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11 Best Skateboard Decks 2022 – Coolest Skateboard Deck Reviews

Best Skateboard Deck

As any skateboarder worth his salt knows, the deck of the skateboard is arguably the most important part of the skateboard. It is the foundation on which every other thing is built. From your tricks to your riding style and other factors, the skateboard deck can either make or mar your experience.

With this perspective in mind, it is therefore very important to buy the right skateboard deck you can afford. We realize it can be tricky choosing the right one because there are so many options on the market. Not to worry, though, as we have compiled a review of 11 of the best options you can buy right now. Come along as we consider each one and why it is excellent for you.

Best Skateboard Deck Comparison Chart 2022




Our Rating

Best Skateboard Deck

Bamboo Skateboards Graphc Decks

3 Pounds

7.75" x 31.5"
8.0" x 31.75"
8.25" x 32"

Best Skateboard Deck Moose

Moose Blank Skateboard Deck

1 pounds

7.5" x 31.5"
7.63" x 31.5"
7.75" x 31.5"
8.0" x 31.75"
8.25" x 31.75"
8.5" x 31.75"

Best Skateboard Deck CCS

CCS Logo and Natural Wood Skateboard Completes

5.35 Pounds

8.4" x 32.5"

Best Skateboard Deck Powell-Peralta

Powell-Peralta Skateboard Flight Deck

4.41 Pounds

8.75" x 33"

Best Skateboard Deck Vision Original

Vision Original Skateboard Deck

3.05 Pounds

10" x 30"

Best Skateboard Deck Cal

Cal 7 Blank Skateboard Deck with Grip Tape

7.4 Pounds

7.75" x 31.5"
8.0" x 31.75"
8.25" x 32"
8.5" x 32"

Best Skateboard Deck MPI

MPI NOS Mahogany Skateboard Deck

3 pounds

6" x 23.125"

Best Skateboard Deck Baker

Baker Brand Logo Skateboard Deck

2.67 Pounds

8.3" x 32"

Best Skateboard Deck Bamboo

Bamboo Skateboards Pin Tail Blank Skateboard Deck

5.7 Pounds

9.65" x 38.75"

Best Skateboard Deck Vision

Vision Jinx Mini Reissue Skateboard Deck

2.95 Pounds

9.5" x 29.5"

Best Skateboard Deck NPET

NPET Blank Skateboard Decks

2.5 pounds

8" x 31"


11 Best Skateboard Decks On The Market of 2022

1. Bamboo Skateboards Graphic Deck

Bamboo Skateboards Graphic Deck
market square

    This is our top pick on the market. These skateboard decks have designs that will definitely draw appreciative glances and envious looks from passers-by. The decks come in a wide variety of styles; hence, you can choose the style that appeals the most to your inner creativity.

    Aside from the incredible appearance, these decks are solid. They are constructed from genuine, durable bamboo. Hence, they are going to last you for a very long time. No matter how many flips and tricks you do, and no matter the terrain, you can rest assured that these skateboard decks will hold up to whatever punishment. While the deck is durable, it is also flexible and excellent for doing stunts.

    The main reason for the flexibility and durability is the construction.

    The only downside of this product is that it takes some getting used to. It feels somewhat strange the first time you ride it.

    Coupled with its nice design, the durability and flexibility of this product makes it a must-have for every skateboarder.

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    2. Powell-Peralta Deck

    Powell-Peralta Deck
    market square

      This product is arguably the strongest skateboard deck on the market. As per the design, it features a thinner and lighter design and form factor than other types of decks on the market. In fact, it is stronger than many of the options out on the market.

      It is easy to use, and during our testing, we had gotten a nice feel of the skateboard deck in less than two hours. An exciting deck that we are sure beginner skateboarders and experts will like.

      Despite the thin nature, it is very strong and will hold up despite heavy use. To test the durability, aside from physically riding the board, we also engaged in a number of tests. The product passed every one of these tests, as effectively as more expensive skateboard decks. We attribute this strength to the fiber strengthened construction held together by epoxy. The pop on this product is also quite impressive.

      One con of this product is that we observed the edges are somewhat brittle.

