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How to use all Dyson Tools- Dyson Attachments Guide

dyson attachments guide

Your Dyson vacuum can become the most versatile tool in your kit – provided you know how to use all those extra tools which come in its package.

Ever wondered how to use all those fancy attachments that accompany your Dyson?

You are not alone as most people don’t know what to do with all that gear either. Dyson is partly to blame for this confusion as it supplies its units with so many attachments that an ordinary user decides against going through the user manual to find out how each of them works.

Sensing this predicament, we decided to come up with this article. It gives you a low down on all the tools whose names you might remember but whose utility you have long since forgotten, thereby enabling you to make the most of your next vacuuming session.

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The Common Attachments

If your Dyson vacuum comes with attachments, it will have these four in its package.

1. Crevice Tool

dyson attachments usesAs the name implies, this attachment is used to clean tight spots including corners, between sofa cushions, around vents or radiators, alongside baseboards, and more. You can also use the crevice tool for removing dirt from the coils of your refrigerator to make sure it keeps on providing optimum cooling.

2. Dusting Brush

dyson fluffy head attachmentWith its soft yet long bristles, a dusting brush enables the vacuum to clean blinds, lampshades, framed art, windowsills, and bookcases. Provided your vacuum allows you to adjust its variable suction – most upright vacuums do – you can use its dusting brush for delicate cleaning tasks as well.

3. Upholstery Tool

dyson cordless attachmentsResembling the vacuum brush in design, the upholstery tool has bristles that are quite long and brittle, thereby making it useful for cleaning carpets. You can also use it to rid your furniture of stains, shampoo your carpets, and remove debris from your armchairs and couches.

4. Extension wand

dyson v8 absolute attachmentsMostly included in the package of canister vacuums, an extension wand lets you clean corners and ceilings by increasing the reach of your vacuum. You can use an extension wand to link other attachments as well. Though its best performance lies in cleaning areas underneath the refrigerator.

Not-so-common attachments

Provided your Dyson vacuum falls in the mid-to-high price range, you might expect to see the following tools in its package.

1. Brushroll

dyson v8 attachments guideIf you want your cordless vacuum to deep clean carpets and thick rugs, make sure it comes with a powered brush roll. This attachment has an independent motor which operates its brush roll which, in turn, gets out embedded dirt from within carpets. Though it isn’t recommended for hardwoods or bare floors.

2. Ceiling Fan Attachment

dyson v8 attachmentsEver realized how it is to clean your ceiling fan without taking apart all its blades? With a ceiling fan attachment, you’d never have to worry about this problem. It is basically a long tube with a bend at its tail-end to let you clean the blades as well as the upper parts of your ceiling fans.

3. Multi-purpose floor nozzle

dyson upholstery toolA tool that resembles the design of your vacuum brush, the multi-purpose floor nozzle lets you adjust its height with a mere flip of a button. That, in turn, allows this tool to clean all types of floors. Though it reserves its best performance for bare floors which are littered with loose dirt and sand.

4. Pet Hair Tool

how to use dyson attachmentsRegardless of how much money you might end up paying for a vacuum, there’s no guarantee that it will hold its own when picking up after your furry friend. Hence the reason why, if you have pets at home, you should insist on a model that provides the pet hair tool in its package.

Floor-specific attachments

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Regardless of whether you own a high-end cordless stick vacuum or a traditional canister, it is inconceivable for it to not offer any of these attachments in its package.

1. Turbo Brush – for carpets

Powered by the flow of air, a turbo brush rotates on its own axis to provide the spinning motion which an ordinary vacuum head lacks. It is this ability of the tool which makes it a must-have for fully-carpeted homes, as it removes pet hair and dirt from within the carpet fibers.

2. Hard Floor Tool – for hardwoods

Flat and wide in shape, a hard floor tool comes with short bristles that allow it to provide a sweeping action. It also has rubber wheels that allow it to move along the floor without scratching it. You can use this attachment to clean dry messes from tiles, bare floors and hardwoods.

3. Stair cleaner – for stairs

Available in multiple designs and styles, the common theme which runs across all types of stair cleaners is a wide opening towards their end. They also have an extended hose which lets you clean all the stairs, no matter how huge the number. You can get this attachment with most upright vacuums.

5. Mattress tool – for bedding and curtains

In contrast to most other vacuum cleaner attachments, the mattress tool doesn’t only stop itself at cleaning. Instead, with its deep cleaning function, you can also use this attachment to sprinkle power inside your mattress to get rid of that smell which doesn’t let you sleep at night.


As you might have noticed by now, all the attachments which we mentioned in this package have the ability to take the usefulness of your cleaner to a whole new level. However, before they can do that, it is imperative for you to know how to use them. Provided you can take some time to understand their working, these attachments have the potential to make your next cleaning session a whole lot easier.

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