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7 Best Vacuums for Laminate Floors On the Market of 2022


If you have laminate floors in your home, you will be well aware that not all vacuum cleaners are suitable for cleaning them. If you use the wrong vacuum, you can end up damaging your floor surfaces – which could turn out to be a costly mistake.

For this reason, buying a suitable vacuum is an important decision, but since there are so many models available, choosing is not always easy – so here are our top picks for best vacuum for laminate floors on the market to help you make up your mind.

The Best Vacuum for Laminate Floors On the Market of 2022

1. Best Overall: Hoover Sh20030 Vacuum


image: Hoover

For anyone interested in buying a vacuum cleaner specifically for use on laminate floors, this corded stick model from Hoover could be an obvious solution.

One feature that makes it suitable for laminate and other hard floors is the non-marring wheels that are designed not to leave any marks on your delicate surfaces.

The powered brush roll with cyclonic technology also makes it easy to transition between surfaces, making this a good choice if you have a mixture of laminate flooring and carpet or rugs.

It is also highly mobile. The swivel steering makes it easy to navigate around obstacles as you clean, and the extreme reclining handle means you can reach right underneath furniture to reach even the more inaccessible spots in your home.


Another plus is Hoover’s WindTunnel technology that works to funnel dirt and debris into the center, ensuring everything is sucked up. The edge-cleaning bristles also make sure no dirt is missed as you vacuum along walls.

There are only a couple of minor negatives to mention. First, at only 20ft, the cord is a little short – this means you might need an extension if you have larger areas to clean.

Also, there is no hose, which means this vacuum can only be used for cleaning floors. While this unit does an excellent job on hard floors, a hose would have given it more versatility for cleaning furniture, inside cars, etc.

However, despite these minor issues, this is a reliable option that is ideal for laminate floors, other hard surfaces and carpets too. If that sounds like what you are looking for, this vacuum comes highly recommended on the market.

What We Like

  • Non-marring wheels – gentle on laminate floors
  • Powered brush roll with cyclonic tech –transitions easily between hard floor and rugs
  • Extreme recline handle – makes it easier to clean under furniture
  • Swivel steering – for extra maneuverability
  • Hoover WindTunnel tech – funnels more dirt into the center to be sucked up

What We Don’t Like

  • Cordon the short side – may need to use an extension in larger homes
  • No hose – can only be used to clean floors

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2. Best Budget: Bissell 81L2A Vacuum For Laminate Floors


image: Bissell

This budget-friendly vacuum from Bissell has been designed for cleaning hard surfaces in homes with pets. If you have laminate floors and also share your home with dogs or cats, this is an option that should be of interest.

The first thing you will notice is the innovative V-shaped foot. It is designed to funnel larger pieces of debris into the center while picking up smaller dirt and dust as you clean. It is also ideal for reaching into corners or cleaning around things like pet food bowls.

We like the swivel steering system that makes it easy to maneuver, and at only 7.5lbs, it is lightweight and mobile enough for anyone to use – even your kids will be able to help with the housework with this vacuum.

It uses a bagless collection system and is easy to empty when it gets full. This means you don’t need to worry about buying replacement bags – you just open up the dust cup, tip out everything inside, fit it back on and you’re ready to go again.

One possible downside is that this vacuum has been designed specifically for use on hard surfaces only.

While it does a great job on laminate and other similar surfaces, it won’t work on rugs or carpets. This means if you need a vacuum that will work on multiple surfaces, this is not a good choice from the market.

Also, there is no hose. You can only use this vacuum for cleaning floors, and if you want something that’s a bit more versatile, you are probably better off looking elsewhere.

Overall, this would be a sound choice for someone who needs a vacuum for cleaning hard floors only, especially in a household with pets. If that’s what you need – and you hope not to spend too much money – this should be high on your list of possibilities.