      You can buy this deck with the rest of the mind as it will last for a long time.

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      3. CCS Logo Skateboard Deck

      CCS Logo Skateboard Deck
      market square

        Looking for a high-quality longboard deck? Then look no further than the CCS Skateboard Deck. This product is an excellent deck, especially for those just starting to learn skateboarding. It has several interesting features that make it a top option.

        To ensure durability, high-quality Maplewood is used in the manufacture of this product. Maplewood not only makes it very strong but adds flexibility and pop to the deck. The ends of the board are rounded as well.

        The deck has a rather unique and interesting concave structure that is made to ensure the skater has complete control riding and doing stunts. For a cruiser, you will also love the shape that this longboard deck comes with. To help you select the right deck, this deck comes in a trio of sizes. Hence, for a starter, you can choose a size that you are comfortable with.

        As a downside, this deck lacks a grip, and moreover, it is mainly designed with beginners in mind.

        Regardless of build, size, or height, users will find the CCS Logo Skateboard an excellent product.

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        4. Vision Original Psycho Stick Reissue Skateboard Deck

        Vision Original Psycho Stick Reissue Skateboard Deck
        market square

          Are you a classic skateboarder? Then you will likely have heard of Vision. These board deck manufacturers were especially popular in the 1980s, and although they faded into obscurity, they are somewhat back with a bang.

          These particular models aren’t original pieces from that era, but they are impeccable replicas that can be purchased for a lower price than the original cost. These board decks are excellent boards that come with decent features to enhance your skating experience.

          For example, they feature 15” wheelbases which are great for skating wheels. Additionally, they are easy to ride since they have a concave shape. This design will provide control and impressive balance while riding and stunting on the skateboard.

          Unlike the original versions, these features a wheelbase hole pattern that runs along the curved nose. This design feature also adds balance to the board. You choose any of the four colors: natural, yellow, white, and black. Thus, you can choose the style and color that pleases you.

          The problem with the board deck is that it doesn’t come with grip tape.

          Other than that, it is an overall impressive skateboard deck that offers excellent balance and value for money.

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          5. Cal 7 Skateboard Deck

          Cal 7 Skateboard Deck
          market square

            When it comes to a sheer number of options to choose from, you will be hard-pressed to find a skateboard deck that offers as many as Cal 7. The longboard deck has up to 10 different colors; hence there is a color to match your style. Aside from color, the longboard deck also comes in three lengths. Therefore, you can choose an aesthetically pleasing yet comfortable and balanced deck.

            As the deck features a bland design, you can add whatever designs you desire; thus expressing your inner creativity.

            Pleasant appearance aside, this product is a great choice due to the wood of construction. Thus, it is balanced, flexible, and very durable. It is built to withstand hard use and abuse. The medium concave build ensures that your feet stay comfortable and offer you decent control as you skate around the block.

            Due to the build and design, we observed that this product isn’t especially suitable for street stunting.

            That gripe aside, the number of options, grip tape, and sizes, make this option an excellent choice.

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            6. MPI NOS Mahogany Skateboard Deck

            MPI NOS Mahogany Skateboard Deck
            market square

              For retro fans or those who want to take skating retro, this deck might just be what is needed. This deck not only offers skaters a nice deck but comes at a very affordable price.

              Skate in style and look super cool on this deck. It was originally created back in the 70s. Therefore, it is one skateboard deck that definitely deserves to be shown off. It has a stunning 8 ply mahogany wood construction that makes it quite durable. It also features a narrow kicktail and a pointed nose. All these design features combine to give you a deck that is balanced and offers control.

              Unlike many other options on the market, this model does not have a concave shape; therefore, you will get plenty of footing space. It is therefore particularly suited for board walkers and high-level stunts.

              It has retro hole patterns which, interestingly, are still compatible with modern times.

              Control is a bit tricky without a concave structure, which some might feel is a disadvantage of this product.

              With a retro hole pattern, vintage design, and 8-ply mahogany wood construction, this is an excellent deck for retro fans.

