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How to Clean Laminate Wood Floors Without Streaking

how to clean laminate floor without streaking

Laminate wood floors are beautiful and inviting until the children spill drinks or dogs come running in from the outside. After this, you’ll have to do the inevitable and that is to clean the floor.

And when you do so, you are bugged by one thought: how would you clean laminate floors without streaking? Streaks on laminate wood floors are not only an eyesore; these may also cause voiding of the flooring warranty. So it goes beyond the aesthetics.

Continue reading to find out how to clean laminate wood floors without those unsightly streaks.

How to clean laminate wood floors without streaks?

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Laminate wood floors are popular among homeowners because of its numerous advantages. It is durable, cheap, and easy to install. But along with those advantages come some drawbacks, including the flooring being prone to streaks.

Let’s take a closer look first at laminate wood floors so we can understand why these are prone to streaking. Laminate wood floors are made of layers of wood and fiber. The surface is sealed with a protective coating that is responsible for its shiny appearance.

Using regular floor cleaner on its surface may damage the protective coating. The use of a cleaning solution containing soap, meanwhile, can leave behind streaks on the surface. This can affect the shine of laminate wood floors.

In short, cleaning laminate wood floors can be a challenging job.

Now how would you clean this type of flooring without leaving behind streak marks? We’ll give you a couple of methods to do so depending on the foot traffic the laminate wood floor gets.

Method 1: Sweeping and Dry Mopping

how to clean laminate wood floors without streaking
Sweeping and Dry Mopping

Sweeping and dry mopping should be enough to clean laminate wood floors without leaving behind streaks, especially if the floor does not get much foot traffic.

Sweeping is important because it can prevent scratches or dents on the floor. Dust, dirt, debris, and other particles left on the floor can increase the risks of said imperfections. By regularly sweeping the laminate floor, you can keep the shiny and immaculate appearance of the floor.

You can use a bristle broom to sweep off the debris and loose dirt from the surface of the laminate wood floor. Move the broom lightly while sweeping to avoid leaving scratches.

You can also use a vacuum cleaner instead of a broom. Aside from having a powerful suction, the ideal vacuum for laminate floors should have attachments such as a bare floor tool for cleaning hard surfaces and telescopic wands for hitting tight spots.

Moreover, the ideal vacuum cleaner for laminate floors has no beater bar. Vacuum cleaners with beater bars can damage the smooth floor surface due to the vibrating motion on the brushes.

Shopping for a commercial vacuum cleaner that can clean your laminate wood floor? Check out the Shark vacuum Flex Duo. If the budget is not a concern, try the Dyson vacuum V6. The said unit is widely considered the best cordless vacuum cleaner for cleaning laminate wood floors.

Method 2: Wet Mopping

best way to clean laminate floors without streaking
Wet Mopping

Wet mopping of laminate wood floors is a must if the flooring gets heavy foot traffic. The use of plain water in wet mopping, however, leaves behind streak marks because of water’s alkaline nature.

The solution is to add white vinegar to neutralize the alkalinity of plain water. You can do this by mixing ¼ cup of white vinegar in two gallons of lukewarm water. Pour the solution into a spray bottle or in a bucket. Watch this YouTube clip to better visualize the process.

YouTube video


You should also not use any other kind of mop in cleaning laminate floors. The best mop for wet mopping is microfiber mop. It has grooves capable of holding dirt. Dip this mop into the DIY solution and wring out excess water. Clean the laminate wood floor with it.

After cleaning up the entire laminate floor, leave it to dry. You should only walk on a dry laminate floor. If you left behind too much water on the floor, you should dry it immediately with a clean and dry towel. Leaving the water to stand on the floor will damage its surface.

But how about robot mops? Can a robot mop be as effective as a microfiber mop in cleaning laminate wood floors without streaking?

The answer is yes! Robot mops can clean laminate floors without leaving streak marks. Vacuum or mop hybrid models are best for this purpose. As the name suggests, this type of robot mop can vacuum a laminate wood floor first before vacuuming.

When you want it to mop, you simply fill the vacuum/mop hybrid’s tank with water and then attach a microfiber cloth. The robot would then spray water directly on the floor before mopping it.

how to clean laminate floors without streaks
robot mop

Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid

Cleaning laminate wood floors may sound simple and easy. Yet it is surprising to learn that many homeowners still commit laminate wood floor cleaning mistakes such as:

  • Using too much water in mopping. In cleaning laminate wood floors, remember that less water is better. After all, water has the potential to soak in which can result in peeling and separation of laminate wood floors.
  • You should never use bleach because it will soak in the wood laminate floor. Moreover, bleach may take away the shiny finish of the laminate floor. Or it can stain the color of the wood floor.
  • Avoid using rag mops as these tend to slather extra water.

Keep these laminate wood cleaning mistakes in mind so that you won’t commit them, and ensure the long-lasting shine and good appearance of your laminate wood floors.

Final Thoughts

Cleaning laminate wood floors without streaks is not a difficult job at all. You should make it a habit to vacuum or sweep the laminate wood floor first before mopping. If the floor is exposed to heavy traffic, you should turn to wet mopping.

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