What We Like

  • Innovative V-shaped foot – picks up large debris and small particles
  • Performs extremely well on laminate floors – ideal if you only need it for this
  • Good for homes with pets – rubber squeegees help collect pet fur and other debris
  • Swivel steering system – makes it easy to navigate around furniture
  • Lightweight unit – at only 7.5lbs, easy for anyone to use

What We Don’t Like

  • No hose – can only be used to clean floors
  • Designed for use on hard floors only – not suitable if you need it for other surfaces

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3. Best Upgrade: Shark NV356E Vacuum For Laminate Floors


image: Shark

This is a powerful upright vacuum from well-regarded HEPA filters. Its outstanding feature is that is can easily be converted from classic mode into a portable vacuum, giving you more flexibility over how and where you clean.

With a 30ft cable, you will be able to reach just about anywhere you need to clean.

It is equally suitable for hard surfaces and carpet. It incorporates a spinning brush roll that can give carpets a deep and thorough clean. However, importantly, when used on hard floors like laminate, the brush can be deactivated, helping protect more delicate surfaces.

This vacuum delivers plenty of suction power, meaning it is more than capable of dealing with even stubborn dust, dirt, and debris. It’s the most powerful upright vacuum on the market.

It also boasts HEPA filters that trap 99.9% of dust, small particles, and allergens inside, helping improve the quality of your air and reducing allergic reactions.

The filters are washable, so you don’t need to worry about replacing them when they become clogged. It is also bagless, meaning you won’t need to buy new bags either.

Something that might be less welcome is the unit’s weight – at 13.7lbs in upright mode, some people might find it a bit heavy. Also, it is a little top-heavy and is prone to tipping over when you use the hose attachment.

In sum, this is a solid option that is ideal for laminate surfaces but that works well on carpet too. Despite the weight, it gives you good mobility and would be a great option for anyone looking for a versatile unit for a range of vacuuming applications.

What We Like

  • Lift-Away design – converts from classic upright vac to portable unit
  • HEPA filters – traps 99.9% of dust, dirt, and allergens
  • Long 30ft cable – gives you plenty of scope for cleaning wherever necessary
  • Brush roll shutoff – helps protect hard surfaces from brush damage
  • Powerful unit – plenty of suction to pick up stubborn dirt and debris

What We Don’t Like

  • Heavier unit – weighs in at 13.7lbs when in upright mode
  • Top-heavy center of gravity – can tip over when using hose attachments

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4. Best Stick: Hoover BH50010 Vacuum For Laminate Floors


This is a cordless stick vacuum cleaner from well-known brand Hoover. Since it is cordless, it gives you extra mobility – you won’t be restricted by the need to work close to a power outlet. The battery is also non-fade, meaning you can work right up until the battery is empty.

As with many Hoover units on the market, it incorporates the extreme recline head that allows you to reach underneath furniture. It also boasts Hoover’s WindTunnel technology that is designed to funnel debris into the center while dislodging even the most stubborn dirt and grime.

If you have a mixture of laminate floor and carpet, this model is ideal since it works just as well on most types of surfaces. At under 10lbs, it is also lightweight and mobile, allowing you to reach just about anywhere you need to clean.

Perhaps the biggest negative is the fact that it doesn’t include any extra tools. If you need something more versatile with a crevice tool or something for upholstery, you might be better of considering a different model.

Also, the instructions are poorly written and need to be redone – however, it is simple enough to work out, so this is hardly a serious issue.

All in all, another solid option from a trusted brand. If you want a no-frills vac that will get the job done with a minimum of fuss, then this unit from Hoover should be on your radar.