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              7. Baker Skateboard Deck

              Baker Skateboard Deck
              market square

                This product is a good-looking and iconic deck on the market. It features a monochrome shade and has a designed distinctive monochrome print. Hence, it stands out wherever you take it. Baker is renowned for high-quality products, and this deck comes with the popular shape and concave structure the manufacturer is known for. The shape and concave build provide the skater with foot space. Hence, for folks looking to perform tricks and stunts, you will likely love the way this deck will feel beneath your feet.

                Right out of the box, it is clear that this is a high-quality longboard. It is made of Maplewood, which makes it have just the perfect mix of flexibility and balance. Whether you are a beginner or an expert skater, you will love riding this bad boy.

                The lack of options is a bummer as it only comes in white and black.

                A highly versatile board, it will help you as you show off your skating skills whether at the poolside, on the street or in the park.

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                8. Bamboo Skateboard Deck

                Bamboo Skateboard Deck
                market square

                  Bamboo Skateboards is known for high-quality skateboard decks, and this model is a bestselling and recognized product from the company. This skateboard won the best deck in many skateboarding magazines, and although it has gotten along in years, it still remains a top-rated skateboard deck on the market right now. The performance from this longboard is simply amazing, better than even newer rivals.

                  It features 7 ply genuine bamboo construction which helps make the flexibility clear to see. It is arguably the most flexible skateboard deck on the market. It looks really good too, giving off a traditional, retro vibe. In fact, when you buy it, you might be indecisive on whether to skate on it or just use it as a decorative piece in your space.

                  It features a concave construction which provides you with more control, plenty of space, and the ease of board walking.

                  As it features a stunning look and impressive features, it is not surprising that the downside is its price. It is an expensive deck.

                  If you can afford it though, you will be rewarded with a deck that is excellent for racing, that is stable, and that looks simply stunning.

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                  9. Vision Jinx Mini Reissue Skateboard

                  Vision Jinx Mini Reissue Skateboard
                  market square

                    Vision is one popular skateboard deck maker, and it isn’t surprising to find another product from the company on this list. The model under consideration this time is the Jinx Mini skateboard deck. Just as the first product from the company on this list, this model is a replica of the original versions. The original versions are absurdly expensive, so it is more economical to stick with these models that offer arguably better performance.

                    The appearance of the reissued model resembles the classic skateboards. While a replica, it should be noted that they come from the same manufacturer that made the classic versions.

                    Hence, you can rest assured of excellent skating performance with this product. It comes in the same design except for the new school hole patterns for standard trucks. It also features a profiled concave construction which makes it a top choice for stunts and board walking.

                    The downside of this model is that it isn’t compatible with a number of trucks that we tested it with, hence you might have to take your time looking for compatible trucks.

                    Compatibility with truck aside, the lightweight nature and the Vision design makes this model an excellent fit for skaters.

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                    10. Moose Skateboard Deck

                    Moose Skateboard Deck
                    market square

                      This product is an excellent choice for street skating. It has all the pop you need and features a long tail and nose which enhances your switch riding. Due to the design, it is easy to use. Of all the decks that we have tested, this model maintains pop longer than other options on the market.

                      It is also a lightweight option, which definitely improves pop. With dimensions of 8 by 31.5”, this model is excellent for adult and kids that are starting to learn how to skate. It is very comfortable and can be put together quite easily. As it is blank, you can customize it to look like whatever you want.

                      The downside is that it isn’t durable and breaks under intense use.

                      The medium concave build is excellent for simple cruising around in the street.

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                      11. NPET Blank Canadian Maplewood Deck

                      NPET Blank Canadian Maplewood Deck
                      market square

                        Looking for a durable option that can last through the rigors of the street and heavy use? Then choose this model. It features a durable build from the high-quality wood it is made from. It also comes with carbon fiber disks that lie above the trucks, which make it deliver impressive pop.

                        It looks great as well and will draw envious stares from friends and all who lay eyes on it. To make it remain in shape and last despite heavy use, it is made of 7 ply Canadian maple wood and held together by epoxy glue.

                        Despite these entire nice features, it is an affordable option available right now.

                        The only downside is that the old school pattern holes might not fit with many trucks.

                        A durable skateboard deck, you are sure to use it for a long time.

