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11 Best Window Fans of 2022 – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

Best Window Fan on the market

One of the things about buying the right working tools is to have the right information about their functions, their strengths, weaknesses, and also the best ones on the market. This is not different if you are looking to buying long-lasting, powerful window fans.

There is no chance to make mistakes in choosing the right one, especially for those who live in environments with hot weather condition. We’ve decided to save you the stress by providing a review of the best window fans with top functionality that would leave you refreshed and your home well ventilated.

The Best Window Fan On The Market of 2022


1. Bionaire Airflow Window Fan

Bionaire Airflow Window Fan
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    With its remote control support, the Bionaire Airflow Window Fan provides you with the ease of selecting your preferred airflow speed setting from up to 15 feet (4.5 meters) away.

    This fan has three high-velocity speed power adjustment that allows you to choose between high, medium, or low airflow. This gives you the convenience of changing how much force of air you get depending on the weather. Its water-resistant feature makes it perfect for even the rainy season.

    Additionally, it features a programmable digital LED thermostat that can be used to select your preferred temperature around the house permanently. The fan is built to automatically turn on or off in response to your chosen temperature.

    Its remote control feature is not what you would easily find in the market of window fans. You can use it to control speed, air flow direction, and temperature. It uses 2 AAA Batteries.

    As expected, it has a downside. While it does not make so much noise when working, it does make a loud beeping sound when you press any button. This could cause a disturbance to people sleeping at night if someone is operating it.

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    2. Holmes Reversible Twin Window Fan (Budget Pick)

    Holmes Reversible Twin Window Fan
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      One of the perks of window fans is their direct contact with outdoor air that allows for cool, fresh breeze circulation. The Holmes Reversible Twin Window Fan does not fall short of this.

      When installed, it helps in maintaining a cool indoor temperature. It features a one-touch programmable thermostat that can be used to control the speed of the fan. It comes with two digital comfort setting options.

      Interestingly, the fan comes with dual blades that can be adjusted individually. This is cool because you could maximize it well.

      For example, you could have one blade bringing in cools air from the outdoors and the other taking out stake air. What is more? This reversing feature is wholly digital, so you would not need to get your hands dirty.

      This fan is designed to fit most sizes of sliders and double-hung windows, thanks to its adjustable extender screen, which can reach up to 37″. The fan measures around 13.3″ x 25.5″ x 6″.

      Let me tell you that you might run into some problems with this fan if you like your home COLD. It is designed to shut down when the outdoor temperature is lower than 40°F. If you’re cool with this, you’re good to go.

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      3. iLiving 18 Inch Smart Remote Shutter Exhaust Fan (Upgrade Pick)

      iLiving 18 Inch Smart Remote Shutter Exhaust Fan
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        If you are looking for a sophisticated fan that expels stale air, smell, or heat very fast, the iLiving 18 Inch Smart Remote Shutter Exhaust might be the right choice for you.

        It is ideal for garages, laundry rooms, or any other place around the house, as well as for barns, restaurants, factories, etc.

        Additionally, it features a humidistat, thermostat, timer, and variable speed settings that all cater to your comfort. You can also control all of these with the remote control provided.

        Its engines are completely hidden in a thermal enclosure that leaves them permanently lubricated.

        During operation, its automatic shutters close and open in line with the speed setting of the fan. This movement aids airflow to move in and out briskly, causing hot, humid, and smelly air to go out and cool air to fill the room, bringing quick comfort.

        One turn off is that it does not have those life-saving extendable sheets that make installation smooth for a wide range of window sizes. However, it does come in different sizes (12″ to 24″), so you would have to make an extra effort to get the size that fits your window correctly.

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        4. Holmes Group Bionaire Thin Window Fan

        Holmes Group Bionaire Thin Window Fan
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          You would agree with me that a must-have for window fans is a speed selector that helps you choose your preferred airflow speed. Well, the Holmes Group Bionaire Thin Window Fan has three of these, so you can adjust your fan speed between high, mid, and low.

          The independently controlled triad blades make this small but powerful window fan ideal for a range of applications. It’s near noiselessness add to this and makes it perfect for home use in the living room or bedroom.

          Compared to other window fans in the market, it is ultra-sleek and weighs quite less. It fits a wide range of window sizes starting from a minimum of 25.5 in x 8 in. It also has extendable sheets that can cover up for much bigger windows.

          This window fan is equipped with a digital thermostat for easy selection and precise control over airflow that affords you custom comfort.

          One salient thing I have noticed is that it looks pretty tight sealed, so opening it up for cleaning might be a chore. Also, it does not automatically reverse; you have to do that manually. It’s quite lightweight, so that should only take a few minutes.

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          5. Air King Whole House Window Fan

          Air King Whole House Window Fan
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            It might be safe to say Air King 9166F 20″ Whole House Window Fan lives up to its name as the king of the air.

