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Shark Rotator Vacuum Brush Roll Not Working


If you are looking for the best vacuum for pet hair that Shark offers, the Shark rotator is one of them. This is largely due to a specially designed brush roll that can pick up dirt and hair very well. If you have chosen this model, you are probably happy with the performance. But as any vacuum, this model needs to be maintained. One of the common problems you can encounter is that the brush roll does not work.

When this happens, it renders the Shark vacuum useless. Before continuing with cleaning, you need to fix this issue. To do that, you, of course, need to determine the cause of the problem and remove it.

Luckily, this is often pretty straightforward, so you do not need any special skills and knowledge for it. You just need a great how-to guide and your vacuum will be working in minutes. If you want to find out how just keep reading!

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Reasons Why the Shark Rotator Brush Roll is Not Working

There are several reasons why your brush roll might not be spinning. First, and most frequent is dirt, debris and hair build-up that can happen. The brush roll helps pick up almost anything from your floors. And since it does its job so well, it sometimes needs a little help to keep working. If you use your Shark vacuum for pet hair, you can expect that the brush roll will jam more often than usual.

The next common reason has to do with the power switch. For the brush roll to work, the switch needs to be in a certain position. Also, another problem could be in the vacuum nozzle. It needs to be seated in the right way, and if it is not, the brush roll will not work.

check the brush

You should also check whether the belt looks okay. This is the part that makes the brush roll spin. If it is damaged, broken or something else, that is your source of the issue.

Finally, there is a reason that is not connected to the vacuum itself, but to the power outlets you use. If the electrical connection is not strong, the vacuum will not get enough power to spin the brush roll and work.

How to Fix the Shark Brush Roll

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After you determine the reason for the malfunction, you can easily start solving the problem. Let us start with the first reason and the most common one.

To find out whether your brush roll is stuck, you need to get access to it. First, as always, unplug the vacuum. Doing any maintenance work while the unit is plugged in, proved to be very dangerous. In any case, after you unplug it, you can proceed to turn over the vacuum and look at the brush roll. If it is covered in dirt and hair, this is what you have to deal with it. The hair will usually be very annoying to remove, so take a pair of scissors and cut the hair so you can remove it easily. By picking out the fur, human hair, debris, and dirt out of the brush roll, you will make it functional again.

If this does not work, check whether the switch is in the brush roll position. We know this is common sense, but when you are in a hurry and completely over with cleaning and cannot wait to finish, you may forget this. The switch should be in Power mode and Brush Roll Mode at the same time. If it is only Power, the brush roll will not work.

While you are there, check whether the nozzle sits well, since this can also be a reason why your brush does not work. You want to take full advantage of all the power of your upright vacuum, so you need to get this brush roll working. If you see that the nozzle is flimsy, apply downward pressure and it will fit into place.

By checking the belt, you will see if it needs to be replaced, so make sure you do not skip this step if other things are not working.

If you tried all of this and your brush roll still does not move, you need to consider other possible reasons. Check the power outlet. A lose one may not provide a firm enough electrical connection, so try switching the outlets.

Ultimately, if everything you did failed, you need to call Shark’s customer service for assistance. By answering their questions, you will give them enough information so they can help with further troubleshooting. Or they will recommend sending the unit back for a professional to take a look at it.

Brush Roll Indicator Light

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This light can tell you whether you have a problem or not. So it is a good idea to pay attention to it.

If it is green, your brush roll is fine and you are ready for vacuuming. But a solid red light tells you that there is an issue, probably a clog of some sort, so you should deal with it. Also, if there is no light, you can have a similar problem. If you see a flashing red light, it is an indication that there is overheating. If this is the case, leave the vacuum to cool a bit.


We hope this guide can help you resolve any problems you have with the brush roll. It is annoying we know. We would all like to have a perfect vacuum with absolutely no challenges, but that is not the case at the moment. But Shark models are great. They come with some innovative features, and if you want an eco-friendly bagless vacuum, Shark has plenty to choose from.

If your Shark rotator brush stops working, do not panic. Usually, a few easy steps are all it takes to continue with vacuuming. If you follow our recommendations, we hope you will be able to solve any brush roll issues. Good luck!

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