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How to Reset Roomba Vacuum – Step By Step with Pictures


If you have a Roomba vacuum cleaner, and you are experiencing problems with the device, you may need to reset it. So here are simple steps to guide you on how to reset Roomba.

Reset procedure for the Roomba 500 and 600 series

Step 1

factory reset roomba
make sure that the device is off

Remove your Roomba vacuum from the charger. If you are replacing the battery, make sure that the device is off. Once you have placed your new battery, turn on your Roomba by pressing the “Clean” button. A green light will come on.

Step 2

how to reset irobot
Hold the “Dock” and “Spot” buttons

Hold the “Dock” and “Spot” buttons simultaneously until the green light goes off. This should take about 10 seconds.

Step 3

Once the light goes off, release the buttons. You’ll hear a sound, indicating that your Roomba is booting.

Step 4

reset roomba
pressing the “Clock” button

Connect your Roomba back to its charger and wait until the green light comes on. Then go ahead and check if you’re Roomba has rebooted by pressing the “Clock” button. If all the clock settings have been erased, you know your device has reset.

Step 5

Set your schedule, time and date. And that’s it. [6 Steps to Connect Roomba to WiFi (With Pictures)]

Reset procedure for the 700, 800 and 900 series

how to reset roomba

Reset procedure for the 700, 800 and 900 series

Step 1

Press the “Clean” button and hold it down for 10 seconds until you see the “r5t” text.

Step 2

Once the text appears, release the “Clean button” and your Roomba will turn off. You’ll hear some tones and this is to indicate that your Roomba has reset.

Step 3

Once you have reset your Roomba, you will need to reprogram your schedule, date and time as this information gets erased during the reset process.

Point: Not every problem can be resolved by resetting your Roomba. And it also doesn’t mean that your unit has a problem that is why it needs resetting.

When you need to reset your Roomba

Battery replacement

roomba battery reset
Battery replacement

Roomba comes with a rechargeable battery. But with time and use, the battery life shortens. When this happens, you may notice that the batteries are not holding a charge or they deplete too quickly during a cleaning cycle.

This means that your unit needs a new battery. And once you replace the battery, you will need to reset your Roomba and reprogram your schedule.

But if replacing the battery does not resolve your issue, this means that the issue is with the device. And this is when you need to call the experts.

Point: If you don’t know how to replace the battery, check out this video on how to do it.

YouTube video


Software Issues

Like all other digital devices, your Roomba vacuum cleaner relies on a software program to run. Your vacuum may not work properly or even at all.

Signs that may indicate that it’s a software issue include:

  • The vacuum not being able to run the launcher
  • Your unit is not cleaning properly
  • Your Roomba does not keep the set schedule

This could be due to excessive data in memory. To resolve the problem, you simply need to reset your Roomba so that it can clean out the unnecessary data that is causing performance issues.

Some issues that cannot be resolved by resetting your Roomba

Dirt and Debris

resetting roomba
Dirt and Debris

Roomba offers convenience. It’s hands-free and you can control it using your smartphone. You don’t even need to be in the house to get it to start doing its job.

So if you schedule your Roomba to clean your house every day or every few days a week, at some point, you will need to clean out the dust bin after every cleaning cycle.

But if you empty the dustbin every once in a while, this may eventually take a toll on your battery. Of course, unless you have the Roomba i7+ which empties itself, which is super cool.

YouTube video


Anyway, if there is debris, dirt or fiber stuck in the unit, this means your unit will need more energy to do it work. To get your Roomba to perform as it should, you’ll need to clean the unit thoroughly and regularly. You can do this using compressed air and a piece of cloth.

But be careful how you handle it. It is an expensive piece of equipment and if don’t you have money lying around to buy a new one, handle it with care.

Charging problems

If your unit has charging problems, this is an indication that the battery and your unit are not communicating properly or they are not communicating at all. What you need to do in such a case is to remove the battery and reinstall it again. Then try to charge your unit.

There could be other reasons causing your unit not to charge properly this including dirt and debris. But if the problem is not dirt or the battery, it could be a software issue and in this case, you may need to contact the manufacturer.

Replacing the Battery

roomba reset
Replacing the Battery

Some battery models like the Tenergy 3500mAh Replacement Battery can fit a variety of Roomba models. But some replacement batteries are not designed to fit all models. So before replacing your battery, check the type of model your Roomba is.

The other thing is knowing how to replace the battery. You can get details on how to do this on the manufacturer’s website or user manual.

To extend your battery life, here are some helpful tips:

  • Use your unit regularly
  • Clean the unit regularly to avoid a buildup of debris and fiber
  • Make sure that your Roomba is stored in a cool dry place
  • Don’t leave your unit on charge perpetually as this may shorten its life
  • Always keep the unit fully charged even when it’s not in use


Resetting your Roomba only solves some issues and mainly software-related issues. So if you are sure that your Roomba is acting up due to a software problem, then resetting might solve the problem.

But if you are not sure why your Roomba is not working properly, it’s best to contact a Roomba expert or the manufacturer. Tinkering with it to see if you can resolve the issue is more than likely to backfire on you.

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