive, it should go without saying that this model isn’t simply built to vacuum high-pile carpets or rugs.


  • Low-profile design
  • The runtime of 70 minutes
  • Performs effortlessly on bare floors


  • Not designed for thick rugs and high-pile carpets

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How To Choose The Right Shark Vacuum For You


Bewildered with all the different models that Shark has to offer? Can’t remember which one you had in mind before coming here? Worry not as this section will help you in getting the right vacuum for your needs.

Decide on the type

As you can see from the reviews, Shark vacuums come in different types. Here’s how you can determine which one fits the bill for you:

Choose a Shark Upright​: If you came here looking for a whole-house cleaner – and one which can also clean stairs – an upright like the Rotator Professional NV501 might just be what you need.

Choose a Shark Canister: If your home contains multiple types of floor or areas with high foot traffic, you shouldn’t settle for anything less than the Shark Navigator NV356E which lets you put it into a caddy.

Choose a Shark Cordless: If you intend to clean small messes in your home and the inside of the vehicle parked in your garage, Shark’s cordless models – like the Navigator Freestyle SV1106 are well worth a shot.

Choose a Shark handheldIf your clean session involves dealing with upholstery, tabletops or pet hair, Shark offers models like the Pet Perfect II to resolve all your dirt-related worries.


Choose a Shark Robot: If you wish to see a squeaky clean home but without all the effort and hard work which you loath, any of Shark’s robotic vacuums mentioned in this review will grant you your wish.


Decide on the features

Although all the features of a vacuum are important, some are more important than others. Which is why we recommend that no matter which type of vacuum you might end up choosing, you should never compromise on these features.

HEPA Filtration

Available as a post-motor filter in most models in this review, a HEPA filter traps 99.9% of all pollutants and never lets them escape. Therefore, if your vacuum has this feature, you might never have to deal with flare-ups of allergy and asthma in your home.

Large bin capacity

Unless you are going for a handheld model – whose compact shape limits the size of dustbin they can hold, make sure your model offers more than 0.2 dry quarts of dirt capacity. Provided you do that, you won’t have to leave cleaning sessions in between to empty the bin.

Bagless design

Almost all of Shark’s vacuums on the market have a bagless design. That’s because in addition to letting you see through – so you won’t have to repeatedly stop and check whether the dirt cup is full, the absence of bags reduces the long-term running costs of these models.

On/Off brush roll

As stated earlier, a brush roll agitates on a thick carpet surface to force the embedded dirt out. However, as you might guess, this is a feature which you can do without on bare floors. That’s why your vacuum must have an option to control the movement of the brush roll.

Easy to maneuver

Provided you choose a standalone vacuum, make sure it is easy to maneuver. This means that apart from having a swivel steering, the vacuum should have smooth, rubber-gliding wheels so that to prevent it from leaving scratches on bare floors.


When looking at the list of attachments that your model may have included in its package, remember this rule of thumb: the more, the merrier. Greater the number of attachments, greater will be the number of situations where your vac might end up coming handy.


Like most other things in life, purchasing a vacuum cleaner is a significant decision that all people want to get right at the first time of trying. This is why after taking into consideration various home layouts, different cleaning patterns, and lifestyle choices, we’ve recommended you these Shark vacuums. Their range is so diverse that provided you look closely, you’ll find a model meeting your requirements.

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