What We Like

  • Fade-free battery – keeps working until the battery is empty
  • Extreme recline head – helps reach right under furniture
  • WindTunnel tech – sucks up even encrusted dirt and debris
  • Ideal for multiple surfaces – perfect for laminate but also carpets and rugs
  • Lightweight and maneuverable – at under 10lbs, easy for anyone to use

What We Don’t Like

  • Lacks attachments – less versatile than vacs with a hose and add-ons
  • Poorly-written instructions – could have been clearer

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5. Best Cordless: Dyson V8 Absolute Vacuum For Laminate Floors


image: Dyson

When it comes to high-quality top-end vacuums, Dyson is known as one of the leading brands in the market, and this is a cordless stick vacuum that lives up to the company’s reputation.

As with all Dyson vacuums, the suction power it generates is a big positive. This vacuum will suck up any dirt, debris, dust and animal hair that gets in its way.

It also features whole-machine HEPA filters that trap over 99% of fine particles and allergens inside, improving the quality of the air and helping to reduce allergic reactions related to dust or pets.

We like that it is lightweight and easy to use – just about anybody will be able to vacuum with this comfortably. It is also suitable for different types of floors, including hard surfaces and carpets – specifically, it includes a soft roller that will help protect delicate laminate floors.

Another good addition is the instant release trigger that ensures the battery is only engaged when it is being used. However, despite this, overall battery power is an issue, especially on the maximum setting, which will only give you under 10 minutes of continuous use.

The other main drawback is the price. However, you expect to pay more for quality, and with a Dyson, you know you are buying an outstanding piece of equipment.

In sum, this would be a good pick for anyone looking for a high-quality vacuum cleaner and who doesn’t mind paying extra to get their hands on it. If that sounds like you, this model could be well worth a look.

If you are interested in dyson vacuums, you can read our post: Best Dyson Vacuum On The Market

What We Like

  • Powerful suction – as with all vacuums from this company
  • Lightweight and easy to use – mobile and maneuverable
  • Whole-machine HEPA filters – traps dust particles and allergens inside
  • Instant release trigger – engages battery only when needed
  • Ideal for hard surfaces and carpets – includes soft roller to protect delicate floors

What We Don’t Like

  • Battery life an issue – especially on maximum power mode
  • Expensive option – although you expect to pay more for top-end equipment

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6. Best Robot: ECOVACS DEEBOT N79S Vacuum For Laminate Floors


image: ECOVACS

If you are looking for an innovative and modern solution to keeping your home clean and dirt-free, you might be interested in trying a robot vacuum. Instead of doing the cleaning yourself, simply program a robot to do it – and leave the machine to take care of the job for you.

Just like all robot vacuum on the market, this robot is compatible with a range of floor types, including laminate. It also has no trouble transitioning between one surface type and another, making it suitable for homes with a combination of laminate floors and carpets.

It has a good battery life of up to 110 minutes and automatically returns to its dock to charge at the end of each cycle. It is compatible with both Google Assistant and Amazon’s Alexa, meaning you can control it via app or voice command for extra convenience.

Other positives include the maximum power mode that can double suction power when required. The robot’s low profile also allows it to clean under furniture where you might not be able to reach with a conventional vacuum.

On the downside, this unit doesn’t have a virtual mapping capability and follows a random pattern instead. With several cycles, it will clean everywhere, but it might miss spots on any particular day.

Also, it can occasionally have trouble finding its way home to the dock, especially in homes with lots of rooms.

Robot vacuums are no longer the gadgets that perhaps they once were. They are now viable cleaning solutions, so if you are looking for a way to reduce the time you spend vacuuming, this is an option that should be of interest.

What We Like

  • Let a robot take care of vacuuming for you – save yourself time and effort
  • Good battery life – can run for up to 110 minutes on a single charge
  • Low profile – easily cleans underneath furniture
  • Compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa – control via app or voice command
  • Max power mode – allows for 2x power when required

What We Don’t Like

  • Random cleaning pattern – no virtual mapping capability
  • Can struggle to find dock – especially in homes with multiple rooms

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7. Most Versatile: Tineco A11 Vacuum For Laminate Floors


image: Tineco

This high-end vacuum from Tineco could be an option for anybody looking for something comparable to a Dyson but who is interested in checking out other brands.

