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What to do when Dyson Vacuum Brush is Not Spinning?

dyson vacuum brush not spinning

You turn on the Dyson vacuum cleaner to clean your room only to find out that it’s not working properly. Upon closer inspection, you discover that the vacuum brush is not spinning. Now, what should you do?

The good thing is that you can fix a vacuum brush that’s not spinning. This article has got you covered on how to do that.

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What to do with a vacuum brush that is not spinning?

The vacuum brush usually has angled bristles for sweeping and forcing the dust to be sucked into the hose.  It is moved by a motor inside the vacuum cleaner’s head assembly. It makes the Dyson vacuum cleaner effective in vacuuming hard floors and even upholstery.

There are several reasons why it won’t spin.  Let’s go into the simple ones first.

One is that the unit itself could be locked into an upright position. When it is locked, the motor which powers the vacuum brush is disengaged. You can unlock the unit by depressing the button located near the cleaning head.

dyson vacuum troubleshooting brush not spinning
cleaning the head

You may also check if the cleaner head height setting is too low.  Most Dyson vacuums have separate height settings for cleaning carpets and bare hardwood floors. Suffice to say, make sure that you set the height setting to a level that’s appropriate with the surface you’re cleaning.

For Dyson vacuum cleaners with removable heads, it is possible that the brush won’t spin since the head is not properly locked in place.  If your unit is like that, unplug it first then make sure that the cleaner head is locked into position by pushing it towards the main body of the machine.

Is the brush of your Dyson vacuum cleaner still not spinning? Then let’s discuss the solution to the most usual cause: clogged hair or debris on the brush.

How to Clear Brush of Clogged Hair or Debris

dyson brushbar not spinning
Checking the brush bar

One thing you should know is that it can be easy for the brush of Dyson vacuum cleaners to get jammed and consequently, not to spin. This is particularly true if you live with pets or you have long hair.  Still, getting rid of hair or debris should not be much of a task.

Start by unplugging the vacuum cleaner. Then lay it on the floor with its back facing you. This should let you access the brush bar.

Watch the below video on how to remove and clean the brush bar of a Dyson DC65 upright vacuum cleaner.  The uploader inspected the brush bar and found that it has been jammed with hair which is quite difficult to cut with a pair of scissors.

YouTube video


As he mentions in the clip, there is a red retaining ring found on the upper part of the brush bar. You can take this off by holding the side and twisting it towards you.  Then you can remove the brush bar and twist the two locking screws found on its base.

By this time, you should be able to pull apart the brush bar assembly. Using a Philips screwdriver or even a coin, unscrew the four screws that affix the brush to the brush bar assembly.

As noted in this Dyson YouTube instructional video, clear the brush of any hair and debris before rinsing it thoroughly.   While the video shows a Dyson V8 cordless vacuum cleaner, you should also do the same to your unit’s brush even if it is a cordless stick vacuum or a canister vacuum model.

Stand the brush upright and let it dry for at least 24 hours. Never put it back into the unit unless it is completely dry.  Refit the brush into the brush bar assembly and ensure that it tightly screwed. Replace the brush bar, plug the unit, and check if the brush is now spinning.

Did that solve the problem? If not, continue reading as a loose or broken belt may be the reason why the vacuum brush is not spinning.

What to Do if the Belt is Broken or Loose

dyson brush not spinning

Some Dyson models like the Dyson D25 upright vacuum cleaner has a rubber drive belt connecting the brush bar to the motor. Over time, it can break or slip over time.

Unplug the unit and lay it flat on its back so you can look at the brush bar. If you see that there are two brushes separated by a drive mechanism at the center of the assembly, then there is no belt to replace.

But if your unit has a single bar extending all the way across the assembly, then you’ll know that the bar is controlled by a single belt located on one side. This can wear out eventually.

You can replace the belt to make the brush spin again. Disassemble the cleaner head as shown in the below video. Remove the eight screws so you can separate the two halves of the cleaner head. You will find the belt on the side of the cleaner head.

YouTube video


Check if the teeth of the belt are worn away. Lever the belt off with a flathead screwdriver. Replace it with a new one that you can order from the Dyson website. Put the cleaner head back on. The brush should now start spinning.

If none of these solutions or tricks work, then the problem may be attributed to a motor defect. As mentioned earlier, this is a job that’s best suited for a Dyson technician.


The brush is one of the most important parts of a Dyson vacuum cleaner. But just like any other part, it is prone to problems like hair and debris clogging it which can prevent it from spinning.

Fortunately, there are numerous tricks you can try to clean the brush. Attempt all the solutions detailed above and you should be able to get the brush spinning again.

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