            Unlike traditional window fans, this fan does not impede your need to close or open the window, as you can shut the window in front of it during poor weather. This masterpiece is called the “Storm Guard.” This is really convenient and relieves you from worrying about your fan when you’re away.

            It looks much different from other window fans you would see in the market, but it’s more powerful. It has an incredible motor with 120 Volts and  ⅙ horsepower rating.

            This fan comes with a three-speed setting: high, mid, or low that work for cubic feet per minute of 3560, 3120, and 2510 and rotations per minute of 1600, 1450, and 1100, respectively.

            One thing I am not so comfortable with is the noise. This fan is quite loud, and except you put it in a location that is remote from the bedroom or living room, it is sure to cause a disturbance.

            Anyway, if you don’t mind a slightly loud operation, you could go ahead and get one. You might eventually get used to it.

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            6. Genesis Twin Window Fan

            Genesis Twin Window Fan
            market square

              A lot of folks love to look closely at the features of products they buy in the market to make sure they get the best. This is why I would recommend the Genesis Twin Window Fan.

              It is a high-velocity dual-fan window fan designed to provide you with your preferred airflow speed consistently. It has a 3-speed setting that allows you to choose between high, medium, and low breeze output.

              The fan has twin copper motors that work independently to power each fan. Both motors are built to endure a variety of weather.

              In addition, it has a thermostat with which you can monitor the temperature through a clear LED display.

              Its reverse airflow mechanics allow you to program the fan to bring in fresh air or expel stale air. This intake or exhaust feature can also be done at the same time, with both fans being set differently. This feature is great because it lets fresh air circulate and sucks out stake air.

              Finally, it has two attachable legs to make it stand if you don’t want it on your window. This would be useful if you wish to take the slight noise it makes away.

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              7. Air King Window Fan

              Air King Window Fan
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                The Air-King 9155 Window Fan comes with an amazing 3-speed rotary switch that allows you access to a personalized airflow setting.

                It has ABS plastic blades housed in a metal front grill. This gives it strong protection against poor weather conditions.

                The motor is well encased and so is permanently lubricated. It also comes with a 3-conductor, 7 feet, SJT type power cable.

                It also has a reversible airflow feature. Both fans can work simultaneously, with one as an intake fan and the other as an exhaust fan. You can also turn both the same way, depending on what you want to achieve.

                For example, if you need to air out a room, turning both fans exhaust fans would be more effective. After a while, you could do one as intake and the other as exhaust. This process is digital, so it does not require any manpower.

                As with many window fans in the market, this fan can be quite noisy, especially when it’s at high speed. A solution would be to put it on medium or low speed. You could also consider putting it in a remote area in your home. If placed strategically, it could still give good ventilation.

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                8. BOVADO USA Twin Window Cooling Fan

                BOVADO USA Twin Window Cooling Fan
                market square

                  This list won’t be complete without the BOVADO USA Twin Window Cooling Fan. Its 9 turbo blades are designed to ensure the correct inflow of nourishing air.

                  One good thing about this window fan is that it is designed for both double-hung or slider windows. It has extendable sheets that can be used to match the sizes of bigger windows and provide safety.

                  At the minimum, this fan can fit windows with 23.5″ frames. When extended, it can fit inside a 37″ window frame.

                  Additionally, it has an automatic reversible feature that allows you to turn each fan independently or together. This means that both can act as intake or exhaust fans—alternatively, one being on intake and the other on the exhaust.

                  Let’s say that this fan knows how to solve a lot of problems. One innovative thing it has is a bug and heat net/cover. While the fan is not in use, you would have to worry about taking it off the window to keep in cold air and keep out scary bugs.

                  While it brings great solutions to some important problems, it does neglect one; noise. You would have to worry less about this during the cold weather, though, as you would most likely have it at low speed.

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                  9. Comfort Zone Reversible Twin Window Fan

                  Comfort Zone Reversible Twin Window Fan
                  market square

                    The Comfort Zone Reversible Twin Window Fan surely does live to its name. With its multifunctional performance, it affords your preferred amount of cooling breeze and creates proper ventilation.

                    Because it comes with remote control, you’re spared the challenges and trouble of having to walk over to your window fan every time you need to adjust its speed. So, from across the room, you can easily make all your adjustments.

                    In addition, the fan can also be reversed electronically. With the different settings, you can adjust both fans in the same direction; as either exhaust or cooling fans. Otherwise, you could program your window fan to circulate air, with one fan acting as an exhaust fan and the other as an intake fan.

                    Something you don’t really find in the market is a window fan with legs to stand. This window fan has a feature that makes it convertible to a stand-alone fan. It also has a screen to keep bugs away. A removable cover is also provided to keep the window fan protected when not in use. It’s also easy to clean.

                    Unfortunately, the problem of noise still resonates with this window fan. If you don’t mind a mild humming sound, then you should go for it.