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                        What to Look for When Buying a Skateboard Deck?

                        Best Skateboard Deck

                        Choosing the right skateboard deck can be made easier if you consider this buying guide. There are several features that will affect your choice, and in this section, we will review these features.

                        Features to consider

                        When choosing your skateboard deck, the first thing you should do is to measure the top and bottom of the deck. These dimensions will give you an idea of how the deck will look. These are some of the dimensions to consider.

                        • Dimensions Length

                        The length is the distance of the nose from the tail. In most cases, this length lies within 28 inches and 32 inches. Some of the options that we reviewed fall within this range while others even exceed it. These longboards are difficult for beginners but great for expert skaters.

                        While longboards aren’t ideal for the beginner, shortboards come with a narrow profile; hence, if you need plenty of foot space, you might want to jettison buying a shortboard.

                        It is thus vital that whether long or short, the length of the skateboard deck will suit your skating needs. For folks that love to do stunts a shortboard, with its narrow profile is a great option. However, for folks looking to cruise around on your boards, a longer option might serve you better.

                        • Width

                        For most options on the market, the width ranges between 7.5 inches and 8.75 inches. As with the length, the width chosen largely depends on your riding style.

                        A wider board lets you do more tricks and stunts. For those learning balance and agility, starting off with a wide board helps you to get used to the board.

                        Folks that are into street riding though will enjoy the narrow boards better.

                        • Wheel Base

                        The distance between a pair of mounting holes in the deck is known as the wheelbase. When choosing, you have to choose a wheelbase that suits your riding style, height, and other preferences.

                        For short folks, a narrow wheelbase offers more options and comfort, while tall people will likely feel more comfortable with a wide wheelbase.

                        The wheelbase is an essential part of the board, and if a rider feels uncomfortable riding the board, simply tweaking the distance of the wheelbase can make riding more comfortable.


                        Skateboard decks come with different styles. For you to enjoy your riding experience, you need to define your style and the board that will enhance your riding. On the market today, skateboard decks come with different shapes, and each of these shapes is ideal for certain riding styles. Let’s see these shapes.

                        • Shortboard

                        This shape is excellent for performing street stunts. They are great for park and street skaters.

                        • Cruiser

                        The cruiser is a deck that comes with kicktails. Kicktails make it very easy to cruise around. Cruisers are a middle-ground between longboards and shortboards; hence they are easy to ride and control.

                        • Old School

                        Our review above contains examples of old school decks. These can be identified by their flat nose design. Along with the somewhat asymmetrical shape, they also have kicktails.

                        • Longboards

                        These are favored by professionals. They look great but are difficult to maneuver unless mastered.


                        When buying a skateboard deck, it is impossible not to consider the price. Decks come in a wide range of prices. Fortunately, most of the options on the market are affordable. So the good news is that you won’t have to spend a fortune before you can buy the skateboard that you desire.

                        While it is tempting to choose a cheap skateboard deck, you should note that in many cases, what you pay for is what you will get. Thus, if your deck is super-cheap, it will likely deliver poor performance, prompting you to buy another one.


                        There are various brands on the market today, and to be safe, it is better to buy from renowned brands. They usually offer better quality and options to choose from. Renowned brands have “more to lose”, so to speak. Thus, their products tend to be more durable and of overall better quality than other brands.

                        Material of Construction

                        As you can see from the reviews, these products are made from several materials. The most popular material is Maplewood. This material is great for several reasons. For one, it is easy to obtain. Maple trees are easy to find and harvest. Hence the cost of producing Maplewood skateboards isn’t tedious.

                        When Maple is used, the number of ply varies, and it affects the performance of the board. 7-ply is by far the most common ratio used.

                        Another material used is plastic.


                        From our round-up, our top pick is the Bamboo Skateboard Graphic Deck. It comes in an incredibly appealing design and is made from durable materials. It is sturdy enough to take the weight of the rider and endure heavy use. If you want a long term skateboard, you can’t go wrong with this deck.

                        You can also choose any of the options we have reviewed. We hope that this review and guide will help you to choose the best deck. You can also make a skateboard deck by yourself.

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