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The Complete Guide to Shark Navigator Brush Roll Replacement

shark navigator brush roll replacement

The brush roll is one of the critical parts of a Shark Navigator vacuum cleaner. After all, it is the part of the unit which catches dirt and debris. Cleaning it regularly can help prolong its lifespan and ensure it would continue to work efficiently.

However, the brush roll will wear out over time.  Abrasions will emerge and sooner, you’ll have to look for a Shark Navigator brush roll replacement.

Is replacing the brush roll easy? And how is it done? This article will answer those questions for you.

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How to Remove an Old or Worn-Out Shark Navigator Brush Roll

Shark vacuum cleaners are highly-coveted for their outstanding cleaning performance, good design, and affordable pricing. But just like any vacuum cleaner, models from Shark tend to encounter problems like the brush roll ceasing to spin.

And even if you have a newer model like the Shark Navigator Zero-M which has a self-cleaning brush roll, the truth is that you’d still have to replace the brush roll in the future especially when it wears out.

Yes, you may have the best Shark vacuum for pet hair removal, but it doesn’t mean you won’t be replacing its brush roll down the road.

Before installing a new brush roll for a Shark Navigator, you’ll have to remove the old one first, right?  Start by unplugging the unit from the wall outlet to prevent any untoward incidents from happening like you getting an electric shock.

Lift the latches located on both sides of the unit to release the dust canister.  Lift up the dust canister from the vacuum, effectively removing it. Then place the unit on the floor in such a way that its underside would be facing you.   This way, you would be able to get your hands on the bottom part of the roller brush compartment.

In the case of the Shark NV352, there are two small wheels found at the bottom corners of the unit.  You will have to pry and remove it using a metal spudger. The next step in removing the plastic cover of the compartment is to remove the screws. You would need a Phillips screwdriver to accomplish this.

how to take apart shark navigator lift away
remove shark navigator brush roll

Once you have removed the screws, apply a strong force in pulling the wheels off the compartment. You should pull the wheels out of the axes and away from the compartment.

Now that the wheels are off, you can start to separate the roller brush compartment into two halves.  Gently pull the lower part away from the upper part in order to do so.

However, make sure you do it carefully and slowly to prevent breaking the wire connecting the vacuum to the motherboard.

One friendly reminder: don’t forget to put the screws in a container or box so you won’t lose them!

Once you have completely removed the compartment, you can start pulling out the brush roll that needs to be replaced.  Simply pull up the brush roll out of the cleaning head compartment.

You should also look for a wire connecting the brush roll to the motor.  There is usually a positive motor terminal on the upper right corner while the negative motor terminal is on the lower right corner.

How to replace a new Shark Navigator brush roll

how to remove roller brush from shark vacuum
remove roller brush from shark vacuum

After removing the old brush roll, you can then replace it with the new vacuum cleaner part. Simply follow the process above in reverse. Before placing the brush roll into the cleaner head compartment, connect it first to the motor using the negative and positive terminal wires.

Put the brush roll into the cleaning head compartment and ensure that it is affixed properly.  Then adjoin the separated halves of the compartment before putting back all the screws and reconnecting the wheels.

Pull up the unit and replace the dust canister.  Then plug in the unit to a wall outlet and check if the brush roll replacement is working properly, as it should.

Cleaning the Shark Navigator Brush Rolls

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Replacement brush roll for a Shark upright vacuum cleaner can be quite costly.  And you also run the risk of not finding the right replacement for the brush roll of your Shark Navigator.

So before you consider replacing the brush roll, why don’t you try cleaning it first? There may be a chance that the brush roll for the vacuum for pet hair removal is only clogged with debris. Removing clogged dirt and debris could prolong the lifespan of the brush roll.

Follow the steps mentioned above pertaining to accessing the brush roll. Do you notice hair or strings that may have clogged the brush roll? If so, you can remove these by using a pair of scissors. You may even use your hair to get rid of smaller bits of debris.

You may also dislodge the soft roller and wash it under cool, running water. Let it dry for at least 24 hours. Then replace the soft roller back. Your Shark Navigator bagless vacuum cleaner is now ready to go!


Shark Navigator models, like any other vacuum cleaner, have their share of potential issues. One of those is the need to have its brush roll replaced after years of heavy use.

Replacing the brush roll of a Shark Navigator is easy as you may have realized after reading this article.  It would only take screwdrivers to access the cleaner head compartment and get to the old brush roll.

Do you have any questions about this article? You can write them in the comments section below.

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