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                    10. Portable Twin 9″ Reversible Window Fan

                    Portable Twin 9
                    market square

                      The Portable Twin 9” Reversible Window Fan comes fully assembled. So, the only thing you’ve got to do is to mount it on your preferred location and enjoy its full speed cool air generation.

                      Peculiar to this twin window fan is two removable covers that help solve two important problems – bugs and heat. The front cover can be used to keep heat from entering the room when the fan is not in use.

                      On the other hand, the removable back cover is there to protect your home from bugs that might try to invade. These two well thought of features are not what you would often see in the market.

                      Another impressive thing about this fan is whisper quiet when in operation. This makes it a great option for the bedroom, library, or office use.

                      A downside to this window fan is that it can be pretty hard to mount on your window. It takes more time than most window fans you would find in the market.

                      The clips that are supposed to hold the extenders are also quite loose. However, if your window is the size of the fan itself and you don’t need the extender, then you are good to go.

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                      11. Holmes Dual Blade Twin Window Fan

                      Holmes Dual Blade Twin Window Fan
                      market square

                        The Holmes Dual Blade Twin Window Fan combines style and efficiency to enhance the air quality in your environment. It operates with a two-blade system that is powerful enough to offer comfort during the hot seasons for large rooms up to 500 sq. ft.

                        This fan works by drawing in air from the outdoors or expelling stale indoor air. It has a manually reversible feature that allows you to switch between these two convenient options. Either way, both keep your room smelling fresh.

                        I like that it has an adjustable screen that can expand to fit larger windows. It is customizable to fit most slider and double-hung windows. With this, you would not need to worry about the size. The panels are strong enough for vertical orientation.

                        Not only for a hot day, but the fan is also water-resistant. So, you can rest assured that the engines would be alright during the rainy season.

                        Another cool feature is its noiselessness. Imagine being under a loud cooling system in a very hot summer season; that would be disastrous. The quiet operation of this window fan also allows for use in the bedroom because it would not disturb you while you sleep.

                        Although this fan has really good qualities, one downside is the manual airflow reversal method, which could have been automated. Its easy installation feature makes up for this, though.

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                        Buying Guide – Things to Consider When Shopping For A Window Fan

                        Best Window Fan On The Market

                        Different brands of window fans come with specific features that can be quite impressive. However, you should not be side-tracked by those great qualities. Here are some important things to look out for when buying a window fan:

                        Window Size

                        If you are getting a window fan, chances are you already have a window. It’s only practical to buy one that fits correctly. What you need to do is to measure the sill’s height and width.

                        The salesperson at the store would know the right size to recommend for you, then. Knowing the correct measurement will also work for you if you are buying online.

                        From the products we reviewed, you would see that a lot of window fans manufacturer provide extendable sheets for bigger sized windows. This makes it easier for you as a buyer. Be sure to ask how long the extendable sheets are before purchasing.


                        Like any other product, window fans come in different designs and functionalities. Window fans usually have solo, twin, or triple fans. Your choice from either of these should be based on factors like the size of your room, the weather in your environment, or personal temperature preference.

                        For one, you might want to consider getting a solo blade fan if your location is a dorm room in an extremely cold place. Anyway, some window fans give you the option of adjusting the speed, so you could keep an eye out for that too. Also, take note of how much power each setting generates.

                        Another feature of a window fan is its reversibility. Some window fans can act as exhaust fans (expelling stale air, odor, or smoke out of the room) or intake fans (bringing in cool breeze indoors). Others can even do both at the same time and circulate air.

                        For example, if you plan to have a window fan in the basement, you might want to look for a fan that circulates air so the room would not be so stuffy. Further, some window fans support manual reversibility.

                        This means you would need to take the window fan out of the window and turn it with your hands to switch between taking out or bringing in air. In this case, size matters. On the other hand, some window fans support digital reversibility, which saves a ton of stress.


                        Because of how they are installed, window fans are exposed to the outdoors in many cases. It would be ideal for getting one with a plastic casing to avoid electric shocks that might come as a result of a poor weather condition.


                        If you have ever used any kind of fan or air conditioner that made a lot of noise, you definitely be wishing not to have such an experience again. Of course, with fans, it is almost impossible to find a totally noiseless one because of the wind they expel. However, some really great window fans operate nearly quietly with mild hums to create a comfortable environment.


                        Some window fans are waterproof. This feature helps protect them from harsh weather that otherwise might be harmful. Looking at other windows that have protection from other kinds of weather might also be a good move.

                        Some window fans you find in the market also come with alternative stands that would be a great option for poor weather condition. If a window fan is not waterproof, for example, you could take it out of your window and set it up on the stands.

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                        Let me tell you that it was not an easy feat to arrive at these top 11 window fans. I noticed that a lot of the window fans in the market had really similar features. One window fan that covered most of the loopholes stated in the conditions and even more is the Bionaire Airflow Window Fan.

                        Its duo blade system makes it perfect for all kinds of room. You can also switch between airflow speeds. If you are binge on optimal functionality, this would be great for you. The other 10 are also great options.

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