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6 Steps to Connect Roomba to WiFi (With Pictures)

irobot home app setup

If your Roomba offers you the convenience of operating it using your smartphone, it means that it has Wi-Fi capability. Not all Roomba models have this feature, and if yours does, it means you can create a cleaning schedule or start cleaning using your smartphone.

So if you are wondering how to connect Roomba to Wi-Fi, here is how you set it up.

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Step 1

Download the iRobot Home app on your smartphone. There are two versions of this app: Android and IOS. So pick the one that is compatible with your smartphone.

Once you have downloaded the app, you’ll be prompted to enter your language of choice and your country of residence. Once you have done this, press on the Accept Terms tab to move to the next phase.

Step 2

Once you accept the terms, you’ll be required to create a Roomba account. If you already have one, you will need to login into your account.

Step 3

connect roomba to wifi
accessed your account and choose your device

Once you have accessed your account, choose your device. There are two options. There is Roomba and there is Bravia. Both of them are products of iRobot.

Step 4

After choosing your device, the app will provide you with some basic instructions to follow on where to set your device. These include where to set up the docking station.

Step 5

Before you can connect your Roomba to your Wi-Fi, make sure that it is charged. Once it is charged, use the app to connect your Roomba to your Wi-Fi. To do that you need to connect to your Wi-Fi network by entering your name and password.

Step 6

roomba not connecting to wifi
good to go

Once you have entered the password and name of your Wi-Fi network, on your Roomba next to the Clean button, you’ll see the home ( ) and target () buttons. Press the buttons simultaneously. After a few seconds, you’ll hear a sound and you’ll see a Wi-Fi icon come on. Then go back to your phone and once you see a message saying that the connection is successful, you are good to go.

When you cannot activate your Wi-Fi

If you hear no sound when you press the home and target buttons together, check to see that your unit is properly plugged in. If it is not plugged in properly, this could be the problem.

If the problem is not the power connection, then try to activate your Wi-Fi again. Press the “Clean” button to start your Roomba, then press the home and target buttons simultaneously, make sure that you are not touching the “Clean” button when doing this.

Wait a few seconds and if you hear a sound and the Wi-Fi icon comes on, you’ll know your Roomba is Wi-Fi connected. If you’re Roomba does not have the home and target buttons, then press the “Clean” button to activate the Wi-Fi.

When you cannot connect after network setup

how to connect roomba to wifi
ensure that your unit is located near your Wi-Fi router

To successfully connect Roomba to your Wi-Fi network, you need to connect it to 2.4 GHz WI-Fi connection. It is important to know this before setting up a connection since Roombas do not connect to 5 GHz WI-Fi connections.

Also, when you connect your Roomba to your Wi-Fi ensure that your unit is located near your Wi-Fi router for a better connection. And make sure that there is no ad blocker running on your phone as this can cause you Roomba not to connect to your Wi-Fi.

Can I Use a Roomba Without Wi-Fi?

roomba won't connect to wifi
Use a Roomba Without Wi-Fi

Not all Roomba models can connect to Wi-Fi, but that does not mean that they cannot do what they were designed to do.

A Roomba doesn’t need a Wi-Fi connection to do its job. All you need to do is hit the “Clean” button and your Roomba will start cleaning.

The Wi-Fi connection feature, however, does offer convenience.  Using Roomba’s iRobot Home app, you can schedule cleanings and customize your Roomba from your smartphone. You can even receive mapping reports on your phone.

These are clear advantages of why having a Roomba with a Wi-Fi connection can be ideal.

Turning off your Wi-Fi

If you want to turn off your robot vacuum Wi-Fi connection, all you need to do is a factory reset it. You do this by pressing the Clean, Target and Home buttons on your Roomba simultaneously and then release them once you hear a sound.

Hold the buttons for about 10 to 15 seconds. Once you hear a sound, this is an indication that your unit is reset.

Keep in mind that once you reset your Roomba, you will lose all your data including your scheduling data.

Roomba Wifi connection tips

roomba wifi
Roomba Wifi connection tips
  • Roombas only connect to 2.4G WI-Fi connection.
  • To connect to your Roomba to your Wi-Fi, you need to download the iRobot Home app first.
  • To disconnect your Roomba’s Wi-Fi connection you need to factory reset your unit.
  • If you have a 2.4/5 GHz Wi-Fi connection but you notice that your Roomba is trying to connect to the 5G network and not the 2.4G network, restart your router and then try to connect it again.
  • Any data collected by your Roomba through the app can be deleted. You just need to call the company and request them to delete the data.
  • All Roomba that have wireless capability collect data, and this may include images and mappings of your home. But only 980, 960,890, and 690 series models can transmit data, although not to third party companies.
  • If you don’t want your Roomba to collect data then avoid connecting it to your Wi-Fi.


A Roomba with wireless capability has one great advantage over a Roomba that doesn’t. And that is, you can manage and operate it from your smartphone.

There has been a debate over security. Roombas that are capable of collecting data and storing are said to be less secure because they can be hacked. But any data that is transmitted from your Roomba and the app is encrypted.

Furthermore, iRobot’s privacy policy states that the company does not share or sell user data to any third party without the informed consent of the user.

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