It is a cordless battery-powered vacuum that comes with two batteries, allowing you to clean uninterrupted for up to an hour, better than almost any other cordless vacuum on the market.

The charger also allows you to charge both batteries at once, so you can have the vacuum ready to use whenever you need it.

It comes with a range of seven accessories, making it a highly versatile unit. It includes two brushes for different surfaces – one brush is specifically designed for laminate and other hard floors and allows it to suck up all dirt and debris without damaging the surface.

It boasts LED headlights that allow you to see where you’re cleaning, and it can easily be converted into a handheld mode for even more flexibility over your housework. For a vacuum of this power, it also runs relatively quietly.

This is an exceptional vacuum on the market, and there are only a few negatives. One could be that the dust cup is a little on the small side and may need emptying often, depending on the size of your home.

Also, the instructions are fairly minimal – but most people won’t need them anyway, and this is hardly a deal-breaker.

Other than these minor issues, there’s so much to like about this vacuum. It performs exceptionally well on both hard surfaces and on carpets, it is highly versatile – and it even looks good. A real alternative to something like a Dyson and well worth considering.

What We Like

  • Two brushes for different surfaces – includes one for delicate hard surfaces
  • LED headlights – illuminates underneath furniture and in dark corners
  • 2 batteries for extra life – clean for longer between charges
  • Converts to handheld mode – greater versatility and convenience
  • Comes with 7 accessories – allows you to clean in a range of situations

What We Don’t Like

  • Dust cup on the small side – might need to be emptied quite often
  • Instructions minimal – although mostly intuitive to set up and use

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Best Vacuum For Laminate Floors Buying Guide

If you are looking for a vacuum that’s suitable for laminate floors, you are probably wondering about the most important factors to consider when deciding which one to go for. Let’s have a look at some of these now.

Floor compatibility

Scour the market for a vacuum cleaner, you can either pick a model that is specifically designed for hard surfaces or one that works well on both hard surfaces and carpets.

The most important thing is that a vacuum won’t scratch or otherwise damage your delicate floors.

Vacuums that are intended for use on hard floors only are designed with this in mind, whereas vacuums that work on both hard floors and carpets include special modes to protect hard floors.

This might include the ability to stop the brush roll from spinning to avoid scratching or burning the surface.

Other things to look for include non-marring wheels that won’t leave marks on hard floor surfaces.

Suction power

An important quality to look for in all vacuums is suction power. The more suction a vacuum can produce, the easier it will be to keep your floors clean. This is especially true if you have pets at home since the extra power will help pick up stubborn animal hairs.

Corded or battery-powered?

A big decision you will have to make is whether to go for a corded version or a battery-powered unit.

With corded vacuums, you can work for as long as you like without worrying about the battery running out. However, you are restricted by the cord since you can only work within a range of a power outlet.

With battery power, there is no such limitation. However, the amount of time you can vacuum for depends on the battery.

If you choose corded, make sure the cord is long enough for you to be able to reach everywhere in your home.

If you opt for battery, check that the battery life is long enough for you to be able to finish vacuuming before it runs out.


Mobility is a key point to consider. How heavy is the vacuum? How easy is it to steer and navigate around obstacles such as furniture? Some people might find heavier vacuums difficult to use, in which case opting for a lighter model would be a good choice.


Many vacuums on the market have a hose attachment that allows you to clean more than just floors. Often, they come with separate accessories like crevice tools, tools for cleaning upholstery and special attachments for pet hair.

If you only want to clean floors, these accessories might not be necessary, but if you hope to use your vacuum for other areas, these kinds of accessories will make your machine much more versatile.

Many good options to pick from

As you can see, there are many solid options to pick from, and choosing the right one for you can be tough. If you need the best vacuum for the laminate floor but you don’t know which one to go for, any of the top picks in our review would be a great place to start looking.

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